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Michael Lohan's Baby Mama

He's Finally Paying

Love Child Support

1/13/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Lohan
's no deadbeat dad -- so says the mother of his 17-year-old love child ... despite court docs proclaiming Michael is more than $300,000 behind on child support.

Kristi Horn -- mother of 17-year-old Ashley Horn -- tells TMZ, she and Michael came to a private settlement out of court regarding the outstanding child support balance ... and Michael has promised to pay up ASAP.

Which is interesting ... because court docs were just filed in Florida, where Michael lives, to enforce a child support judgment Kristi obtained back in 2009 ... ordering Michael to pay $316,720 in unpaid support.

Kristi says she had no part in filing the documents -- they were filed as a matter of course because the order is still active -- but tells us, she's waiting to have the order vacated until after MiLo's fiancée Kate Major gives birth later this month. It's unclear how much Michael agreed to pay her.

Kristi said she and Michael are on great terms.

TMZ broke the story in November ... a DNA test revealed Michael fathered Kristi's daughter Ashley back in the 90s when he was on a break from Dina.

Now ... let's all relive the moment Michael found out he's the father. His face is priceless.



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sock monkey mcnugget    

Make a movie about this family!

651 days ago


Look ....that whole thing was for Pubicity and for MONEY......they both got paid to air their dirty laundry on national TV and good money to.....both mother and daughter got payed for being on TWO shows so that would be about 50 to 100000 dollars total for both show together....they was their payment there was never any intent to take it any farther.....just another Micheal Lohan and Lohan Inc scam for money.......
GEEZ both you ought to know that by now.....there is NOTHING they won't do for money.....

651 days ago


If he "didn't know" or was not around either her or her Mother the past 17 yrs then why would she make a private agreement with him? Odd...unless he has been. People don't ignore a courts judgment and make an agreement with someone. $300, 000 judgment at that. I call BS

651 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Milo is on twitter right now making jokes about a woman that was gang raped.

651 days ago



651 days ago


Why in the world did ANYONE ever ********* and reproduce with the likes of HIM?!? Naaaaaaaasty 👎

651 days ago


f o r n i c a t e was the censored word below......

651 days ago


GC--you've come back to the dark side.

Unless Jill and company lose their minds---which is entertaining--I'm all for going back to Mr. Deen

651 days ago


Here's a question to ponder:

What country do you think that the spammers are from? I'd say not the US given the spelling of words such as "favourite." Also, we don't use the phrase "straight away."

I'm guessing a country that was under the thumb of the UK back when Britannia ruled the waves. First and obvious guess--India

651 days ago


Michael lohan needs to have his balls snipped off, court mandated!!!

651 days ago

Ellie G    

Maybe when Ashley becomes a star she will throw Lindsay a bone and let her carry her water bottle or maybe her umbrella.

These people are all skeevy.

651 days ago


Father of the year! Lets just hope tgis bastard chikd doesn't end up like Lindsey! Oh wait there a good chance she won't as Michael wasn't around to contaminate her!!!!!!

651 days ago


Um..... since when do people give a damn about Lindsay's father? I'm pretty sure Michael and Dina showing their faces in the media like this is the reason why Lindsay has issues.

651 days ago

help this young woman    

HannahF You are the dumb loser hater that believes the DailyFail. Still think LL and Dina are in London or better yet CBB. BTW the pic of Dina with the wetsuit drying out on the porch is months old. But go ahead be stupid and believe the DailyFail when they say there are little green martians on Mars.

651 days ago


Ah...Help. Showing your true colors. Not commenting on the TRUE Lindsay stories, because you have no defense,and know you'll get your *ss handed to you. Instead coming on here, and bringing something up that was said on ANOTHER THREAD.

651 days ago
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