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Manti Te'o

Notre Dame's Story

Sinks Manti

1/17/2013 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Manti Te'o continued to tell people his girlfriend died of cancer even after he learned it was all a big hoax ... and this is according to Notre Dame's public version of the facts.

During a news conference Wednesday night, ND Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick said ... Manti told ND officials that he first learned the whole thing was a hoax when he received a call from his GF's phone number during an ESPN award show in December ... months after she was presumed dead.

The ESPN college football awards ceremony took place in Orlando on Dec. 6 -- but just two days later, on Dec. 8, Te'o gave a statement to reporters in anticipation of the Heisman Trophy ceremony, in which he continued to perpetuate the belief that his girlfriend had died from cancer.

Te'o told reporters ... “I don’t like cancer at all. I lost both my grandparents and my girlfriend to cancer,” this according to WSBT-TV. 

We now know Manti's statement wasn't true -- and by Notre Dame's own account, Manti lied.

It begs the question -- what else did he lie about?

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The most fascinating thing about this story is will it ever end? zzzzzz

621 days ago


oops! I just saw your post above. I just happened to use the word "fascinating". :)

621 days ago


So what if he lied or is delusional about this girlfriend thing? I don't understand what any of this has to do with his gift to play football.

621 days ago


is this psy brother ?...

621 days ago


what a ****en idiot!

621 days ago


I'm sure he just felt embarrassed at first that the girl whom he thought was dead wasn't really dead or even real, so he would have some explaining to do..then I'm sure he also wanted to bask in the glory of everyone thinking he was a hero and persevered while being a great player. So he probably did get scammed by a nonexistent girl, but its totally his fault after he found out he didn't come clean...but then again could he have felt shame and embarrassment so much that he didn't want to tell anyone what really happened?

621 days ago


I actually had a similar situation, where I met a guy online(he was real however), but I felt so embarrassed about actually meeting someone that way, that I lied to my family and a couple friends of how we met. I said we met in a coffee shop and to my parents, at a college function. I thought I'd come clean if we got serious, but it just felt embarrassing, I'm not sure why. And if people asked if I had a BF, I'd say yes, not mentioning it was an "online BF", LOL. So maybe that's why he lied about seeing her and not mentioning he was in love with a girl online

621 days ago


Who cares

621 days ago


His girlfriend was Jerry Sanduski in a wig.... Didn't he get convicted around the same time as the girlfriend passed?

621 days ago


Leave it to gossip sites like TMZ or Deadspin (owned by Gawker) to continue to attempt to continue to make such a big deal out of nothing. I wonder how Harvey would feel if he had been "outted" and a site ran story after story about it. Overall, its no big deal!!

621 days ago


Look TMZ, I DON'T GIVE A F UCCA ABOUT THIS STORY, MAKE IT GO AWAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! This is the Kimye of news stories.

621 days ago


This is ridiculous. All of the haters who have nothing better to do are commenting on this "story," ready to ridicule and crucify the best linebacker in college football. Seriously, have you all got nothing better to do? Is it beyond the realm of possibility that he's embarrassed to have met someone online? Maybe he was lonesome and really wanted to believe that he'd met someone special. Maybe he didn't know how to handle it or what to say, especially after he became so prominent as the football season progressed, and was being interviewed more and more. If the guy's worst crime is being gullible, then there are far worse offenses to commit. Who's forgetting that he was the one who told ND officials what was going on over a month ago, long before Deadspin "broke" the story. Anyone who thinks that he concocted this to up his chances at winning the Heisman is just a hater with nothing better to speculate about. Sad for them.

Fortunately, the NFL doesn't care about something so inconsequential as this. The guy is a pure success on the field, winning every award and nearly winning the Heisman. You don't win those awards because of sympathy, you win them with tackles, interceptions, and by leading your team to a 12-0 regular season.

Leave the guy alone already. Disappointed that TMZ is blowing this up so much.

621 days ago


What, is this SPORTS ILLUSTRATED now? I don't friggin come to a site like this for news on friggin SPORTS nobodies!!!

621 days ago


Ronoaiah was taught to not be truthful, it is sad but he witnessed BSers his whole life. The sins of his father and his actions are to blame here. Rononaiah just did what he was taught, make up crap!

621 days ago


You people don't know SH*T about what happened other than what you read on here and already you are saying this guy is guilty. You are the true s***bags. Just goes to show you how the media controls some of you brainless nitwits on a daily basis.

621 days ago
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