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The Canyons


By Sundance

1/16/2013 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The producers of Lindsay Lohan's film, "The Canyons," are stunned that their flick has been rejected by The Sundance Film Festival and they think it's largely Lindsay's fault.

We're told the Sundance people reached out to producers to screen the movie, and we're told producers were led to believe it was a shoo-in.

But we found out Sundance passed on the film recently, and the film's producers believe it might be due in part to the hijinks of its troubled star.  They think Lindsay was a "turn off" to the highfalutin Sundance folks.

"The Canyons" producer, Braxton Pope, tells us his agents William Morris/Endeavor are having a screening for buyers at the end of the month and a number of big companies are interested.

We also spoke with Lindsay's co-star -- porn star James Deen -- who tells us he's not bothered about the Sundance diss ... saying, "It coincides with AVN (the porn awards). Priorities man!!!!!"


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Now we know who the little guy with the packages was. He was just a gopher for one of Lindsay's rich johns. It was a date request with presents delivered before hand as a bribe. See what you can have if you call me? I think she took him up on his offer. Dina tried but they turned her down flat.

591 days ago


they are really looking for hits with this one TMZ wasn't it written up in the NYT a WEEK ago now that they weren't in Sundance from WEEKS ago ?? Bullsyhtt they thought there were a "shoo-in" and its all Blohan's fault not all the other crap too? They were never going to be in Sundace with a Crackhead and a Porn Star as their leads...

591 days ago


Like I said before, no sympathy for anyone who involves themselves with her; including her employers who continue to give her chances when they know that she is nothing but trouble. Also, the whole pornstar-turned actor guy couldn't have helped the situation. That was a movie doomed from the start; and all because of the cast.

591 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Here's a fun little activity:
Go to Google, type in the search terms Lindsay Lohan Escort then click on Search Tools then change Any time to last hour.
Yeah, I was real impressed too. dozens upon dozens of web sites reporting just in the last hour that even her father says Lohan is a prostitute.
BTW TMZ, there's hundreds of sites reporting this, and you has shyte - I thought you had MiLo under retainer. I guess he charges too much now for you cheap basterds.

591 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

WEHOYOLO? Really? What an asshat

591 days ago


Wealthy Spanish-American painter Domingo Zapata is another client who reportedly supported the troubled actress for much longer than a holiday.

“Domingo let Lindsay live in his penthouse at the Bowery Hotel in NYC for free and at his L.A. pad at Chateau Marmont [for months],” says one of his confidantes.


remember her unpaid bill at the chateau marmont? which one of her customers paid that bill?

591 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So excited for DListed to get this one!

591 days ago


Perhaps because it sucks the big one?

591 days ago


oh please everyone come to Radar Online and have some fun with "Sam" aka Jill true identity DINA... that succubus of a mother needs to just leave and not come back to any gossip site.

591 days ago

Enough Already    

Whether it's a department store or MGM Studios, when will these supposed smart upper echelons learn never, ever hire this washed up loser as nothing but s**t follows. Hire a loser, you'll be a loser!!! I just don't get it. CNN reported that she's been in court 20 times for her shena****ns and yet this POS is still roaming the streets. If it were you or me, we'd still be sitting in 4x4 room on that cold cememt bench. If nothing happens to her this next go around, I will have lost all respect for the California system. Wow. Just don't get it. SMH......

591 days ago


Good morning!

I agree with the enablers that this story is just an extrapolation from the NYT story--but so what? It's still relevant. Obviously, if the film had been any good it would have been accepted at Sundance. Admittedly, Lindsay would have created chaos at the festival so perhaps that did play a part in the decision but ultimately what makes any film festival successful is screening excellent films which from what we've seen The Canyons is not.

With respect to the ROL article, Milo tweeted the $$ for dates comment right around NYE--while LL was prancing around London. And, while it is true that many celebrities are paid to make appearances at events, there are also celebrities who are paid to show up and be **companions**.
Look at the pics from the NYE trip where LL is returning from an outing in ripped clothes that are different than those she wore when she had left the hotel and tell us what conclusion you come to.

591 days ago


If you read the headlines above you will see four words that if you read between the lines makes it quite funny.
The Canyons SNUBBED By Sundance
"It's not the hills" (fault) it's Lindsays.

591 days ago


More likely they never considered the movie in the first place. That's like saying Liz and Dick got turned down by Sundance.

591 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Is this more TMZ lies? There was no rehab deal on the table

591 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Funny how the enablers whine endlessly about how much TMZ lies, particularly when it says anything the slightest way negative towards Lohan.

Yet here they stay every day.


591 days ago
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