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Lindsay Lohan

I Didn't Want to Fire Shawn

BUT ...

1/14/2013 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends ... she never authorized her New York lawyer to fire Shawn Holley and never instructed him to send her a letter of termination ... but there's one BIG problem with her story.

Sources connected with attorney Mark Heller tell TMZ ... Lindsay SIGNED the letter he sent to Holley earlier today, giving her the boot.

TMZ broke the story ... Holley was 86'd just before a scheduled meeting with the judge and prosecutor in Lindsay's lying-to-cops case, trying to plea bargain it away.

Lindsay is now telling friends ... she desperately wants Shawn back on board. She's saying she thinks of Shawn as a second mother -- interesting, considering she barely has a first. 

Lindsay says she knows Shawn is an ace in court and she would never drop her the day before she's scheduled to go to court. As you know, the judge set a hearing tomorrow to decide if Lindsay violated her probation in the jewelry heist case by allegedly lying to cops in the car accident case. Again ... Lindsay signed that letter.

Lindsay says she's instructed Heller to send Shawn another letter cancelling the first.

As for whether Shawn will take her back ...

Stay tuned ...


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Grandma Cracker    

So is Lindsay going to become and international fugitive from a handful of misdemeanors and a VOP?

617 days ago


wow, she's more flipped up than I thought.
Hope someone is watching her very closely, cause it appears she may just be heading for that rock bottom we all hear about, and know that unless Lindsy really changed, she would someday go to...

617 days ago


Shew always the victim. Puleez!! This bs is going over like a brick in a swimming pool.

617 days ago


This wasn't my fault!!!!

617 days ago


Lies, Lies, Lies and more lies!

617 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Hey Nicole, why don't you explain why Lohan hasn't paid her "excellent lawyer" what she owes her? The one person that kept her out of jail all this time, and she doesn't feel she needs to pay for it?

Please explain that. And please explain why you continue to defend this vile, piece of crap person.

How much more evidence do you need shown to you proving what a lowlife, self-absorbed, selfish parasite Lohan is before you get your priorities straight?

617 days ago


Some of you people just can't think for yourselves, you believe every word TMZ print. Why would Lindsay Lohan fire Shawn Holley? it benefits no one. If it was true she would need to hire a different lawyer as Mark Heller can't practice in California. Some of you say delaying tactics, for what 2 weeks?

TMZ got some bogus info from the prosecutors office and they ran with it. They know now it was bogus so they are backtracking and quoting other 'sources' about a signed letter which doesn't exist. THINK people THINK.

617 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Leave Velveeta alone!! Velveeta is good cheese!

617 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

that vagina must smell like pastrami sitting in the Arizona sun for a week

617 days ago


oh my god she is such a liar.. she probably read all the comments from the other post ..and then to lied she never fired her with a signature to remove her as solicitor.. wow she has some serious habitual lying stealing habits she needs therapy for ..never mind the drugs and booze she has issues with.,

617 days ago


Does she have the money to pay her legal bills? Seriously, That kind of lawyer is, what?, $650 and hour?

617 days ago


She owes Shawn more than $300,000, I wouldnt take her back till she pays up!

617 days ago


holley might feel the need to take her back. if she turns her back on a client in need, it'll reflect poorly on her down the road (even though everyone understands taht she shouldn't have to put up with this trainwreck brat).

617 days ago


if juicing is cheating being born with a genetic or socioeconomic advantage should be handicapped.

617 days ago


as usual the enablers are hypocritical any story singing Blohan's praises is to be truthful any reflecting back on her Arrogant stupidity are false lies... I hope she fvcked herself out of both lawyers... at least Bilbo Baggins was known somewhat...

617 days ago
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