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Nicki Minaj at Steakhouse

Bring Me Some A.1. Sauce

... STAT!!!

1/16/2013 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj committed the ULTIMATE steakhouse sin at Boa last night ... she sent someone out to get her A.1. Steak Sauce right in the middle of her meal ... and TMZ has the video proof!!!

FYI -- most chefs working at top steak joints across the globe consider a request for A.1. sauce (or any other sauce not made by the restaurant) as a total insult ... an insult proudly committed by millions of people every day. It's right up there with asking for your steak cooked "extra well-done and butterflied."

But last night in Hollywood, Nicki -- who was eating with her BF Safaree -- proved she doesn't give a damn ... 'cause after she sat down, TMZ cameras captured someone running in a bottle of A.1., specifically for Nicki's table.

On her way out of the restaurant, Nicki told us it wasn't just a one-time thing -- she ALWAYS puts A.1. on her meat.


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Hey, I wouldn't eat in one of these "star" places in the first place, & I don't care if it isn't "cool" to ask, but by god, if I'm paying the bill, I'll put whatever I want on my food, be it ketchup, A-1, Worcestershire or anything else. F' em, my meal, not yours.

583 days ago


Who cares when I pay for my food I can do what i have been to BOA plenty of times and I do bring A1 in my wife's purse. And I dare anyone to say something to me. Y'all call her ghetto and trash well she is rich so what does that make you

583 days ago


My steak you dont needs a 1 sauce. I used to use it before like 10 years ago but then I perfected my steak recipe and it would be insult if any one in my family asked for it. No one ever asks anymore. We just use A 1 sauce for one I gril pork chops. My man is commited to me now because of my steak,Secret to my sucess is Olive oil, soy sauce, le

583 days ago



583 days ago


I prefer my steak medium rare without the sauce. That's just me. Well done is a hamburger. If that's what she wants then its her damn steak and now your money. I would be mad that they were in my establishment lowering the class level though.

583 days ago


Who cares! Despite if I order my steak at a restaurant or make it at home, if I don't have A-1 for it I'm not eating it!

583 days ago


NO ONE CARES you blonde brown bimbo

583 days ago

mike w    

Have you seen Boa's clientele, Jay Z, Kanye, Kim, Lopez , the only restaurant in LA when making a reservation they ask "how many in your posse" so Nicki would fit right in...

583 days ago


anyone who would put a1 on a good steak has no clue, thy should just eat
dog food instead. It's just shows you
don't know what good food taste like.
Finally all the people bitchin about racists remarks, get over it, most people are racist.

583 days ago



583 days ago


Gross.A-1 also.

583 days ago


What makes people think they have to cow-down to these low lives?.....You want A-1?..You're welcome to take a carryout bag home with you and your A-1 as you get you big ass out of my restaurant.......

583 days ago


She could have ordered a red wine reduction a Bernaise or an in house hand made specialty steak sauce. She seems crass and seems to have a low IQ from hearing her speak.She just got lucky in that some people love trash like her and buy what she produces.They have made this symbol of vapidness and ill manners very rich.She is a big dumb looking cow.

583 days ago


Remember a few years back when there was a trend of shows where chefs were getting caught doing things to the food? Remember how almost all of them happened in high-priced fancy restaurants?
Chefs spitting in food, putting hair in food, and who can forget...the dude who was putting his wang in people's drinks to stir them
Shaken not stirred too on a new meaning eh ;D

583 days ago

Scott Levy    

I don't blame her. I won't eat steak without A1 and Tabasco sauce. AND I always request that it's extra well done To hell with what some stuck-up chef thinks! I wipe my ass with their opinions.

583 days ago
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