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Hollywood Nightclub Brawl

Clubgoer Shot Dead (VIDEO)

1/14/2013 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

A man was shot dead outside a Hollywood nightclub early Sunday morning in the throes of a massive brawl ... and our photog captured it all.

Cops tell us ... It started inside Empire nightclub ... where several fights broke out between some women ... before it moved outside.

You see women in the video throwing punches, pulling hair, slapping etc.  

Within minutes the violence escalated into all out mayhem ... dozens more joined in -- men and women.

Suddenly ... a man in a grey sweatshirt pulls a gun ... takes aim -- and two shots are clearly heard.

Moments later, you see a man lying dead in the middle of the street -- and it appears the victim was the intended target.

Another man was also shot during the brawl.  He's in stable condition.

The shooter was not apprehended. The LAPD is looking for him.


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Uhhhh. Am I missing something? This happens all the time. Has nothing to do with celebs, why is it here? Is it just because it was caught on video?

616 days ago


That is just terrible. All those people out there that night and that one guy had no idea that night would be his last.

616 days ago


I love how the ignorant folks on here turn this into a race issue and use derogatory terms while denying being a racist. This isn't a race issue, it's an American one, you guys have a HUGE gun culture and you get riled up when anyone brings up gun control. I'm not saying gun control would stop all gun violence but it would significantly decrease it. After all the mass shootings in America (majority committed by Caucasians for you racists on here) you'd think you would advocate more for some form of gun control. When's the last time you heard of a mass shooting in Canada, Swizterland or Japan?

616 days ago


Will never look or watch tmz again. So disgusting that a show that's really supposed to be ENTERTAINING has gone so off base. Anyone reading about the 2nd rape bus rape victim in India? might want to get in on that. Done

616 days ago


Are you sure it was a man? Are you SURE it wasn't Lindsay?

616 days ago


This country is so messed up. I've got my house on the market and I'm heading to a country where I don't have to worry about this thug behavior. What is a life worth no these idiots.

616 days ago


so your "photogs" are just hanging out at these gangbanger clubs, or are they that part of town to score some drugs?

616 days ago


I am Black and this is why I refuse to go anywhere there are a lot of black people, they can't conduct themselves in a proper manner. Fight with your fist only a coward uses a gun... I hope you burn in HELL

616 days ago


A lot of racists commenting here. D-Incarnation and TheColdHardTruth, etc you should be ashamed of yourselves.

616 days ago


MLK, Fredrick Douglas and Malcolm X would be completely disgusted. Keep serving up images and behavior like this and stop wonder why other groups of people look at you and judge you to be lower than animals. "Ladies" dressed like street-walkers brawling and the only way to handle a situation is either to fight or pull out a gun and kill someone. People get your **** together. Nothing proud about any of this.

616 days ago


I hope they catch that Rainbow Brite sweater wearing little bitch.

616 days ago


When will these people understand guns make u look like a coward not a man or gangster,it shows ur a spineless weasel and cant fight with fists,yeah real tough pulling a trigger,now u can get ur **** ass beat in jail hahahaha and will be used liked a *** sewer by ur cellmate.enjoy tough guy!hahahahaha

616 days ago


How is it that every time something like this happens its has to be black oriented. They should have a mandatory curfew country wide or be subject to the death penalty. If they want to act like animals they should be treated like one.

616 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Gee big surprise here. Black women fighting and pulling hair and then surprise a black guy shoots another black guy. Where were the cops? That's Hollywood and cops are all over the place.

616 days ago


Im not going to watch the video but im guessing the man who was killed is shown in it. You guys have absolutely no respect for the families. These types of videos and the 911 calls you post is just sick.

616 days ago
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