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'Django' Slave Toys


1/18/2013 8:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The controversial “Django Unchained” action figures have officially been DISCONTINUED ... after several African American groups called for a boycott of the dolls ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the toy production tell us ... shortly after advocacy groups like Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Project Islamic Hope spoke out against the figurines ... the Weinstein Company (which produced the film) reached out to the toy company and told them to put the kibosh on the toy line ASAP.

We're told the toy company agreed, insisting they never intended to offend anyone ... and halted production immediately.

Sources tell us ... the toymakers only released somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 dolls before shutting down production.

We reached out to the Weinstein Company for comment, so far no word back. But earlier this week we got Christoph Waltz out in Hollywood and it sounds like the 'Django' cast has already learned the fate of the action figures.


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Shouldn't have been on sale to begin with!!!

642 days ago


yes gon make more money selling dem dolls to fools. ize reckon dat makes dem who buy it just like you masta a fn douche bag

642 days ago


Haven't seen the movie, but I am sure there was whining when there were no Black Barbies . U can't please everyone, if your offended don't purchase one. The world needs to grow up and people need to mind there business, if we are ever to survive together.

642 days ago


The dolls don't "set you back 200 years" whoever just said that is a moron.......I'm white and yet my ancestors were slaves but you don't see me BITCH about that......oh wait, I Can't because I'm white!!!!!!! for blacks always bitching that there are only white dolls on the market, well here's some black for ya, oh wait, they are RACIST....this racist **** is really getting old.....where's my racist card???? Wait I don't get one, because I'm THAT'S racist.....

642 days ago


the box clearly says 18+, so i always figured these were more collectibles for adult, die-hard tarantino fans, as opposed to "billy, look what santa brought you for christmas!!!" lol

642 days ago


"..African American groups called for a boycott of the dolls." Oh- because the action figure market is dominated by Black Nerds? Pretty sure African American groups need to focus on the deterioration of the Black Family and high school drop out rates... When we solve this- then maybe we can discuss Tarantino action figures. #PrioritiesPeople

642 days ago

northern gypsy    

it's official...the dolls have become collector items and not because of what they's their limited production...their value will only keep going up...good job for all the people who protested !!!

642 days ago


They HAD to know people would be offended ... Now the figures that were released will become 'rare' and 'collectible'. The company will likely hold on to unsold stock for 30 years, then sell the on eBay and make a fortune.

642 days ago


I don't understand what the big deal is. It is a fact that the very first slaves in American were the Irish - women and children, brought to this country by the Dutch. You don't see them throwing this in everyone's face. Get over yourselves already.

642 days ago


I'm not saying anyone should buy these, but If they wanted to, the company or partner company could continue to sell them overseas, as European or Asian markets aren't dictated by American social politics. You can't really boycott sales of a product in a nation you don't live in.

642 days ago


I not surprised. Who wants to buy a slave doll? Not much different than a Holocaust doll imo.

642 days ago


Slave toys...ha ha ha..thats hilarious.

642 days ago


Oh please, anyone can see this was a marketing tool to stir up more hype for the movie. All you people complaining are a bunch of phucking morons. No wonder the Chinese are kicking our azz.

642 days ago


Priorities..who cares about a doll..don't buy for the movie I loved it and was not offended....ppl always trying other ppl what to do..

642 days ago

alan brickman    

If you don't like it...don't buy it and stop being emotional hypocrites already!!!

642 days ago
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