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Lindsay Lohan

I Didn't Want to Fire Shawn

BUT ...

1/14/2013 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends ... she never authorized her New York lawyer to fire Shawn Holley and never instructed him to send her a letter of termination ... but there's one BIG problem with her story.

Sources connected with attorney Mark Heller tell TMZ ... Lindsay SIGNED the letter he sent to Holley earlier today, giving her the boot.

TMZ broke the story ... Holley was 86'd just before a scheduled meeting with the judge and prosecutor in Lindsay's lying-to-cops case, trying to plea bargain it away.

Lindsay is now telling friends ... she desperately wants Shawn back on board. She's saying she thinks of Shawn as a second mother -- interesting, considering she barely has a first. 

Lindsay says she knows Shawn is an ace in court and she would never drop her the day before she's scheduled to go to court. As you know, the judge set a hearing tomorrow to decide if Lindsay violated her probation in the jewelry heist case by allegedly lying to cops in the car accident case. Again ... Lindsay signed that letter.

Lindsay says she's instructed Heller to send Shawn another letter cancelling the first.

As for whether Shawn will take her back ...

Stay tuned ...


No Avatar


Oh TMZ you keep digging yourselves into another hole. I thought your first story was BS and thats why I didn't comment on it. This is your way of backtracking on your previous fiction, your sources S U C K. I'll even guarantee you this, Lindsay NEVER signed any such letter firing Shawn.

591 days ago


Why should Shawn come back? Lohan has ran her around crazy through this circus today and owes her 300 grand. She will never see that money plus Shawn wanted out a long time ago. This is your out!!!

591 days ago

Sally Smith    

"If I fire my lawyer, does it mean I have to pay her the $300k I owe?"....sticker thumb in mouth to ponder.

591 days ago


Just when you think this idiot could not do anything stupider then her previous antics, she surprises everyone by firing her proven effective attorney and hires some NYC twit. Un - be- lievable!

591 days ago


So she's just jerking people around again. The liar lies, run Holley run.

591 days ago


oh, these kids these days...ya know, i think it is about time for little miss gets-away-with everything to finally do some time. and if she does one year in jail, it's all good. it will be one year i don't have to read about her here.

591 days ago

Zach Swan    

This is just another lame ploy by Lohan to try and delay her inevitable, lengthy incarceration.

591 days ago


Shawn, change your number and run as fast as you can. That is all I have to say. Lmao.

591 days ago


Shawn probably orchestrated this as a delay tactic. But if she didn't, she needs to cut Lindsay now -- the winning streak with Lindsay and courts won't last forever.

591 days ago


Does Mark Heller have a license to practice law In California?

591 days ago


Hey that Fvck O, Bojangles makes an appearance. Didn't see that weak a$$ on the other thread with an opinion. F off Bojangles.

591 days ago

Suzy Q     

I didn't want to fire Shawn but.....

A. Heller gave me some btchin' blo and told me to initial here and here and sign here.

B. I wanted a mob lawyer.

C. He said he would give me that rabbit's foot.

D. Shawn wouldn't work for free. Btch!

591 days ago

kanye east    

Dress like the homeless
Fight like a whore
Smoke like a chimney
Steal from the poor

Terrorize society
Slander, blame, accuse
Lie to the authorities
Try another ruse

Guzzle 20 magnums
Gack a key of coke
Clamslam a random skank
Smoke smoke smoke

591 days ago


"I didn't want to fire Ms. Holley but...... I'm grasping at straws now trying to keep my SORRY *SS out of jail!!"

591 days ago

Suzy Q     

This reminds me of the Drew Peterson attorney fiasco. Maybe Lindsay has killed a couple people and we just don't know about it yet.

591 days ago
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