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The Canyons


By Sundance

1/16/2013 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The producers of Lindsay Lohan's film, "The Canyons," are stunned that their flick has been rejected by The Sundance Film Festival and they think it's largely Lindsay's fault.

We're told the Sundance people reached out to producers to screen the movie, and we're told producers were led to believe it was a shoo-in.

But we found out Sundance passed on the film recently, and the film's producers believe it might be due in part to the hijinks of its troubled star.  They think Lindsay was a "turn off" to the highfalutin Sundance folks.

"The Canyons" producer, Braxton Pope, tells us his agents William Morris/Endeavor are having a screening for buyers at the end of the month and a number of big companies are interested.

We also spoke with Lindsay's co-star -- porn star James Deen -- who tells us he's not bothered about the Sundance diss ... saying, "It coincides with AVN (the porn awards). Priorities man!!!!!"


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OH NO!    

Like Sundance is relevant anymore.

624 days ago


The Canyons will go straight to DVD and Blue Ray.

624 days ago

monie roche    

i'm not first...LOL..
this is only the beginning of the unemployment line for lieho...
i think she may just start getting what this town will not tolerate...

624 days ago


No !!!! I am absolutely flabbergasted and shocked at this decision.

624 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Yeah those flaming a-holes at Sundance probably only want GOOD movies, not this steaming pile of crap called Canyons. By the way, if you think that the disgusting, loathsome Low-han may be to blame for the exclusion, then you may not be as dumb as I first thought....

624 days ago


Yeah, most likely it's Lohan. I mean Brett Easton Ellis is a pretty well respected screenwriter and since when has something being porn-ish ever put off Sundance?

624 days ago


Ha, I said this yesterday that the reason this film was snubbed at Sundance was not because of James Deen but because Lohan's name was on it. Damaged goods.

624 days ago


James Deen is not bothered by the Sundance diss , because even he knows the movie SUCKS!!!!!!!!

624 days ago


I don't know. Bret Easton Ellis had some weird (insulting) tweets. Maybe he insulted someone in the Sundance elite? I doubt Lindsey had anything to do with the rejection.

624 days ago


Well, not sure if Lindsay's performance was that great, considering her disastrous phoned-in performance on Liz&Dick - but maybe it just wasn't good enough in general compared with ones accepted and someone else could have played her character with the same result. It's definitely in the "soft porn plus" category, more than soft but not hard core. So the plot may be rather minimal, just enough to string together the sex scenes. Does Sundance typically accept soft porn? That category doesn't include movies that just toss in a bit of nudity.

624 days ago


Its plain to see what TMZ is trying to do to Lindsay Lohan and its sickening. Any movie rejected would be because of the movie itself and NOT because of the 'hijinx' of any cast member, dozens of movies are rejected every year. The producers didn't blame Lindsay or anyone at all.

As far as I know this movie was never intended for mainstream release, they intended it for pay per view or video release. Ease up on the blame game TMZ, your bias and bullying is showing.

624 days ago


If the sex is decent, they'll probably end up selling it online the way they did the Kardooshian sex tapes, and it will make a lot of money.

I'm sure the movie will be horrible and her makeup looks abominable, but I still want to see her naked and giving a nobbie

624 days ago


Wherever she's been holed up the last week, I'm sure the place has thousands of dollars in damages by now.

624 days ago


These producers -- they've manipulated news coverage, having that guy who wrote the NYT piece, then the guy who wrote that piece writing about how he got that piece, and so on. And it's the producers "leaking" that there could be "leaks" of the Lindsay porn scene. THEY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE -- SNUBBED BY CANNES, SNUBBED BY SUNDANCE, L O S E R S

624 days ago


wow tmz...that "news" has been out for at least a week now....get with it!!

624 days ago
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