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'Real Housewives' Star

Sues for $2 Mil Over

Son's Horrific Car Crash

1/20/2013 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120_Alexia-Echevarria_getty"Real Housewives of Miami" star Alexia Echevarria says she was inundated with medical bills after her son's tragic car crash and now she's suing her insurance broker for $2 million ... claiming her massive bills are all their fault.

Echevarria filed a lawsuit in Florida court against a company called Garcia Lorenzo & Associates ... claiming they dropped the ball when it came to executing her insurance policy.

Echevarria's 13-year-old son was in a "catastrophic" car accident back in 2011 which landed him in the ICU with severe bodily injuries, including a brain injury. In the suit, Alexia says thanks to GL's shoddy coverage, she was faced with millions of dollars in medical bills.

Echevarria claims that when she signed with the company back in 2008, she asked for a special type of extra coverage -- the exact coverage that would have helped curb the costs from her son's accident. She claims the company carelessly left it out.

A judge has yet to rule.


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Due Diligence is what we call reading your coverage or contract or policy and being responsible for making sure everything you discussed and agreed to is in there. Did she not receive a written policy? Did she not read it?

609 days ago


Uh, this would be why you read the fine print before you sign any contract --- especially when you specifically asked for something to be included.

609 days ago


just like that other bleached out old dude that can't wrestle no more, or read.. get a interperter if you don't understand written english

609 days ago


real instead of fake housewife?

608 days ago


I'll give her a new son.

608 days ago


This might be a fair deal here. At first peeps would just blame the reality star but this insurance company seems bull. But if she cannot show proof on paper she was promised those extra benefits, she will lose BIG TIME!

608 days ago


W0W W0W W0W, the first blink of an eye, this hpto sure looks like an older version of Jessica Simpson,.....just sayin'

608 days ago


Yea something doesnt sit right. Im by no means wealthy but i do have a stable job

608 days ago


Ugh it got cut off. Anyway, by no means wealthy but do hve insurance with a lifetime max of $1mil per family member. In 2011 my infant son became deathly ill

608 days ago


I so sickened and so dissappointed in our country and what it has become. Time to get on our knees and pray! We haven't seen anything yet from the powers at hand!

608 days ago


Give me a break,she asked for a special policy but didn't make sure the policy contained all that she requested?! That's your stupid mistake,not the companies! Sounds pretty suspious to me!

608 days ago


Is her son permanently brain damaged? He looked really messed up neurologically.

608 days ago


You can't tell from the story whether she's claiming that her car insurance medical payments coverage was inadequate or her medical insurance. The former is not intended to be a substitute for the latter. Also, I'm assuming that the accident was the kid's fault otherwise the other driver's (if there was one) insurance co. would be on the hook. Bottom line here is either she's stupid for not having at least a catastrophic health policy on her son or, at a minimum, she should have looked over her policy and seen that she was missing the coverage that she now claims she asked for. How old was the kid anyway?

608 days ago


Im sure she read the policy all the way through when she got all that PLASTIC in her face. Im sure she asked allllll the questions she wanted.... Well she should have done the same thing with her son.

608 days ago


Read the policy, bimbo. Ignorance of the policy is no excuse!

608 days ago
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