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Lance Armstrong

How Much Did

Sheryl Crow Know?

1/18/2013 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems everybody in Lance Armstrong's world knew the truth about the cyclist -- that he was cheating his face off -- which begs the question ... how much did Sheryl Crow know?

Armstrong dated Crow from 2003 'til 2006 -- when they broke off their engagement. During the relationship, Armstrong rode in the Tour de France twice -- and won both times.

During Armstrong's interview with Oprah, he admitted to using every single PED under the sun and blood doping ... and acknowledged that everyone who came after him for cheating was right.

Which brings us to Sheryl ... who reportedly was interviewed by the feds in 2011 and allegedly provided info in the doping investigation. The Wall Street Journal reported ... two sources claimed she knew a lot about the doping situation. Crow has never spoken publicly about the matter.

We reached out to Crow's agent, who didn't have a comment ... and we tried to find a publicist for Sheryl, but were unsuccessful.  

So, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


my oppinion: She found out, and got out of the relationship. Armstrong probably threatened her as well, if she told anyone the truth. Just my opinion...

652 days ago


How many of us would not narc off our loved ones? She doesn't owe any explanation to anyone. It is not like he murdered anyone. He is dealing with it himself now and she really has nothing to do with it.

652 days ago


Of course she four out that's why she bike off the engagement. i always wondered why they broke it off, now I get an answer. I applaud Sheryl.

652 days ago


the scare crow knew all and took one ball in the ass

652 days ago

Pepsi Chick    

Real classy,picking on someone who has battled breast cancer,and is currently battling brain cancer. Stay classy,tmz.

652 days ago


She probably ended their engagement over it. What's done is done he's got to live with his actions. I'm not gonna hate on him cause he was making poor choices.

652 days ago


One word........... perjury.

652 days ago


She probably knew to a smaller extent in the beginning and then found out how much & often he was doing it, how many others were involved, got scared and left. Can't blame her.

652 days ago

cassie hughes    

I thought she publicly denied knowing anything though I never believed her.

652 days ago


I think it's a legitimate question to ask. She visited him on the tours and appeared on camera as a supportive figure. So she lent her prestige to his agenda. If she was in on the scheme, it should be telling a thing or two about what kind of character she is.

652 days ago

a mere mortal    

Leave Sheryl alone....

Who cares if she knew...wasn't her responsibility,
and right now, she's fighting brain cancer....

That's why she left the spotlight,
she's home fighting cancer....
leave her be.

652 days ago


Why is she being dragged into his mess? Since most of his doping was done on the road when he was racing, how would she have known?

652 days ago


Poor Sheryl Crow,....how could she ;not' have known about this,....but nevertheless, Lance is to blame for ALL of this,....not Sheryl. Have to admit that they were together for sooo long, then all of a sudden the engagement was over. Here in Austin it's not uncommon to run into Lance at a lot of functions , especially fundraisers,...this being a while back, before this brewhaha about cheating,....one thing for sure,....saw many a parent trying to get an autograph for one of their children,...and he was a pri*k about it. He is a very arrogant man,....and should he ashamed, truly ashamed of this h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e legacy he is leaving in the history books, and most important;ly the legacy he has left to his many children,.....now then, a dad to be really proud of. Sheryl Crow,...a horrible,horrible cancer scare, the breakup with Lance,.....and being guilty (by association) of cheating as well,....just sayin',....hope people leave her alone,.....Lance Armstrong is the one who f**ked up,.....time after time.

652 days ago


Remember the scene from Alien where the Alien burst out of the dude's chest?
Now see how long you can stare at Sheryl Crow's bot fly lump without looking away.

652 days ago


Guessing when she found out, she left.

652 days ago
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