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Bode Miller's Baby Mama

Bring On the Custody War!

1/21/2013 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120_bode-miller_gettyBode Miller's baby mama is preparing for battle ... telling TMZ she will fight tooth and nail to make sure the Olympic champ doesn't get custody of their unborn son.

As TMZ first reported, Miller filed a paternity lawsuit against Sara McKenna, seeking to establish custody rights -- their son will be born next month.

McKenna tells us she plans to fight Bode's request, claiming the ski champ previously wanted NOTHING to do with the baby. McKenna says Miller initially denied the baby was even his and has not bothered to contact her since she got knocked up.

McKenna tells TMZ, "I will be fighting this in court and will not give up my son to someone who didn't want him to begin with."

FYI -- Sara says she and Bode dated sporadically in Spring 2012 (right before he hit it off with his new wife, Morgan Beck) and the pregnancy was unplanned.

Calls to Miller's lawyer were not returned.

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Sounds like it should be too bad for this chick. Keep your legs closed geesh.

641 days ago



641 days ago


What a beotch. No matter what anyone says Bode Miller is the father and has certain rights. This woman is after publicity, pure and simple, and she'd be bitching if he were ignoring her also and would be claiming he is a deadbeat dad. Bode (and other fathers in similar situations) will never catch a break with women like this who, by the way, are more concerned with causing problems and not the best welfare of the kid. Good luck, Bode, and hope the judge sees through her antics and maybe gives you full custody? The kid deserves a stable home and not one where the mother wants to cause problems.

641 days ago


want his $$$ but he can't see the kid - thats not gonna happen

641 days ago


So the facts are straight......
1. Bode has been in his daughter's life from day 1
2. He bought her mother a house and paid extra child support so she didn't have to work
3. He didn't file papers from the beginning because they were friends and they cooperated together to do WHAT WAS BEST FOR THE CHILD
4. He now has to file papers so he can deal with this crazy girl sara who FLEW HERSELF OUT TO FLORIDA and begged for another chance hoping something like this would happen which is clear because she locked herself in the bathroom for 20 minutes after they had sex
5. He has tried to be there from the beginning but she keeps changing her number and trying to disappear and it's clear what she wants. She has made it clear from the beginning and all the more clear now that all these stories are released
6. Bode did not cheat. He met Morgan May 26th. He slept with Sara two weeks prior
7. Bode's wife even reached out to sara and offered to be there for ANYTHING she needed. Since then, Sara has done nothing but threaten and slander the two.
So before everyone gets all crazy. Get your facts straight. Yes, Bode participated in this incident and he certainly takes some blame, but at least he is trying to do right by everyone. That's a man

641 days ago


But hey, attention is what she wanted so here is her 15 minutes of fame. Once this is over and she has to share this child with Bode, she's going to go back to being a desperate woman who used a man for a pay check.
Put that on your resume

641 days ago


For ****s sake!!! She's taking praise on being referred to as Bode's Baby Mama #2 via twitter

Sara McKenna ‏@Sara_A_McKenna
Sara McKenna Is Skier Bode Miller’s Baby Mama #2 (PHOTOS) http://shar.es/C0LNE via @slimceleb - Thank you to the writer, you're very sweet:)

641 days ago


It's quite simple. If a man doesn't want to pay child support for 18 years or have a nagging ex-baby mama, wear a dang condem or take a cold shower. There is no excuse !!!

641 days ago


And another paternity lawsuit.. are these people really that stupid??? I bet most of these women KNWO exactly what they are doing....

641 days ago


Manwhore with two women who were pg at the same time and at least one other child with another baby mama. He needs to be neutered.

641 days ago


You can't just go to a judge ask for money and then say he can't see is child. Maybe at first he didn't want to be apart of it all, clearly he's come around. I hate woman that are like this.

641 days ago


What the hell is an unplanned pregnancy? It is called not taking birth control pills I find that women who say that it is unplanned. Are making an excuse to get pregnant be WOMAN ENOUGH and own up to NOT taking your pills. I am sick and tried of the phrase "unplanned pregnancy".

641 days ago


He should be able to see his child, she wants the money she doesn't care about the child.

641 days ago


Well lover boy another fine mess you have gotten ur self into its just beginning as long as we don't have to suffer

641 days ago


Relationship is over, he's actually stepping to the plate. Let the man be a dad.

641 days ago
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