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Jodie Foster

Kinda Comes Out

at The Golden Globes

1/14/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Jodie Foster
said it wasn't a "coming out" speech, but after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at the Golden Globes ... the legendary actress sort of did just that. 

In a bizarre, rambling and aggressive speech, Foster told the crowd she was single (*wink, wink) and talked about trying to live a private life ... one which has never involved having her own reality show ... or talking about her sexual orientation. 

Then, Jodie kinda sorta did an about-face, saying she did her "coming out 1,000 years ago" and went on to thank her ex-partner and co-parent, Cydney Bernard.

It's a speech that really just defies explanation, so just watch the video and piece it together for yourself.

By the way ... best line of the night was the last, when Amy Poehler, with Tina Fey by her side, ended the show by saying, "Thank you very much. We're going home with Jodie Foster."



No Avatar


So exciting I'm glad I missed the speech .It doesn't matter who comes out .Not going to change the world . Life is still the same

648 days ago


Lesbians = lots of drama.

648 days ago


Comes out as a somewhat kooky eccentric maybe......hard to decipher the rest. The main takeaway seems to be that she really wanted some attention so she went way out there for her "close-up' moment, and sure enough, folks and the interwebs are all abuzz over her for the first time in several years. An strange moment of exhibitionism in front of her teary Hollywood "family" and the general public. What a bilge-fest!

648 days ago


Why is anyone even concerned if ANY actor, athlete, musician, reporter, etc is gay, lesbian or straight? It doesnt change their abilities . .

648 days ago


Poor Jodie. Being a prostitute when she was only 12 years old for sure traumatized her vision towards men.

648 days ago


Who cares if she's gay or straight or bi, and what does it matter if she's made that public or not, it doesn't matter one bit and it's no ones business but hers.

648 days ago


regular people can say if they are gay or lesbian but i think if you are a celebrity then if you are gay or lesbian you should just say you are Bisexual because you want to keep your fans from both sexes happy, ricky martin has lost most of his fans now...

648 days ago


Congrats for speaking out Jodie but I never considered Jodie "in the closet" anyway. There's a difference between simply choosing not to talk about your private life and going to great lengths to appear straight when one is not (travolta anyone?). Sometimes homosexuals don't like to discuss their sexuality because they don't like the gay/lesbian stereotypes and don't feel those define them very well.

648 days ago


Jodie Foster has been a magnificent actor for decades. When people say Lohan was a great child actor I laugh because of child actors like Jodie Foster who played mature roles not ditzy childish dribble. Her speech was eloquent and intelligent and she looked beautiful.

648 days ago


Who cares, wow, so you like to munch carpet huh Jodie? What a surprise! Yer a lesbo, yay!!

648 days ago


hollywood brainwashing the youth today to think that being gay is hip in cool.when in reality its nasty and not normal at all.funny how an atheist will tell a christian to use logic about the bible.meanwhile that same atheist can not use logic when it comes to man and man being together i mean logic tells you that female was put here for man.they want it both ways per usual

648 days ago


Shessh. My grandmother knew she munched the carpet and shes been dead for 20 years!

648 days ago


Ok so I just watched her speech and omg wtf has she been smoking?!?! I think she was pissed that Robert Downey said she's been working for 5 decades, giving her age away cuz the first thing she says is she's 50 and that she's been irking for 47 years since she was 3 correcting him. I think that annoyance set a bad tone for the rest of her bizarro rambling.

648 days ago


Jodie Foster didn't come out of anywhere. Nothing new.

Foster from her coppertone commercial at 3 years old, went on to do movies, as a kid she learned acting, and learned in front of as well as behind the camera.

Jodie Foster is very good. Good enough to be recognized.

648 days ago


Good for you Jodie! Screw what other's think. I still luv ya and love your movies!! You got a fan for life!

648 days ago
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