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Lance Armstrong


to Livestrong Staff

1/14/2013 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0114_lance_armstrong_tmzLance Armstrong reportedly issued an emotional apology to several staff members at his Livestrong organization in Texas  ... amidst rumors that he's finally going to admit that he cheated.

According to the AP, Armstrong met with staffers right before he headed to an interview with Oprah Winfrey ... an interview in which he's rumored to finally admit he doped during his cycling career.

During the meeting with Livestrong staff, Armstrong reportedly choked up ... and said "I'm sorry" for letting everyone down.

Armstrong's apology was vague at best -- at no point did he ever admit to using any performance enhancing drugs ... or cheating in any way.

It's the first time the disgraced cyclist has acted remorseful since the cheating saga began several years ago.

After the apology, Armstrong met with advisers and his legal team before going face-to-face with Oprah at a nearby hotel.


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Teresa Ducham    

Too LATE!!!!
Now, all of our sewer, septic and trash systems are clogged with his Yellow Bracelets!!!
Doping Duper!!!!

656 days ago


Armstrong is a criminal, that's all.

656 days ago


Steriods are known to affect testicles, and Lance has had testicular cancer,yet I've never heard anyone make a connection between the two.

656 days ago


I NEVER used an performance enhancement drugs. I'm a stud and don't need anything to win. All of you are just jealous of my success.

656 days ago


I dont care that you had cancer - you're a piece of "BEEEP" you claimed us, europeans, were jealous of an American winning and just spent time on you for no good reason out of jealousy and then years later you now confess you cheated? You also ruined every ****ing dream of the person who came 2nd place, who you cheated past - no wonder you won every year when you doped your ass. How about the feelings of the guy who came 2nd? Oh but lets admit to steroids after you already got all prize money + fame, class act athlete - go **** yourself.

656 days ago


Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

656 days ago


I fought LOUD AND STRONG for him...he has let me and hundreds of thousands down. I am sick!

656 days ago


big bag of doosh.

656 days ago

francois guerin    

lance, bond all this guy think they are above the law and they think they can get away with it... lol, they suck. At list lance take it like a :man" it wont fix anything but at list is opening up and try to be honest.

656 days ago


it is too bad he felt he had to cheat, to win...it not only disqualified him from the history books but also damaged all his team mates over the many years. Did he cheat for all 7 wins??
Oh well, very sad whether he had won or lost it was a pleasure to watch him race The Tour De France for several years...it made it very exciting. I also felt very sad that Floyd Landis did the same and was disqualified....to what end??

656 days ago

francois guerin    

i can now watch the tour de france again... merci and get the hell out of my tv lance u stink.

656 days ago

francois guerin    

i heard Bond say'inng one day "it's a witch hunt" well one down more to go. burn baby burn

656 days ago


**** u armstong, loser! Kne u had 2 cheat 2 get anywhere. Ur a douche now bitch! Hope u have resentment the rest of ur pathetic life. Oh I wish celebs read this stuff

656 days ago


Sorry doesn't cut it. He repeatedly lied about it til the bitter end. He should stay out of the public eye until he dies.

656 days ago


Typical of American athletes who get caught doing performance enhancing drugs: deny it until the evidence is so overwhelming, they've got no choice but to admit...but only months after said evidence has been released in order to mitigate the damage.

656 days ago
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