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Lance Armstrong


1/18/2013 6:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lance Armstrong
just confessed ... EVERYTHING.

Lance admitted it all during his Oprah interview -- saying he took banned substances to enhance his cycling performances before all 7 of his Tour de France wins ... he blood doped ... he took testosterone ... EPO ... human growth hormone ... everything you can imagine.

Lance had denied the allegations for years -- and when Oprah asked why he came forward now, Lance replied, "I don't know that I have a great answer. I will start now by saying this is too late ... I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times ... I am a flawed character."

He added, "I didn't invent the [doping] culture, but I did nothing to stop the culture ... and I am sorry for that."

Lance said he began using EPO (erythropoietin) -- a hormone that enhances red blood cell production -- in the mid 90s. 

When asked if he was ever afraid he'd be caught -- Lance replied, "No."
When asked if it felt wrong at the time -- Lance replied, "No."
When asked if he felt like he was cheating -- he replied, "No ... I viewed it as a level playing field."

As for how the whole operation worked, Armstrong hedged on the details -- saying, "I viewed it as very simple. You had things that were oxygen-boosting drugs, for lack of a better word, that were incredibly beneficial for endurance sports. And that's all you needed."

He added, "My cocktail was only EPO ... not a lot ... transfusions and testosterone."

Lance -- who referred to his former self as "an arrogant pr*ck" -- isn't shocked by the outrage over his lies and deceit ... saying, "I deserve it."

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Yes we know

643 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Wake up people. 90% of professional athletes use substances to maintain that level of competition. Do you know how hard it is to train, diet, and stay in a perpetual state of biological excellence. Most of us work remedial jobs and 80% of US need substances to keep up....can you imagine living on this level. They dope up, how do you think you win championships and gold medals? The rare few who get their clean are 1 in a million....

643 days ago


Why would anyone forgive him for coming clean about something the world already knew. He cheated out guys who trained for these races for years, took medals, money and admiration from them, not only from the Tour de France but the Olympics. He's a piece of garbage.

643 days ago


Everyone is free to have their own opinion but how can people say it's ok to forgive Armstrong? I give people who can actually forgive this sorry excuse for a human but I can't forgive. I only hope that his cancer comes back and gets him this time.

643 days ago


Really people? You're this upset and pissed off over a man's life you don't know and will never meet and who hurt you personally in no way? A man who doesn't need your forgiveness. I feel sorry for anyone you care about that may need your forgiveness one day. It's not as if Lance is a pedophile or murderer. It's doping. Which I'm sure the true numbers of athletes in any field that are doping is staggering.

643 days ago


Let''s see, he was stripped of his "medals", etc and decided to fess up. Are you kidding me? It was the only logical choice.There was never any doubt in my mind about his lack of credibility. His cancer experience was just a red herring. Lots of people believed him...as far as I'm concerned they are just as responsible as he is. Its analogous to Michael Lohan. He is a con man pure and simple. It's beyond me how anyone still believes him. Likewise why does anyone believe anything Lance says after lying for decades. Has the public gone brain dead? I guess that's why infomercials are such big successes. People concentrate on the latest gizmo forgetting about all the previous "junk".

643 days ago

OhGee Mack    

My energy is mad low... he needs to put out a book with details on how he got his endurance up...drugs or not!

643 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

I'm guessing he could be brought up on multiple charges of perjury (lying under oath) and if we're lucky all those multi-million dollar contracts he made all his money from had morals clauses which this would put him in breach of... so (and I doubt this because these people just keep getting away with stuff) bye-bye money and freedom !

643 days ago


Lance is right about the "level playing field". Look into it.

During the Tours he won, if they'd decided to award his victories to someone else, there is one rider who finished in the top 5 of one race who qualifies. (That rider was implicated in a doping scandal, but he died in a bike wreck before the allegations could be investigated.)
Every other race would be top-10 finishers or worse. Doping was endemic at the time, and it was the tour organizers who created and fostered this culture of doping because they needed the boost in revenue.
Every hotel, every restaurant, every souvenir shop, every sweat shop that made the swag that went in the souvenir shop, every airline, every TV station, every advertiser... They were all willing to look the other way while Lance was earning them money.
But as soon as he retired from the Tour and started considering other races from other promotions, they dropped the hammer.

643 days ago


Just to be clear, what I mean is that every other top-5 finisher during Lance's run has already had their results stripped and been suspended or banned because of PED use.
In all but one of the races, most of the top-10 finishers have been disqualified.

643 days ago


I go back and forth on how I feel about all this. I think I understand why he finally came clean. The lie gets too hard to live with. Not in a " my soul, my very soul is in peril" kind of way, but accepting accolades from people who "believe in you, Lance!" - it must be so hard to accept hugs or gifts or accolades from all those very genuine people who trust you when you know you're lying. Maybe, too, he finally felt he owed it to the other people who admitted they doped and lived with the consequences. Who knows? Still, I think he had a responsibility, after this much time has passed, to all the people who have lived with the ridicule of the masses for believing in him to keep his fat trap shut. It's one thing to lie to people, knowing what fools you are making of them all. It's quite another to go ahead and make all feel like *******s by confirming how stupid they were ever to trust you. It's like having an affair - if I had an affair, I would NEVER tell my husband about it, certainly not to assuage *my* conscience.

I was thinking, also, of all the kids to whom he was such a hero, thinking that he owed it to them to STAY a hero. Kids today either idolize the wrong goofballs, or so many of their heroes turn out to be tin ones.

Then again, he says he doesn't think it was "humanly possible" to win the Tour de France *without* doping. Maybe he felt he had a responsibility to all those people who beat their brains out, trying to train as hard and do as well as some of these tin athletes, not understanding why *they* can never live up to the ideal. Like young girls looking at the fashion rags and never understanding why they can't look as good as the models, not knowing that the models are airbrushed into an unnatural perfection.

I suppose that, in the end, it's better to tell the truth: no human can possibly do as well as some of these athletes without taking all the drugs and stop glamorizing these guys the way we do, so that kids stop wanting to just like them, willing to do anything to get there. Same with the damn models. Stop making heroes out of sports figures and rock stars and super models - not like they're curing cancer. Find a way to glamorize winning a Nobel Peace Prize.


643 days ago


The only reason he is coming out is he is probably got his cancer back from his yrs of doping. He probably on his death bed and is asking for forgiveness to go in peace.

643 days ago


Bummer that athletes (not only Lance) need to take these drugs because the majority of his competitors are. Hopefully this will finally make it mandatory that every sport is drug tested. Like he said, they were out of his system while competing and being tested. But they'll need to do periodic testing between competitions. Sad that it's come to this.

643 days ago


How about all the people who should have won and didn't because of his dopping?. He can go to hell as far as I'm concerne.

643 days ago


No! His lying and cheating kept other athletes out of having a chance to win and the chance will probably never come again.

643 days ago
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