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Oops, I'm Stripping Again ...

(Last Time, I Swear)

1/19/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0119-nadya-suleman-strippingOctomom's 2013 is shaping up a lot like 2012 ... weeks after signing up for welfare (again), the mother of 14 has inked a deal to shake her naked ta-tas (again) -- but swears this is the last time.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ she is getting paid $20,000 to do a topless strip at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, FL. We're told it's all part of a deal she worked out with the lounge to settle their ongoing legal beef. 

As TMZ previously reported, T's sued Octo last year for breach of contract after she pulled out of a similar gig, claiming she wouldn't strip after the employees trash-talked her to the media.

According to our sources, Nadya and T's worked out a deal last month. We're told the club agreed to drop the suit and Octo agreed to perform four paid shows in February (14th-16th). We're told lap dances are not on the table ... just stage dancing and bartending.

Gotta get their money's worth.



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I think this woman is a certified nut bar! That was already clear when she decided to plant all those embryos in her womb, knowing full well she couldn’t handle any more children (monetarily or emotionally).

She said no to a reality show because it went against her morals ... but welfare, porn and stripping is OK? I hope someone takes those kids away from her before it is too late.

610 days ago


Dear Octomom: As my grandmother used to say, never do something once that you don't want to don't want to do twice!!

610 days ago


She needs to move out of California, start a noel career and stay away from drugs. Lot of good she's gonna do those kids if she OD's

610 days ago


all that keeps crossing my mind is>>> kim kardashian pregnant left with no money bankrupt.. wondering if she would show her ass on a stage to feed her baby or does she resort to showing her pregnant ass in videos only for money. octo isno worse than kim.

610 days ago


When is TMZ going to get off Octomom. It's not funny. It's not news, and she is not a celebrity. She's an unstable woman with a family she can barely take care of. When is TMZ going to consider her innocent children and stop exploiting her? Don't you realize you are one of the few media sites STILL reporting on her? Give us and her kids a break. Go back to doing what you do best, reporting on real celebrities. This digging at her all the time is just mean.

610 days ago


She is a real life elephant man. Anyone seen that movie? The guy that they called elephant man that they kept in a cage and was part a a circus act.

610 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Paris HIlton, Kim Kardashian, Tonya Harding, Jenna Lewis did P-O-R-N and they are held in High Esteem by many, even maybe the majority of the populace. Octomom ain't bangin anyone on video. Just showin some boobies and maybe flash some vajayjay. Anyone here taking care of 14 kids by themselves? Trying to figure out how to feed and shelter them too! Hooray for Octomom for being creative enough to take care of them without bangin the snot outta some long schlonged doper on video.

610 days ago


A 4 year old could have done a better job on that picture. HARVEY -- THIS IS SOOOO BENEATH YOUR (ALREADY PRETTY LOW) STANDARDS!

610 days ago


why doesnt Ohkra or some other rich celebrity buy her a mansion and give her some money???

610 days ago


Someone has to do it might as well have the monkey

610 days ago


Looks like it's a real job, and it pays in dollars.

610 days ago


Just what everyone wants to see, boobs of a woman that's had 27 kids hanging from them LMAO :P

610 days ago


No wonder people from other countries make fun of us. Between this octo person and the kardasian fiasco if I weren't american id be laughing at us too

610 days ago


So is there any tread left on that vaJJ or is it just like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?

610 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

The thought of her stripping? Fine. You don't get to touch the strippers anyhow. The thought of those filthy fingers touching a glass I will be drinking from? Deal breaker. No thank you.

610 days ago
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