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Ex-Miss America

Producer Moved My Seat

Because I'm Black

1/17/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss America
2004 Ericka Dunlap is DEMANDING an apology from the beauty pageant organization -- claiming a racist producer moved her from a prime seat during the competition last weekend because she's black ... but the fact is, she was sitting in a no-Miss America zone.

Dunlap -- the first black woman to win Miss Florida in 2003 -- tells TMZ, "I was sitting there on the aisle, and during the first commercial break during top 15 announcement, a producer came up to me and said, 'Get out of that seat. I need the seat. I don’t give a f**k who you are. Get out of the f**king seat.'"

Dunlap says she refused to move because of the producer's tone, telling us, "I was spoken to as if I didn't matter. If I were any other Miss America, I would have never been spoken to like that. But I'm the only black one who comes back."

Dunlap says an assistant producer eventually came over and helped the first producer physically remove her from her seat -- "I was mortified." Dunlap says she was eventually relocated.

Dunlap doesn't plan to sue, but says she's still waiting for the organization or the producer to apologize for the way she was treated.

A rep for the Miss America organization says Dunlap's story is nonsense -- telling us, "During the night of the telecast, Ericka was unhappy with her seat, and she chose to move to a camera blocked seat that was reserved for the parents of our contestants."

The rep adds, "At the top of the show, the stage manager asked her to move to seat the contestant's parents, and she refused to move. She subsequently was offered a better seat, however she refused it. It was strictly a television production issue."


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Get over yourself you hazbin. Slavery has been over for a 100 plus years. Go clean a white persons house....... Nugga...

646 days ago

Wow ...    

It is truly unfortunate when people scream racism, when racism had nothing to do with the situation. Prejudiced people exist and racism is still alive - just look at the comments. But in this instance, don't pull the race card when you sit in the wrong seat and act like an entitled b!tch. It truly muddies the water for people who are genuinely been discriminated against.

646 days ago


Am I the only one who tends to tune out whenever the race card is pulled? I wonder if they know how tired this excuse has become to most people.

646 days ago


Has this drama queen nothing else to do?

646 days ago


WHO were the dead-beat judges that thought it was a good idea to name such a flaming $$hole Miss America? They should fined for bad judgment.

646 days ago


REALLY! What an IDIOT! Quit pulling the racism card for every little thing that happens to black people. Blacks treat whites like we own them something, when slavery has been over for a LONG LONG time now and you never even knew those ancestors. It's "YOUR Africa" that sold yall to the white people so blame them. I'm white and I'm a nanny for an amazing black couple, but I do there laundry, dishes, clean house, and raise their kids! So, I'm mad at blacks now bc I'm your slave?!?! Just pathetic, so shut up Ericka! They made every color move out of that area!

646 days ago


She makes NO sense....she never truly explains how the guy is racist!!

646 days ago


who cares; *rolls eyes, looks at computer and thinks of better things* like whats for lunch, and **** my boss is here...blah blah blah

646 days ago


Another black abusing the race card. No shock here. I never take those claims seriously anymore.

646 days ago


TMZ, please stop misrepresenting black people's views. She did not say her seat was moved because she's black.

You did the same thing with Spike Lee and Django unchained. Is lying about the other person's point of view the only way you can win an argument?

646 days ago

Nun ja biz    

Oh please! Some not all but some blacks need to stop pullin the race card. Slavery ended soooo long ago, you are owed NOTHING!

646 days ago


It should be against the law for any black person to use "the racial card"... Shut the **** up already.. You get treated like this
Because you all can't still behave like humans....

646 days ago


HAHA When your talentless and cannot get any attention, pull the race card. D-Bag!

646 days ago


Here we go the race card!!!!!

646 days ago


This is proof just how racist black people are. To them EVERYTHING is a race issue even when it's not... which makes them racist. because THEY bring race into it. Oh yeah, it has to be because you're black. Couldn't be because you're an entitled little princess who thinks her sh!t don't stink

646 days ago
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