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Manti Te'o

Fake GF Called Me AFTER

Her Supposed Death

1/16/2013 5:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Manti Te'o told Notre Dame officials he NEVER met his supposed girlfriend in person ... and only realized her death was a hoax last month ... after receiving a phone call from "Lennay's" cell phone.

Jack Swarbrick -- Director of Athletics at Notre Dame -- called an emergency media conference Wednesday night in the wake of the not-really-dead girlfriend scandal. Here are the highlights:

-- Manti is expected to address the media sometime tomorrow (Thursday).
-- Manti called Notre Dame officials on Dec. 26 ... and alerted them to the hoax.
-- According to Swarbrick, Manti realized Lennay Kekua wasn't dead when he got a phone call from her cell phone at an ESPN award show in December ... months after her supposed death.
-- Manti claims the woman who called from "Lennay's" phone was the same person who he had spoken with during his relationship with Lennay.
-- Manti says the woman informed him that Lennay was not dead ... because she was not real.
-- Swarbrick says Manti met with a media team, who had planned to release the story to the media next week ... but they were scooped by Deadspin.
-- Manti told ND officials he had gone to Hawaii to meet Lennay in person on several occasions, but she never showed up.
-- ND believes that Manti was targeted because he's too nice of a guy ... and the perps took pleasure in humiliating him.

Swarbrick also said, "This was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand but had a certain cruelty at its core."

Swarbrick says investigators believe there are numerous people involved in the hoax.

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608 days ago


Worst drunk dial ever!!!

608 days ago


TMZ all over this story....4 articles about a college football player and a moron on twitter....huge!

608 days ago

TN Consultant    

Have ANY of you ever seen the movie Catfish or Catfish the TV Show??? Stories like this happen every single day to innocent people everywhere. There are some very sick people out there who create fake profiles and engage in fake relationships with unsuspecting people. Don't ever say it can't happen to you. It happens to some of the smartest people. I will refrain from judging Manti Teo on this until more information comes out. He may very well be the victim of a cruel hoax.

608 days ago


Yeah, there's a lot of people involved:
Manti Te'o
Manti Te'o
and Manti Te'o

608 days ago

Throwback kid    

I'm finding this very hard to believe, Teo went on and on in his interviews about what a wonderful person this girl was, it certainly sounded like he spent alot of time with her since he claims to have learned so many life lessons from her. Now he says in 3 years he never actually met his girlfriend? There are convicts in prison who have girls come visit them, but in 3 years there wasn't one day that Manti Teo and his imaginary girlfriend could meet in person? Teo should just come clean with this whole lie, it sounds like he was in on this with his father, there was never an in person meeting after the Stanford game in 2009 and the father kept saying that's how they met. You expect a 4 year old to have an imaginary friend, not a college football player

608 days ago

Throwback kid    

I haven't seen this kind of stupidity in a person since a 1973 episode of the Brady Bunch when Peter Brady put on a fake moustache and became Phil Packer, some swinging cool guy from a rival high school and got some girl to almost fall for it.

608 days ago


Another coward who got caught with his pants down and wont fess up and is playing the victim.

608 days ago


Why is everybody ripping him? I thought we liked to encourage kids to use their imaginations.

608 days ago


wow, if his lies were not bad enough. Now ND is going to feed us a bunch of bull too just to cover up what everyone already knows, he lied. ND lost a fan and some respect!

608 days ago


i mean really how the **** can you go all the way to hawaii to visit a girl a few times and she shows up neither time.that should be a big red flag.yet this guy knew in december prob around the second week because that is when the espn awards show is and he continued to let people spout the story of the dead gf that didnt exist.for a ND student he sure was stupid.just proves a point that many with book sense have not an ounce of common sense what so ever.

608 days ago


well the story gets even weirder


608 days ago

Harold Brown    

Notre Dame hired PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS for Te'o but did minimal for Lizzy Seeberg and Declan Sullivan. Look them up.

608 days ago

Kim Davis    

A Heismann candidate, soon to be top draft pick, can't find a real woman. But instead dates one for 3 years that he never meets in person. Ain't nobody that dumb. And I am appalled at him and Notre Dame for thinking we are the stupid to believe this. Either way he is liar. Just google all of the old articles and video where he talks about meeting her in '09 after the Stanford game. His he lying now or was he lying then? And by the way Notre Dame, Catfishing didn't exist in 2009 when this so called hoax supposedly started.

608 days ago


Found more pics of "REBA" here http://slimcelebrity.com/celebrity-athletes/ronaiah-tuiasosopo-is-fake-manti-teo-dead-gf-lennay-kekua/ there are some of Ronaiah there too, and Manti's statement video

608 days ago
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