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Lindsay Lohan


1/15/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may become a wanted woman today -- but not by a Hollywood studio -- by a pissed off judge.

Lindsay is scheduled to be arraigned this AM in an L.A. court for allegedly lying to cops after her car crash last June.  TMZ broke the story ... she fired her lawyer, Shawn Holley Monday and is switching to New York lawyer Mark Heller.

Now here's the problem ... Sources tell us Heller will NOT be in court, and even if he showed up he couldn't appear on her behalf because he needs to follow a procedure to go before a California judge (since he's not licensed to practice in CA) and he hasn't done that.

We're told Shawn Holley will be in court, but only to tell the judge Lindsay gave her the boot.

So without any lawyers to enter a plea on her behalf, Lindsay's only option is for her to appear and enter the plea herself.  But we're told she won't be in court.

So the judge has scheduled a hearing -- ordering Lindsay to either appear or have a lawyer appear on her behalf, and that order is about to be violated.  When that happens, judges routinely issue a bench warrant for the defendant's arrest.

Your move, Lindsay.


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The Fonz    

Lindsay, please just GO AWAY!!!

541 days ago


Just when you thought Lindsay couldn't get any dumber... God help her!

541 days ago

Wow ...    

If only!

541 days ago


Gawd. I hope they throw her stupid ass in jail and not let her out for a long time. She's a mess and I think we're all sick of hearing about her continued disregard for any and everybody. uughhh...

541 days ago


The girl must be addicted to drama and hardship...the moment things seem to be going well she does something that sabotages everything.

Reminds me of a friend who would do very well for a while; good job, good relationships, nice place to live...then he would do something to sabotage it all once he started feeling bored, end up homeless, broken hearted (or breaking hearts) and asking friends for money and never paying them back...

541 days ago


just arrest her ass and throw away the key.

she's habitual. the only thing that will stop her is her own death.

541 days ago


I don't feel bad. Regular people with much harder lives than her and who have been through much more dont get leniency when they committ these type of crimes. It's absolutely a slap in the face when they blatantly treat the rich and famous differently. Lindsay deserves to go to jail. No ifs and or buts. She committed the crimes, bottom line and this is while being on probation. Go to jail like every other human being is forced to do for their crimes.

541 days ago


I think everyone should give Lindays, a big hug when they see her. Tell the little girl she is loved, supported & prayed for in her path of wrath she is on...& maybe it's because I am still working on my first cup of delicious coffee that I could possibly think of something so nice to write.

541 days ago


Bull...Shawn will play nice nice with the judge...and they will reschedule for this entitled demon.

541 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Not really the first time a bench warrant has been issued against LiLo, and, on those previous occasions, she just end up paying for the warrant and got out of jail pretty quickly.

Then again, she doesn't have a first-rate lawyer to defend her anymore, so... Sure looks like she'll finally get put in the hole she should have been in for a LONG time, but let's wait and see if that's actually going to happen this time.

541 days ago


This is what happens when you think your smarter than everyone is a common problem that addicts share....they think they can manipulate everything to get what they desire and blame everyone but themselves for the problems they bring on themselves......Sadly I have seen this behavior in addicts many times. The only difference is that Lindsy is doing it in the national spotlight......

541 days ago


Is TMZ covering the hearing today does anyone know?

541 days ago


Impossible. Someone's showing up. Should be good. Judge is probably pissed off they have to deal w this circus romper room stuff

541 days ago


Good! About time.

541 days ago


Shawn will try to bail her sorry ass out again. Hope she doesn't and I hope the judge is pissed. That spoiler drug addicted brag IS going to kill someone if shes not put in her place. Judges are enabbling her.

541 days ago
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