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Wes Welker's Wife

Rips Ray Lewis --


1/21/2013 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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12:00 PM PT
-- Anna just posted an apology ... "I apologize to Ray Lewis and his family for my comments. In no way did I mean for them to be mean or hurtful. I'm embarrassed for being a sore loser. I wish Ray and the Ravens good luck. Lesson learned!"

Wes Welker
's wife hates Ray Lewis ... and not just because the Ravens beat the Patriots yesterday ... it's 'cause she thinks he's a terrible human being ... and she made her feelings known on Facebook.

After Sunday's AFC Championship game ... Anna Burns Welker went to her Facebook page and posted the following message:

"Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis' Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!"

The post has since been deleted.

FYI -- Lewis was charged with murder back in 2000 for his involvement in a fight that resulted in two deadly stabbings ... but the murder charge was dropped as part of a plea deal.

Oh yeah, the four wives thing ... Lewis has never been married -- but he does have six kids with four different women.

And you don't want to get on his bad side.

Fact is, Anna should've known better -- because last year after the Super Bowl, Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen blasted Wes Welker for dropping a key pass ... and people trashed her for it.

The lesson ... when NFL wives talk, people listen.

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No Avatar


Wow what a horrible person she is. Yeah he was charged with murder 13 years ago get over it your pats lost 3 times in the last 5 times they were there. Props to ravens.

638 days ago


Want to bet her HUSBAND got a hold of her and said " You DUMB BYTCH i guess you want to get me KILL(no pun intended), Im the one that will bump into this kat down the road.You can tell not everything is right with this broad upstairs why would you post a PERSONAL attack not only at another player but more important at his FAMILY,,Its only a sport/entertainment , what did they ever do to you.

638 days ago

Give me a break!    

She's a former Miss Hooter International.
But she is right about Lewis. She just said out loud what everyone else is thinking, but players wives should just shut their traps. Its makes their husbands look stupid.

638 days ago


Where's the white suit ray? I mean your are involved in a murder and the expensive clothes you are wearing that night are never seen again. Mmmhh sounds sketchy right? And he paid the victims daughter a large sum of hush money look it up!

638 days ago

John dowser    

I agree with everything she said. One more thing, Ray please quit bringing up God and Jesus all the time. You give true Christians a bad name. Christians dont go out and get 4 different women pregnant w/o being married. One time, woops ok, 4 times is blasphemy.

638 days ago


Anna told the truth, what is the problem?
He is a very poor role model. Having kids look up to garbage like that is one of the reasons that violence is so prevalent, after all one of his idols is violent!!!!

638 days ago


She is right he is a sad excuse for a role model ....I say with girl

638 days ago


Stupid whore!! You need some chorizo inside you puta!!!

638 days ago


she is 101% correct. not one part of that statement is incorrect. we just can't stand in this country to criticize "them" when we know they are wrong. most of the nfl are just street thugs. michael wilbon on pti TWICE called them criminals in one show. that is what they are street thugs. this country is doomed. it's done! put a fork in it.

638 days ago


Patriots should draft Manti Te'o He'll play for Monopoly $ Money..

638 days ago


So what if he has 6 children from 4 women? He is probably one of the most dedicated fathers out there. They are involved with everything he does and he is involved in everything they do. The man is retiring so he can watch his eldest play College FB. I wish more pro athletes would take that kind of interest in their children. Yes, he was charged with murder. No he was not acquitted; the charges were lessened/dropped. That was 12 years ago. It has obviously changed him... haunted him. Sit through one of his speeches, and tell me this isn't a man who is burdened by this every day of his life. He happens to turn that burden into being a hell of a football player on the field. What people don't get is his emotion & passion on the sidelines is not an act.. its raw, its real. Tell me when you hear about Ray Lewis off the field. He doesn't have altercations with the law, he doesn't go out partying and showcasing his wealth. He is a family and god man NOW. I don't know about the Ray 12 years ago... but what was Ms Hooters doing back then? He takes a very strong personal interest in the community in Baltimore and helping those that are disadvantaged without the fanfare and media attention most other athletes require.

638 days ago

Throwback kid    

Oh no! now everybody is going to call her a racist, didn't she get the memo? If you make a negative comment about a black person that has kids by 4 different woman, you are a racist. This is Al Sharpton 101, she didn't know this? And yes, put all this God stuff to the side for a second, Ray Lewis seems to have a seperate set of rules for himself

638 days ago


Dear Mrs. Welker: We only care what he does between the white lines. But then, we're football fans, not gossip merchants.

638 days ago

Mr. Wizard    

Those Patriot Wives are terrible losers. Ray Lewis Leads by example, He is praise in the City of Baltimore and throughout Maryland for his Charities and his efforts in helping the youth of the city. A humble man with a Good Heart. God does not like Ugly

638 days ago


She took lessons from Grizzley last year. Tom was not in the game yesterday, he showed no emotion at all. I heard coach Bill was crying after the game.

638 days ago
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