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Lindsay Lohan

Lawyerless and Screwed

1/15/2013 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan should kiss Shawn Holley's butt ... because Shawn just saved hers by claiming to rep her even though Lindsay unceremoniously fired Shawn.

As we told you ... Lindsay signed a termination letter Monday which her new lawyer Mark Heller sent to Shawn. But Heller -- a New York lawyer -- is not licensed to practice in California and did not appear in court today for Lindsay's arraignment. If Shawn told the judge she was fired and formally asked to be relieved, the judge could have and probably would have issued a bench warrant for Lindsay's arrest.

Shawn dodged the issue in open court by saying she still reps LiLo for now, which is technically true until she is formally dismissed by the judge. A confused judge then clearly called Shawn and the prosecutor up to the bench and asked WTF.

Here's where it gets totally ridiculous. Sources tell us Lindsay told Shawn yesterday that she was going to have Heller send Shawn another letter cancelling the first, but we're told that never happened. And sources connected with Heller tell TMZ ... Mr. Heller was busy Monday placing calls to Shawn, the prosecutor and the court to make it clear he's the lawyer.

Since it's not clear who is representing Lindsay anymore, the judge ordered her to personally appear on January 30, even though ordinarily the matter could be handled without her being present.

In the meantime ... if Lindsay asked Shawn to come back (and this would be the second time because Lindsay pulled this stunt on her before), Holley should run for the hills.


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Circus Circus!

589 days ago

Dom The Mover    

TMZ! Don't you get tired of playing Drama Queen

589 days ago


holley loves the attention as much as hohan does.

589 days ago

That Pop Life..yeah..    

Just as I thought,if I get so much as a jaywalking ticket I'm totally screwed ..This bitch gets away with too much,and it BURNS MY FREAKING BISCUITS dammmmm.

589 days ago


Well that's a non story! Just another set of "what ifs" and, more than likely wrong, assumptions. Ejole Frijoles!

589 days ago


How is she not guilty?
She lied to the police saying she was not driving when she was!

589 days ago


It ends badly for people who are mentally, addicted, without money, facing charges without legal representation; particularly sociopaths, eh?

Linds is burning her last chances, a horrible choice for her to make now!

589 days ago


Shawn Holley
is a Saint.

589 days ago


Lindsay's life is like a maze. It's impossible to follow.

589 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Ironically, yet ANOTHER indefensible indictment for
an unjust, thoroughly-corrupted, and TOTALLY
REVENUE-DRIVEN "Justice" system.

Plainly, under the guise of administering "Justice",
Local, State, and Federal "judges", create revenue-streams that merely begin with lawyers,
and most-often end with the Private Prison Industry complex.
This, is not acceptable and shall not be tolerated.
"Judges" at ALL levels, be FOREWARNED.

The House of David 2 Chronicles 13 Victory, is HERE:

589 days ago


"to make it clear he's the lawyer"

Hard to follow TMZ "story". If the New York Lawyer is not licensed to practice in California, how can he be Lindsay's lawyer in California?

589 days ago


Damn lindsy must be a real bitch to work for. Hell Lindsy must be a real bitch to even know. Can you imagine being a part of that disfunctional family? ...... So when you are feeling low, and think you have it bad, think of the Lohan family and what a mess they are : ) then you will realize how damned lucky you really are.

589 days ago


She is an idiot, liar, thief, alcoholic, loser, broke, not talented, lawsuit happy, and most likely a hooker. That being said, I wonder if she can even pay for her attorney bills? Or has for that matter. Holley should no longer represent this trash, but I wonder how many other clients she has. Blohan sure keeps her in court! She should go to jail for numerous reasons.

589 days ago


Until recently I have respected what Shawn was trying to do to help this girl. But after the last few months and after the unceremonious firing and Heller's ridiculous behavior, I hope Shawn leaves this dog and pony show. Publicity starved Heller probably offered to represent Lindsay for free or for little money, and Lindsay jumped on it. Never mind he can't practice in California. I hope Heller remains her lawyer, however, because then jail would be assured.

589 days ago


Please, can we have some more Kardashian and Honey booboo stories????? - anything is better than this never ending BS garbage.

589 days ago
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