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Nigel Lythgoe

'American Idol' Could Die

Without Ryan Seacrest

1/16/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Seacrest is the lifeblood of "American Idol" ... and without him, the show would struggle to survive -- so says executive producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Nigel was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked if Seacrest was considered dispensable, much like the judges -- and Nigel replied, "Ryan Seacrest drives the entire program. He's not on an earpiece or anything. He's not beholden to anybody. He controls the show. He's really important."

He added, "It would be very, very difficult to replace Ryan Seacrest."

'Idol' will die without Ryan

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  • No
But the bottom line, Nigel believes "American Idol" transcends any one individual -- saying, "I've never believed that Idol as a franchise is beholden to any individual because everybody said it would die the minute Simon Cowell left, and it hasn't."

Perhaps, but it's hardly the same either ... so we gotta ask ...


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Celeb Gossip Maven    

American Idol is officially dead on its own regardless of Seacrest.
Seriously it is time to let it GO!

456 days ago


I think the show has already lost its appeal. And now with a no talent judge like Nicki MInaj, and with the whole diva attitudes of Nicki and Mariah, I think (hope) this will be the last year. Somewhere along the line, the judges became the story, and not even Ryan can save the show now.

456 days ago


well,.. better a show die than a real person in a club parking lot from a gun shot every one is filming and cant find the killer.

456 days ago


Ryan aggravates the heck out of me,can't stand him!

456 days ago

paul a.    

Kill the show. It's been a great run but all things come to an end....

456 days ago


Unfortunately Idol has already died and Nigel just doesn't realize it yet, they need to work real hard to get the original judges back - FOX has two dying dogs with Idol and X Factor - so put your pride on the side (Simon & Idol) and get back together. Or just stick a fork in it cuz its done!!!!

456 days ago


There's absolutely no story here.

Looks like TMZ and Lythgoe are doing commercials for the new season.

Hopefully this show will die at the end of the year.

456 days ago


Ryan Seacrest is not Dick Clark he never will be Dick Clark He needs to just disappear already

456 days ago


American Idol is already dead... it died when Simon and Paula left.

456 days ago


I thought it was already dead

456 days ago


Seacrest is a pompous windbag - Idol wastes so much time on him rather than showing the real contestants. I gave up on the show when they made it more about him and the judges instead of the people who tried out.

456 days ago


This show sucks and has ran its course! Screw anything that has anything to do with SEABASS ASS!

456 days ago

all about the money    

Idol is going to die with or without Seacrest anyway. Watch the ratings....this show is on its last stub of a leg and will either be mercifully put down at the end of this season or ridden to its final death next season.

456 days ago


American Idol died long before Simon left. The thing is that Simon was smart and jumped off of the sinking ship before he ended up drowning.

456 days ago


Ryan is very good at what he does but, sadly, AI has already passed on. They just need to pull the plug and let it go in peace. When a talent competition turns into a showcase for the judges it ceases to be relevant. Frankly, since season 1, when the main focus was on Simon abusing the less talented hopefuls, it really wasn't about talent at all. The pre-screeners should never have let people like William Hung through. I guess making fun of people is more entertaining than a legitimate search for excellence. Given the popularity of the stuff they have on TLC these days, I guess the American public has achieved a sufficient level of mediocrity that anything will suffice to get their minds off the fact their country is morally and financially bankrupt.

456 days ago
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