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Alleged Nightclub Shooter

Beat Murder Rap

Before Hollywood Shooting

1/21/2013 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of shooting and killing a clubgoer in Hollywood last weekend was accused of ANOTHER murder just a few months ago -- but the guy beat the rap, TMZ has learned.

22-year-old Robert Earl Thomas was arrested last July in connection with a murder that took place in 2009 in L.A. -- back when Thomas was just 19.

Thomas was charged with murder -- but law enforcement sources tell us, he was not the gunman in the case. We're told he was one of several people involved in the murder.

Thomas pled "not guilty" and spent 4 months in jail, but the murder charge was ultimately dropped due to lack of evidence. He was released in November.

Thomas is now accused of the murder TMZ captured on camera outside Empire nightclub in Hollywood last week. He was arrested Wednesday night at a friend's house in Las Vegas.

He is still in custody.


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upto I saw the receipt of $5483, I didn't believe friend was like they say actualey making money part time from there pretty old laptop.. there best friend haz done this 4 less than 23 months and resantly repayed the morgage on their house and bourt Ford. we looked here,

551 days ago

lynkel never know who's watching with what...big brother gets ya everytime

551 days ago


It's always black ppl seriously always if it not in the club, it's Walmart, McDonald's or the damn gas station it's always black ppl I'm not racist but damn u guys need to chill the **** out

551 days ago


Not always black...dont forget sandy hook, movie theater, columbine all mass murder by white men.

551 days ago

Kev the Realist    

WTF. As I recall in my comment immediately after this happened, that I would bet that this punk has a long criminal record. He is just another thug who has no regard for human life. He is a low life ghetto rat who at 19 was already charged with another murder, Oh yeah, he was just there but didnt kill anyone, but he did 4 months in jail. Where the hell are the parents of these teenagers and whehn will California get with the program and sdtart locking these lunatics with weapons up. And don't go all racist on me, this is just crap. These punks think they are something else and the law of scoiety don't apply to them. Wake up people, these idiots are killing our sons, daughters, parents, friends and normal law abiding citizens. ENOUGH, its time to reinstate the death penalty and let everyone know that murderers will be executed. Then maybe trash like this ahole will start to get the message.

551 days ago


the other tragic detail here is that the family of the latest victim of this time bomb had to see the video posted on this site. It really upset them. They have a petition going around to take it down. Sorry TMZ, you guys have zero class.

551 days ago


It's very freaken sad that its always a black BIOTCH of a young kid who thinks he is a man by holding a gun... Stop giving these Black people freedom lol...just kidding... Just please stop the killing... Soot yourself if you wanna kill someone...way better lol

551 days ago


Let me guess...his mom and dad are crackheads, if he even knows who his father is. This clown is probably a gang banger because we all know majority of black thugs who carry guns are gang bangers. Well hes with good company now since most of the prison system if full of blacks. He just pissed his life away....but it doesnt matter sinfe he was probably gonna be a robber or on welfare anyway.

551 days ago


I don't think the thug is going to beat it this time.

551 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Im going to apologize in advance for what im about to say because its going to sound very racist. I live in downtown LA and of course we have a large number of homeless people trying to survive on the streets. While many are there because of mental health or addiction issues, Ive often noticed that its almost always a black person behind most of the crime. Yes, I realize that there are some blacks that do make it out and go to college and go on to live successful and productive lives. But out here, the vast majority have three options...get into the music industry, be a professional athlete, or .......wait for it...........a thug. I could give a crap ig all the thug mayates ( backs in Spanish ) want to

551 days ago

Truth bomb    

As much as I'm being called a racist, I'm far from it. I would like nothing more than to stop the systematic slaughter of any people but too many wont face facts. Im only posting stats because this video showed a disregard for human life that is prevalent in our inner cities and needs to stop
2011 Chicago Murders

Caucasian- 20
Hispanic- 82
Other- 5
Black- 326

How do you argue that? I know there's tons of law abiding and properly raised black folks but that doesn't mean you ignore the systemic disregard for life in the inner cities.

551 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Like I was saying before I had to take a call, we peaceful, law abiding citizens have a right to feel safe in our communities. You dont see white people living in Watts or Compton although back in the 40's and 50's they were multicultural until they became overrun by blacks. Personally, I wouldnt want to live next to or even near most black people. I think we should draw a line in the sand. Bring back segregation.. Keep these good for nothings down in the south LA neighborhoods where they belong. Let them rob, kill, and smoke as much crack as they want. Hell, let em put as much A-1 sauce on their welfare and food stamp bought steaks as they want. I propose that apartment managers north of Adams or Jefferson St. Refuse to rent to Negros unless they can prove they have an honest job and some sort of college education. Guys like this piece of s@it (and there are hundreds more like him out on the streets)need to be seperated from the rest, let nature take its course...pretty soon, much fewer Negros to worry about

551 days ago

Mike L    

See, its garbage like this guy that the LAPD needs to be worried about. Not BS "criminals" like the paps and Lohan who are harmless to everybody but themselves.

Throw this piece of crap in jail and throw away the key. You'll never need it again. He deserves to die in the clink, no chance of parole.

551 days ago


The guy was one of several people INVOLVED in the murder but not the gunman. So in CALIFORNIA that'll get you 4 months in jail. Spitting on a celebrity or a "homophopic" slur will get you 2 years in prison.
Well you dumb ass Californians--Exhibit A, a two time murderer compliments of your ultra-liberal, god hating courts. YOU guys voted or didn't vote at all the those judges and prosecutors into office---so thanks to them your streets are safer (cough, cough) provided you don't stay in your homes-doors lock, gun loaded and ready---and whatever you do---avoid Latino AND Black hip-hop gatherings.

551 days ago


I don't know why all of you liberal a$$hoes say throw him in jail til he's dead. Fock that!! give him and all like him the NEEDLE.

551 days ago
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