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Lindsay Lohan

Stupidly Pulls Plug

On Rehab Plea Deal

1/15/2013 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114_lindsay_lohan_2_gettyLindsay Lohan COULD have avoided almost certain jail time by accepting a plea deal for lockdown rehab -- that is, if she didn't fire her lawyer who was literally on the way to the courthouse to make it happen.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney -- who is prosecuting Lindsay for allegedly lying to cops after her June car crash on Pacific Coast Highway -- was willing to keep Lindsay out of jail, PROVIDED she agree to check into "lockdown rehab" for 6 months.

Sources say ... Shawn Holley -- the lawyer who has kept Lindsay out of jail -- was on her way to court Monday to meet with the prosecutor and the judge to hash out the deal. What's more, Lindsay also faces jail time for a probation violation in the jewelry heist case because she allegedly lied to cops after the crash. We're told the judge could have agreed to end both cases if Lindsay checked into rehab.

But Shawn never made it to court, because Lindsay signed her walking papers and hired a New York lawyer who was suspended in the '90s from practicing law for 5 years.

Lindsay now says she wants Shawn back. The question -- does Shawn have the stomach for another helping of Lindsay? 

There's a hearing scheduled for 8:30 AM PT today. Shawn will probably show up because she's still counsel of record. If she stays on the case, prosecutors could present the deal to her, but Lindsay is making it all very difficult.


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Lindsay needs to go to jail - period - for a long time - years not months..

616 days ago

Hot Farts    

Today is the PV hearing and if there is a deal to put her in rehab for 6 mos, I say it is better than anything in terms of keeping her locked down.

6 months of rehab is more than she would do in jail time on 245 days. which is about 48 days in county...but the lucious thing about those 48 days for PV is that she will be going back and forth to court from County...ride the bus and do the Courtline like all the other inmates...

616 days ago


Good Morning Home Folks and Evening of the Sea Folks.........................
I See TMZ did the Flop over on the !:00 AM story.....TMZ always has a backup cover whatever direction this Rabbit hops.........
So I see the Man behind the curtain has been busy clean up messes again....Had a little talk to that wirter about his story and now he's singing a new tune and so is Jamesy Boy ! ...What a surprise !....would have never thought that would happen....LOL....I sure in the hell would love to get my hands on Dina's little black that would be sensational reading....Blow the top level right off Hollywood...
Gotta put the Coffee Pot on ..using the Big Urn today so theres a cupa for everyone.....and breakfast rolls are almost done.....
Somebody warm up my seat for me the metal bar is cold this morning but the show ought to be worth it.......

616 days ago

Hot Farts    

I believe the PV hearing will go forward today with Holley and that Lohan will be found guilty of PV and either a bench warrant will be issued or she will be asked to surrender on a certain date based on an arrangement made.

I think the warrant is more likely because I believe that the judge ordered Tater to be in court today.

616 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Mr.Bojangles aka Paul Sullivan is the brother of Dina who stole thousandsof dollars form people of 9/11

He opened up fake accounts to donate money to help the familys of 9/11

Then he STOLE all the money

How sick and disgusting is that.

616 days ago

YO YO Believe Dat    

Dumb whore

616 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Why does Lindsay need rehab anyway, didn't the hospital say she's not an addict? Doesn't she only drink water? Is she addicted to bottled water, is that why she's so dumb? BPA getting to her brain?

616 days ago


Good Morning all.....FFS!!!...CNN is using my avi...... The major news sites report that she will be in court today....we know Gavin is in L.A......but Blo??

616 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ Flea, where are you that you are getting all this snow, that I want??

616 days ago


Ha rehab? For crimes that have zero to with drugs and everything to do with her lack of respect for the law and her feelings that she can get away with anything, Im sure it will be the most cushy "lockdown" rehab ever. Stop with the silly BS she needs to be in jail. Its funny Lindsay Lohan only has a drug and alcohol problem when it bests suits her,

Only plus about the rehab is that she will be gones for six months that is if they dont let her out early like the last time.

616 days ago


She might not deserve rehab for this case, but if that is what this judge is know for, so be it. It's a win-win. I think she'd be more miserable in a lockdown rehab. She can't be told what to do and have her meds reevaluated and taken away, only to be administrated by the staff. I don't know what will happen today but I do think she does have to appear. It's funny that there are no tweets even of her. The second someone spots her at an airport they send out a Tweet saying Blo is next to them, in which I feel sorry for that person.

616 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Ketjo, for you so your computer doesnt get any virus

Michael Lohan Slams Lindsay’s New Attorney, Says She’s Facing A One Way Ticket To Jail!

Posted on Jan 15, 2013 @ 3:30AM | By atereszcuk

Splash News / CNN

As Lindsay Lohan faces her legal troubles without her long standing high-powered attorney Shawn Holley by her side, her father Michael Lohan is railing against her new lawyer, telling exclusively that he believes his beleaguered daughter is in for a legal bumpy ride.

“Mark Heller??? Are you f*cking kidding me!!??” Papa Lohan exclaimed upon learning the identity of Lindsay’s new legal counsel. “That no good sleezebag!”

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Through The Years

Mark Heller previously acted as the divorce attorney for Michael Lohan’s pal, Jon Gosselin, and as previously reported that his law license was suspended in New York for a period of five years.

The Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, found “a pattern of misconduct involving misrepresentation, deceit, abusive treatment of clients, fee gouging, neglect and willful failure to return unearned retainers to his clients.”

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Strips Down Into Elizabeth Taylor’s Iconic Swimsuit

The violations occurred between 1989 and 1992 and involved 12 separate clients, the do***ent asserts.

Heller was ultimately found guilty of 18 violations, and he was suspended from 1994 to 1999.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Suffers Nip Slip On Set Of Liz & Dick

Michael is certainly no fan of Heller and is seething over his daughter’s decision to replace Holley with him.

“If Lindsay wants a one way ticket to jail, Heller is it!” He asserts. “No wonder he has the letters “Hell” in his name! He’s the devil!”

Michael maintains that Holley was the best person to help his troubled daughter avoid serious legal consequences.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshot Hall Of Fame

“After Shawn’s loyalty, commitment and success as an attorney for Lindsay and others this is what she does? It’s like comparing a nuclear war ( Shawn) and a battle ( Heller) what is she thinking, or is she not thinking at all! Just lends to what I have been saying about keeping away from the good people and running with the bad!”

Lohan, 26, is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom at 8:30 a.m. PT Tuesday for a parole violation hearing.

Keep checking for the latest on this developing story

616 days ago

Sally Smith    

LL better smoke while she has 'em cause it's 6 months of lockdown starting x-minus 5 hours.

616 days ago


Mornin Everyone,

I figured that Lindsay got a pass each time because she and Holly told the judge that Lindsay is the families only source of income. If she went to jail then how would Dina and her brothers and sister be able to live in a house that Lindsay pays for. It will go in forecloser. Her parents won't make any money off the rags if Lindsay is locked up. Sooooo now what.........
The house is in forecloser and Lindsay is broke. They can't use the ruse that Lindsay is the breadwinner anymore.
Lindsay's excuses are drying up. Wonder what lies she will try to use today. Stay tuned!

616 days ago

Sally Smith    

I wonder if this 6-month rehab is standard fare in California or is LL getting special treatment? Makes me wonder is all.

616 days ago
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