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Lance Armstrong

How Much Did

Sheryl Crow Know?

1/18/2013 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems everybody in Lance Armstrong's world knew the truth about the cyclist -- that he was cheating his face off -- which begs the question ... how much did Sheryl Crow know?

Armstrong dated Crow from 2003 'til 2006 -- when they broke off their engagement. During the relationship, Armstrong rode in the Tour de France twice -- and won both times.

During Armstrong's interview with Oprah, he admitted to using every single PED under the sun and blood doping ... and acknowledged that everyone who came after him for cheating was right.

Which brings us to Sheryl ... who reportedly was interviewed by the feds in 2011 and allegedly provided info in the doping investigation. The Wall Street Journal reported ... two sources claimed she knew a lot about the doping situation. Crow has never spoken publicly about the matter.

We reached out to Crow's agent, who didn't have a comment ... and we tried to find a publicist for Sheryl, but were unsuccessful.  

So, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


Has his nut cancer story been verified?

644 days ago


Why bring her into his mess

644 days ago


He fooled alot of us. He was able to fool drug tests. Please why bash this lady.

644 days ago


Sheryl is not that stupid. I imagine she had a problem with it because she seems to have some morals in the land of none. Probably why they didn't last because she's not stupid enough to want to be involved in something like this.

644 days ago


I've never liked her and here is why. She stole credit for the songs that made her first album. She dumped the boyfriend who produced her first album. Which resulted in one of her early supporters committing suicide. On top of that, she's really not that vocally talented, and I think she's kinda ugly, oh and she dated this supreme douche named Lance Armstrong.

Here's the facts:

644 days ago


I'm sure once she figured it out, she asked him to stop and he didn't and once she found out he didn't stop doing the drugs she left him. The freaking drugs probably gave the guy cancer and he beats the cancer and goes right back on the drugs to ride a f*cking bike...and his arrogant attitude is utterly laughable.

He is only sorry he got caught. He was going to go into the history books as the 7 x Tour de France winner. He isn't sorry, he just wants his lifetime ban from competing lifted. And funny thing is, he will cheat again b/c not being on the PED is going to make him LOSE whatever he wants to compete in, b/c he is older, weaker, broken down and he wants to WIN at all costs.

Good Lord, blood transfusions to fake out drug testing, wow, just absolutely horrible and he really is and has been the jerk and assh*le most of his former teammates said he was has said he was.

How more arrogant and insane can a person be to SUE people telling the TRUTH about you while everyone knows YOU are the liar! He is a delusional sociopath...

But, the truth is out there and the truth shall sent Lance free, so that has to at least feel some bit good to the guy. He is a fake, a fraud and a liar. Now, he needs to move on from this, be a good example to his 5 children and be humbled from his experience that he can't control anything. He has NEVER been able to control anything, but himself. This is his opportunity to learn a huge lesson in life, humility and he has no control over anything but himself. Rant over...

644 days ago


always wanted to know if she broke it off because she found out

644 days ago


She knew enough to leave his sorry ass

644 days ago


Sheryl is not doing well with a brain tumor. She has more important things to worry about than Lance Armstrong.

644 days ago


He had to be roid raging all over the place so yeah, she knew.

644 days ago


What does it matter? I'm no Sheryl Crow fan or Lance Armstrong fan, but this question is just TMZ trying to stir up needless BS IMV. What does matter is this guy lied time after time for personal gain.

644 days ago


She is a smart girl, I'm sure she knew, that's why she dropped his drugged up sorry butt!!

644 days ago


Lets ask Kate Hudson too.. She must know something?? Ya think?

644 days ago


Come on, don't drag her into his mess. She had nothing to do with it and seems by all accounts a pretty cool person.

644 days ago

Lisa G    

I don't know if she knew or not. I'm just glad for her and her sons that she didn't go through with the marriage and have kids with him. Her hands are clean as far as I'm concerned.

644 days ago
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