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Lindsay Lohan

Take Your Plea Deal ...


1/20/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118_linday_lohan_01Lindsay Lohan doesn't care that the prosecutor in her car crash case is willing to let her skate without spending a day in jail ... because she won't plea bargain a case in which she says she's innocent.

TMZ broke the story ... attorney Shawn Holley was on her way to court Monday to negotiate a deal in Lindsay's lying-to-cops car crash case when she got her walking papers.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... the prosecutor was willing to let Lindsay plead no contest and agree to six months of lockdown rehab -- NO JAIL.

Presumably, the offer is still on the table but we're told Lindsay could not be less interested. She doesn't think she did anything wrong and will not plead to a crime she says she didn't commit.

FYI -- our law enforcement sources tell us ... prosecutors have her dead to rights, because she told cops she was a passenger in the Porsche when there's overwhelming evidence she was the driver.

So get this ... if the case goes to trial and Lindsay is found guilty, she faces 19 months in jail. On top of that, the lying-to-cops case has triggered a probation violation in her jewelry heist case and she could get ANOTHER 245 days for that.

It's hard to keep track.


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Regarding Crackie's detox from alcohol and drugs: Stimulant withdrawal from adderall and cocaine rarely pose any health risks. You can safely detox from these at home. Benzo withdrawal- from drugs such as xanax,valium,and ativan- however, pose a even worse health risk than alcohol. WHILE both alcohol and benzos withdrawal symptoms are the same because they both act the same way and on the same part of the brain, benzos are riskier to withdraw from. And each person going through withdrawal will have a different degree of symptoms based on how much they drink or how many mg of benzos they take, how many times they have detoxed and then relapsed in the past(google kindling), and how well their general health is. As a RN-have been one for over 25 years- I have seen literally hundreds of patients detoxing. Granted the patients I see, are admitted for something else-like a dui car accident or even a "scheduled" surgery like a knee replacement. If it's an accident and if they aren't injured, we keep them overnight for "observation" and then discharge them as quickly as we can-to avoid the withdrawal. But if they have to stay due to an injury or scheduled surgery, they are placed immediately on a protocol for withdrawal. Again, as I stated earlier, there are protocols for EVERYTHING. We administer benzos based on a "score" that we add up on symptoms we assess. The goal is to give as little as we can to avoid any symptoms that the patient exhibits. A few people just give anxious, shaky and their blood pressure and pulse might rise in reponse to the sudden withdrawal of alcohol. A few will have severe disorientation and seizures. Most people, however, fall somewhere in between. And while some alcoholics have prolonged symptoms of withdrawing, most are detoxed within 5-7 days. But all have one thing in common: that look of desperation when their brain first asks the question: WTF. Also, it is hard to maintain your dignity pissing incontinently on yourself as you shake uncontrollably yelling out for a drink. Just sad. Now there are outpatient rehabs-but you have to have a strong desire to quit drinking and have a support person in place to whisk you to a ER if your withdrawal worsens. As for Crackie, I have lost count how many times she was forced to withdraw in rehab only to relapse again(google kindling), so her outlook ain't looking too good. For her sake, she should start detoxing privately at a specialty facility so she won't have to go through with the public airing of her detox when she finally is jailed. Some jails lack the medical staff to monitor a prisoner detoxing from alcohol. I have admitted many prisoners who needed a hospital facility to detox safely. They are accompanied by prison guards that hand cuff them to the bed. LOL.

649 days ago


Looks like we're going to have a "Har-bowl"!!!
(sorry!...... I had to)

649 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Who knows what Cali will do with her. She does not live there anymore, and it would be rare for NY to step up and take over probation. She may be able to arrange that if she pays for it. I will bet they would just like to have her gone.

649 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    


Back to the Super Bowl Baby!! GO RAVENS!!!!!

649 days ago


Just a matter of time before she kills her self in a crash or overdose. Let's just hope she doesn't take some innocent soul with her.

649 days ago


I won a $ 5.00 bet. I went with the Baltimore Ravens.

649 days ago


WTFever. She'll never get what she deserves. No celebrity ever does and it's complete bull!!!!!

649 days ago

Herman Munster    

When will this c..t just die so we don't have to hear about her ever again.

649 days ago

Herman Munster    

I would not touch whorelo with Harvey's slang.

649 days ago

Herman Munster    

Lets hope she dies tonight. Why dose tmz put her in the news. She is a nothing and a waste of time

649 days ago


Have we heard from Ketjo at all since the big storm went through her area?

649 days ago


Lock her azz up already.

649 days ago


Plz tmz if u gonna talk about these people get somebody worth while plzzzzzzzz

649 days ago

judy jetson    

Lindsay is a Moron throw her ass in jail.

649 days ago


This is cute! True too!!!
utty Girl‏@sluttyGlRL

Dear Lindsay Lohan, you are no longer innocent. Sincerely, these naughty pictures →

649 days ago
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