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Lindsay Lohan

Saved for the Last Time

1/15/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan was saved yet again today by Shawn Holley -- but it looks it'll be the last time Shawn comes to her rescue since Lindsay FIRED HER. How screwed is Lindsay now? We'll tell you.

Plus, former "American Idol" contestants Clay Aiken and Constantine Maroulis battle it out -- forcing one undercover Claymate in our office to show his true colors.

And, MMA badass/hottie Felice Herrig joins us (barely clothed) to say she'd be stupid not to use sex to sell tickets to her fights ... and Mike couldn't agree more.

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan was saved by attorney Shawn Holley again today -- but it'll probably be the last time. Lindsay fired her guardian angel ... we'll tell you how stupid a decision it was.
(7:00) The "Honey Boo Boo" family is cutting ties with Crazy Tony -- so what happened?
(10:00) Oprah Winfrey was interviewed about her massive one-on-one with Lance Armstrong ... by her BFF Gayle King. Which means the softball questions offered no insight to the biggest interview of the year.
(18:00) Felice Herrig is one badass MMA fighter -- and she's hot as hell too. She joins the show to explain why she's okay with using her sexuality to sell tickets to fights.
(24:00) A Twitter war erupts between Clay Aiken and Constantine Maroulis -- and you won't believe who has Clay's back through thick and thin.
(28:00) Nicki Minaj is on the TV circuit pushing her "American Idol" feud with Mariah Carey -- just in time for the premiere of the show. So... is it the real deal or just a marketing ploy?
(33:00) Kim Kardashian and Kourtney talk about breastfeeding each other's kids -- which sparks a great debate between a few people who know a lot about breast milk ... the dudes in our newsroom.
(36:00) Hugh Jackman is under fire for saying people don't need to get flu shots ... but he's not WAY off base.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

No Avatar


drama action vs action reaction stick to the TV shows harvey let lilo get on with her life MY friend!

625 days ago


Women are criticized for being sexy in ads etc more than men because...other women are jealous :D
Jealous woman sees a sexy woman on TV or ad etc she finds a way to insult the woman while pretending it's about some "women's issues" b.s. ;)

625 days ago


reality check! Normal person would not be going to jail for what Lindsey is being charged with!! A normal person doesn't have fifty million paparazzi and TMZ following, publishing and harassing them! I hope Lindsey skates! Go girl!

625 days ago


Mariah is already eternal, her past work stands on it's own, people will be spinning her music 100 years from now. Or doing whatever it takes to play music at that point

625 days ago


probation for TV masterbastion? two years probation vs two weeks in a cell for painting the kichen in a NC-17 rated adult after midnight show.TV don`t pay unless your?

625 days ago


Hey, I just wanted to say I LOVE that this site does not play audio by default but has a nice big "click for sound" on the video. Truly respectful of people who visit, I hope it's the wave of the future. Kudos to TMZ.

625 days ago


i heard it takes gayle 2 and a half hours to find oprahs ****

625 days ago


She is such an *******! She is gonna leave the atty cause she hasnt paid her retainer, now she is gonna have to pay the new atty and also deal with wheb Holly sues her ass for non payment

625 days ago


Shawn Holley seems more desperate than Lohan these days running around for a client that owes her 300 grand....Shawn seems more interested in getting face time than finding A-list clients. Maybe she should work for Gloria.

625 days ago


Her lawyer is probably taking a long deserved vacation. Lindsey has worked beyond hard.

625 days ago


of COURSE the CDC says you have to get a flu shot! It all comes back to big pharma. The current vaccine is barely a defense against the new strain of the flu. But I applaud Hugh Jackman! I'm so tired of people just doing what Pharm companies tell you to do.

624 days ago


LiLo should be put in Jail! Im sooo tired of hearing about her getting this "get out of jail card" alll the time! Teach this spoiled brat a lesson already. she is no better than any other person that would have or do the SAME things and HAVE to face the consequences...Its all BULL****! #LILO SUX

624 days ago


OMG! I thought Felice Herrig was a man! lol..I thought it was going to be like a gag "dress up" guy like Jim carrey did in IN LIVING COLOR..opps! My bad!

624 days ago


Screw Lindsey Lohan! How many srikes does it take for this chick to be taken down? Send her down here to Az where she can meet up with Sherrif Joe Arpaio..He does not discriminate against your celebrity status.Pu her ass in pink cuffs and make her sleep out in tent city that spoiled brat! Enough IS ENOUGH!

624 days ago


Calling bs tmz! Mel has had his crazy moments but this is just a get away from me tmz moment. Certainly understandable.

597 days ago
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