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Oprah Winfrey

Holding Back About

Lance Confession

1/15/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey is already talking about her 2-and-a-half hour "confession" interview with Lance Armstrong ... except she's not exactly revealing what he said to her.

Oprah appeared on "CBS This Morning" to talk about the sit-down ... but nobody on the set -- including anchor Gayle King -- really pushed her about what Lance said.

Oprah DID say Lance confessed about using performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career ... but added, "He did not come clean in the manner I expected."

But nobody followed up with questions about WHY Lance's answers were so unexpected.

Here's what we do know:

-- Oprah says she prepared 112 questions for the interview, and got through most of them.
-- Oprah says "there were times" Lance got emotional, but she didn't drop details.
-- Oprah says she was so tough with her questioning, that Lance asked her to lighten up.
-- After the interview, Oprah says both she and Lance were exhausted and satisfied.
-- Lance's lawyers were NOT in the room during the interview.
-- Oprah suggests Lance's people leaked details about the interview to the AP.

The Oprah vs. Lance interview is set to air Thursday -- no word if Oprah plans to release any clips of the meeting before then.

Our question -- why the hell did the execs at CBS News let Gayle -- Oprah's BFF -- conduct an interview with this kind of news significance knowing she wouldn't push her hard?

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My answer -- because if Gayle wasn't asking the questions, CBS wouldn't have gotten the interview at all.

647 days ago


Harvey,In all fairness,Oprah of course is not going to say what was revealed until the interview airs,because why then would anyone watch? I believe everyone deserves 2nd chances as well as redemption,,excluding murder & child molestation.In other words, we all make huge mistakes in life.It takes tremendous courage as well as underlying character,to admit we've done wrong and to make things right.Lance has lost everything and has fallen hard.OPrah has a special way,of getting people to reveal their true selves,which she is probably the most powerful woman in the world.I am keeping my finger crossed that Lance took this enormous opportunity,to be raw & real,and most importantly move heaven and earth to make ameds with anyone he has hurt.He has a lot of work to do,but he can do it.As Oprah said,her and her crew were "Riveted & Mesmerized",Im sure the world will be too.There just might be an enormous lesson in all of this for everybody...Watch & Learn..

647 days ago


Moral of the story: If you want to keep all your testicles, don't do steroids

647 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Oprah's 15 is waning. Finally.

647 days ago


Oprah is a master of this stuff so it doesn't matter who interviewed her, she's only going to reveal enough information to make people want to watch. Too much info and people would be less likely to tune in.

647 days ago


Moral of the story: Don't do steroids and you will keep all your testicles

647 days ago


Since Lance took this long to give an interview, I do not think his camp did it. Oprah, on the other hand, has a failing network. Gave up up her show and really has nothing else. Therefore My vote is the big O is the leaking one. Her friend Gayle, is not pushing. She knows she is there because of O. And with out the connection to get her in......She will not have that job long.

647 days ago

Race care nut    

Only a fool would confess anything to Oprah, who ought to be confessing to her little secrets herself.

647 days ago



Armstrong; don't want him don't need him
no shoving him down our throats to make quick bucks FOR YOU!

647 days ago

Cheryl A.    

He stole MILLIONS of dollars out of the pockets of those who would have won, if Azz hole Lance Armstrong did NOT take illegal drugs. Those folks who came in 2nd and 3rd should be suing his ass for those millions plus punitive damages. Lance Armstrong is a disgrace to America.

647 days ago


She has to do this no one is watching her show so she figures she can lure them in! I'm still not watching the show, we will find out on the news what was said.

647 days ago


Ophra is a horrible interviewer, that's probably why Lance choose her. She not assertive enough, and I think she too mushy. He needs someone tough, although at this time, who care. He's a piece of garbage for taking away the goodness of the sport and winnings from the clean riders for all those years.

647 days ago


Once Lance couldn't be charged with perjury, statue of limitations ran out on his last disposition a couple months ago--he might be a cheat but he's not stupid--Lance had to decide who to come out to. Oprah and Lance have a long history with interviews, her riding bikes with him--Oprah you need to get back on a bike seriously honey!--she even hosted some sort of big tado for him years ago where he was honored for his cancer work. They are friends. Im sure Armstrong thought she would go easy on him due to their past history. I guess we will see if that's true come Thursday. But just as Lindsey Lohan doesn't feel she's done anything wrong I believe Lance feels the same way no matter if he squeezes out a tear or two. Anything to win. And I still feel it's riding a bike. Bike riding. Lance helped make the sport what it is and the top riders in his time did whatever he did but still trained like madmen to get where they were. The sponsors made millions off them. Lance will pay back some millions for prizes etc but he's worth over a 100 million. Doubt he's going to bankrupt himself. This man has a plan always. And did I mention it's bike riding.

647 days ago


I am still wondering how Gayle managed to jump over so many people to get the anchor chair..
I dont recall her even being a news reader
Lost interest in Oprah a long time ago and most everybody knows about Lance Armstrong.
Saw an excellent piece about it on 60 minutes.
oprah is just fluff, to me

647 days ago


All this press attention for Oprah is giving her major man wood. She is going to milk it to death. The story that is :)

647 days ago
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