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Lance Armstrong

Reportedly CONFESSES

Yes Oprah, I Cheated

1/14/2013 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lance Armstrong ADMITTED to Oprah Winfrey ... he DID use performance-enhancing drugs during his pro cycling career to win the Tour de France ... this according to the Associated Press.

Lance wrapped up his one-on-one interview with Oprah just a few hours ago ... and according to the report, Lance finally 'fessed up to cheating ... the first time he's ever admitted wrongdoing during his professional career.

Earlier in the day, Lance apologized to the staff at Livestrong, choking up and saying he was sorry for letting down the organization.

The way Lance worded his admission could have serious legal ramifications -- considering he's facing possible criminal prosecution and civil liability for allegedly lying about his PED use in a number of legal proceedings.

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No Avatar

Wow ...    

At long last, he decides to admit to the world - what the world already knew. How "honest" of him. This is nothing but a p.r. stunt, in an effort to regain trust of the general public.

646 days ago


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Any team that raced in the Tour against him that DIDN'T dope, please step forward!

FACT IS THEY ALL DOPED. Either disqualify ever single participant or give the trophies back to the winner. It was an even race where everyone used drugs, apparently Lance had the edge because he was in better shape.

646 days ago


What's the difference between a sports enhancing drugs and Viagra isn't it also an enhancer but it doesn't make you a stud in bed either you have the talent or you don't.

646 days ago


Who cares! This guy has brought awareness and has helped raise a lot of money for cancer research. Who cares about cycling anyways.

646 days ago


How many other athletes were damaged over the years and their incomes destroyed because of this man? He is a cheat. He knew what he was doing and he didn't care who he hurt along the way. The only reason he is talking now, is because he was stripped of his titles and ability to earn even more millions. Get lost, Lance.

646 days ago

Jesse A.     

The TRUTH shall set you FREE !!!

646 days ago


What about all the people he STOLE awards & records from because THEY didn't cheat & lie?

They should expunge all his records & contact every single person who came in second while competing against this fraud.

646 days ago


Finally fessed up! Ha! Cheater!

646 days ago


From Hero to Zero.

646 days ago


He should pay back every cent he took! I don't care if it was for the foundation, the foundation was based on lies! The money should go to a reputable foundation period! Shame on Lance, he knew exactly for years and years what he was doing, I hope he goes to jail!!!!

646 days ago

Amy E    

I'll never understand people like this. Do they really think they won't get caught? And then, after all this time of denying it, he suddenly decides it's good to come clean? Honestly, I would've had more respect for him if he had said, from the get go, that he did use enhancement drugs, genuinely apologized for it, and righted his wrongs. But trying (unsuccessfully) to dupe us, then suddenly having an epiphany and admitting it to...Oprah?!, leaves little room for forgiveness.

It's over, Lance!

646 days ago


Well, duh! Jerk!

Now give all of the money that you won to Livestrong.

646 days ago


what makes him such a s***bag is not the doping but the fact that he lied for so long & had the self righteous indignation like how dare anybody question him.

646 days ago


I don't think backyard PRISONS are big enough

for marathons.

646 days ago


Plus he had to be a greedy *******. If he had just won a title or 2 , nobody probably would've accused him but 7 ? seriously.

646 days ago
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