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Kardashian Family

Home Swarmed

By Cops

1/19/2013 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The home of Bruce and Kris Jenner was swarmed by cops this afternoon, after someone placed a 911 call claiming someone was shot inside the house and armed people were still inside ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... police came in force to the Hidden Hills residence -- several helicopters and cops on the ground with machine guns and other weapons.  We're told there were at least 15 officers on site, who locked down the entire street.

The caller said he/she was in the house, hiding in a closet. 

We're told it was all a hoax and the Kardashians are now the latest swatting victims.  As we first reported, Tom Cruise fell victim yesterday, when a swatter placed a 911 call to Bev Hills cops.

Law enforcement tells us the 911 caller gave an address near the Kardashian house, but cops believe the target was the Kardashian home and they went to Kris' door and told her they got a call someone was hiding in her closet.

We're told Bruce, Kris, Kylie and Kendall were all present and cops ordered them out of their house while they searched it.

Thanks to KCAL for the video.


No Avatar


who the hell cares

621 days ago


Never mind that they should have let this play out in the hopes that we might be Khar-trashian free, but I'm quite disturbed that the Sheriff's Dept. actually posed for a photo op. Quite unprofessional.

621 days ago


If ANY footage shows up on 1 of their TV shows, it tells me the one of the KarTRASHians made the call just for Publicity

621 days ago


Why can't they trace the call to the people who made it??? It's happening over and over. How is this possible??? This is not even funny what are these idiots thinking? Who does this kind of sh!t?? They need to track down these idiots and give them some jail time or serious fines. That"ll teach um.

621 days ago


I think the police should broadcast a recording of the call so someone in the public can identify the idiot and then press charges for lying to cops and make them pay for the cost of all the cops time and resources going out there plus hefty fines if not jail time as resources were taken away from others in need.

621 days ago

News Flash     

All they found was empty silicone bags and a bunch of Botox needles.

621 days ago

News Flash     

Like 4 people need that big ass house.

621 days ago


I feel like whoever is doing these swatting calls is in the process of setting up something, kind of like what the DC sniper did so that he could kill his wife. Someone may really want to get someone, and they are doing all these calls as a distraction. Once the police let down their guard, they'll make their move. These calls need to be thoroughly investigated, and the police need to get the culprit and lock them up ASAP!!

621 days ago


The contempt for this klan is WELL deserved. What have ANY of these vapid, shallow bitches done for society or charity or ANY sort of worthwhile contribution that DIDN'T involve a camera crew and press or a sex tape? Pimp Master Kris musta went to the same parenting school as DUIna Lohan cuz neither one of them have any scruples or qualms about whoring their kids out, it's disgusting. Her prized pig Kim is the worst one of all. Khloe is the only halfway likable one outta the entire klan. And poor Bruce Jenner looks like he's about two steps away from a sex change.

621 days ago


The Jenners not the Kardashians! It's the Jenners hm!

621 days ago


Sorry but as much as I love the K sisters I can't stand Kelsey. She probably called the cops herself. is being a swatting victim is the new "cool" thing if youre a celebrity and everyone knows Krishna refuses to miss a chance to being in the paper/tabloids.

621 days ago


Saw kim on letterman the woman is growing by the second! Huge! Aint a lypo treatment out there that can save her! After the baby she will never be under 175 pounds again thanks kanye!

621 days ago


Maybe it was plastic recycling day and there was a friendly knock @ the naturally fake house of horrors

621 days ago


They prolly called the cops themselves... ANYTHING for publicity....Keep their names in the news....Fame Whores!!! And the press just feeds into it! Im still confused as to why a family of skanky wannabe celebs are so popular...Our intelligence apparently has been on a downhill slide with little chance of recovery....Pffffft...Enough about that nasty family!! PUHHLEASE!!

621 days ago

Kev the Realist    

These disgusting fame whores probably arranged this themselves, for publicity. Things have been getting quiet lately with the main tramp Kim, prancing around with that moro0ns kid in her, and still being married to Kris Humphries so why not put someone up to making them a target. NOBODY CARES about these gypsy degenerate s***bags....

621 days ago
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