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Bode Miller's Baby Mama

Bring On the Custody War!

1/21/2013 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120_bode-miller_gettyBode Miller's baby mama is preparing for battle ... telling TMZ she will fight tooth and nail to make sure the Olympic champ doesn't get custody of their unborn son.

As TMZ first reported, Miller filed a paternity lawsuit against Sara McKenna, seeking to establish custody rights -- their son will be born next month.

McKenna tells us she plans to fight Bode's request, claiming the ski champ previously wanted NOTHING to do with the baby. McKenna says Miller initially denied the baby was even his and has not bothered to contact her since she got knocked up.

McKenna tells TMZ, "I will be fighting this in court and will not give up my son to someone who didn't want him to begin with."

FYI -- Sara says she and Bode dated sporadically in Spring 2012 (right before he hit it off with his new wife, Morgan Beck) and the pregnancy was unplanned.

Calls to Miller's lawyer were not returned.

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Both were irresponsible, but it his his child too. It's best for the child to know both parents.

642 days ago


He will have some sort of custody and hopefully be a good father

642 days ago


I know there's no excuse for getting pregnant by "surprise" these days, but it happens. It's the best thing to do to try to work something out between the biological parents. He is the father and is doing the right thing by trying to be in the childs life. I'm sure the baby will be well taken care of and loved by Sarah, Bode and Morgan.

642 days ago


I'm I the only one that can read and comprehend the article above? The MAN is SUING for PATERNITY! NOT the MOTHER...got that! IT is a GOOD THING! Woo Hoo Daddy RIGHTS! It seems like the majority of the time it's the Baby Mama that sues but in this instance he struck first. In one case, they had an informal arrangement he wants to legalize, and the other he thinks the mother is unstable and is heading off any threats by her by suing HER to establish paternity and custody.

642 days ago


She needs to step back and look at the big picture. The child hasn't been born yet and he is trying to step up and do the right thing. She shouldn't be spiteful because he wasn't around and questioned whether he was the father of a child when their relationship was admittedly sporadic. Get over it honey, he didn't want you, he married someone else. He will still always be the father of that child so do the right thing by the child and let him be a dad.

642 days ago


the pregnancy was "unplanned"


only unplanned for Bode... the chick knew 100% what she was planning... to get her hands on some of his COLD HARD CASH

642 days ago


Many thanks to TMZ for following Bode Miller. I am a big fan of Bode and I appreciate your interest!

642 days ago


I hope a judge bitch-slaps some sense into that woman before the child is old enough to realize what a crappy mother she is. "He didn't want anything to do we me, so I'm taking his rights as a father away from him." Yeah, a judge'll have a field day with this bitch.

642 days ago


He won't get her kid period. She shouldn't want him to even be established as the father, he's a creep, as he has 4 year old whose he's just getting around to acknowledging while his new wife just had a miscarriage, disgusting.

642 days ago


gee - if only there were some kind of legal arrangement available for two people who are thinking about having kids.

you know, some kind of contract that would spell out their intentions and commitments BEFORE bringing a new child into this world.

wouldn't that be nice?

642 days ago


FIRST OF ALL - This girl is a firefighter in San Diego, that department has about a ten year wait list because THEY MAKE BANK! Second - It says HE FILED FOR CHILD SUPPORT AGAINST HER! Meaning HE WANTS HER TO PAY HIM! Apparently his new wife blew through his money pretty fast. Third - This girl is the hero of the year for firefighters, given to out by the secretary of defense or the president, and she got it for trying to save a little kid in a fire and almost getting killed and getting second degree burns all over. I highly doubt she is a gold digger if she is willing to mess up a face like hers to save someone elses kid. There was an article about her in the newspaper when she was given her first heroism award in S.D., so I can see why she would want to protect her kid from this dude whos known for being a raging drunk. Since HE is telling HER to pay HIM, maybe he should stop sucking at skiing and get rid of the gold digger he married and save some cash so he doesnt have to go after firefighters for money. Douche bag.

642 days ago


Ha!!! This guy is a Joke with a capital J! I know Sara very well and she works a ton and makes great money, which he is now trying to take along with her son. Yeah right!!! I'm not saying shes rich, but she bought her first house at like 23 and drives a sick car, and she paid for her own helicopter school which was like 5k a month. theres a reason she didnt want child support from him, she doesnt need it. And now he thinks he can sue her for money??? What a joke! Saras wayyyyyy too smart to let this guy win against her, she gave him a chance to man up and be a dad and he said no, so his loss. Hes a cheating POS and him and his new chick need to leave her alone.

642 days ago


Oh and by the way, I was there when Saras daughter died and she didnt want to have any more kids until she was like 40 because she still isnt really over her daughters death. So if this guy thinks shes going to give up a baby that he told her didnt want this entire time, he should get his head checked.

642 days ago


Sara McKenna purposely put this story in the press because she is a bitter, jealous chick who got pregnant on purpose and can't handle that bode married Morgan, a smoking hot chick from berkley, within months of their first meeting (which was after sara got pregnant). Sara tweeted "Thank you for helping me! You're an angel!" to GRMediafirm.com with bode miller baby mama hash tags. This PR firm got the story on TMZ for sara. Disgusting! But clearly sara is with the right company because GR Media's clients are some of the most hated and irrelevant people ... Octomom, Michaele Salahi, Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen! I feel badly that bode and morgan have to co-parent with a crazy bitch like sara mckenna, he should amend his complaint and ask for full custody so that kid doesn't end up psycho! plus sara won't have time for the kid anyway while trying to parlay her .2 seconds of fame into reality tv stardom ....

642 days ago



Have you seen Morgan? The chick is still suffering from teen acne and is taller than most dudes on the planet, the bitch is a gnarley beast and I doubt she has a vagina. And yeah, nasty hippies come from Berkley which is probably why she cant clear her skin up. Anyone who has ever seen Sara thinks shes ridiculously gorgeous, plus shes smart and cool and she drives a fire truck. Nobody competes with that, you sound like a hater ass chick who is mad that a girl is hotter and better than you.
Oh and what kind of person tweets about a "miscarriage" the day it happens. Thats a complete lie they made up to cover up Saras baby. They need to remember that we have watched her go through this with those two nasty ass people and we will protect her and her son. We were the ones taking care of Sara when stupid ass Bode left her for zit face. They wont be coparenting at all with her, how would that go? "im Bode and I drink way too much and shamed America and my lame ass career is over, and I married the cash hungry chick I left a pregnant girl for who has done nothing but play a game and hit a ball in a bikini all her life and she makes no money, but Id like to take custody from a girl thats practically a saint with the track record of mother theresa and has a nice home set up for her kid". Idiots.

642 days ago
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