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I Don't Fake It

When It Comes To Crawfish

1/22/2013 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You're Beyonce and you just faked your way through "The Star-Spangled Banner" in front of millions of people -- including the President -- what's your next move????


After Bey "performed" at the Inauguration Monday, she and Jay-Z jetted down to New Orleans -- and the first thing they did that night ... was hit up the famous Mother's Restaurant.

We're told B and J noshed on some serious comfort food ... crawfish etouffee, potato salad, double grits, french fries, catfish, and calamari ... PLUS sweet potato pie and bread pudding for dessert.

Based on the menu, the meal set 'em back under $100 ... but we're told the two were "very sweet" and tipped "extremely well."

So at least their $$$ was real.


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Bossy Potato    

She's a loser.

608 days ago


She should be eating at SURROGATE Mother's!

608 days ago


going out to dinner certainly eliminates the " she didn't feel good so she lip synced" excuse . .

608 days ago


At a event such as this one must sing live. Prior to this I really liked Beyonce' however now after seeing this I now feel different about her as a performer. While I dont think she disgraced her country, I do feel she should have & most certainly could have sang live, no excuses , this is awful. Not to suggest I am right, its just my personal opinion folks.

608 days ago


What did anyone expect from this fake bitch? As soon as I saw that video and heard her I knew it was playback and shes not even a good lip syncer either so it was even more obvious it wasn't live. Nothing about Beyawnce is real. I used to love her when she was on DC but since then I got put off her. I remember how she used to go on about being a christian and how she doesn't do certain things yet she does them now. And also since she faked her pregnancy and acts like a whore Ive noticed people are turning against her and not putting on a pedestal like they did before. People are seeing right through you now Fakeyonce.

608 days ago


Sorry Jay Z I even fake all of my orgasms.


608 days ago

john johnson    

fake pregnacy+lousy actress+no GED+needs time to study national anthem so it can be lip-synced= BEYONCE KNOWLES

608 days ago


Beyoncé did not do any favors for President Obama, The congressional Republicans already think of him as the Hollywood President, Who favors the entertainment industry, and by Lip Syncing the National Anthem it is a insult, and President Obama for at least 2 years will have to deal with a very Resistant Republican House, and he will not get anything he wants passed through the House. It would have been better to sing the National Anthem Live, and taken a bit of the Hollywood President out of the conversation.

608 days ago


If. Manti Teo. Was a hot dog would he eat himself.......??

608 days ago

Wow, how could you still go out and feel good about yourself? Apparently, your not confident enough in what you do for a living. ...and for the President of your country no less. If I were playing form then President, I would not pretend I'm playing the guitar to a recording I did at a different time. That's the beauty of being an artist, your songs are not always exactly the same and they are unique. I would look back on this and wonder how it really would have come out. And risking the press posting lip syncing stories it's not worth it. To me if your a singer you should sing. What a joke. You know i never ever liked Kelly Clarkson but turns out she's a singer and I think she did a nice job. But again she did a nice job, but I expect her to sing because she's a singer. It is what she is known for.

608 days ago


Every sense Marvin Gaye did the song at basketball game all the anthems are lip sync including whitney.

608 days ago


I have come to realize people are mean as hell reading some of this comments I feel so done with all this ****!! So why all u hating as people out there say what u want about bey!!! She still going to the bank!!!

608 days ago


Cindy, you need to get over it, nothing you can ever say or do will make a difference, Obama won, get over it.. By the way? You sound very racist??

608 days ago


Beyonce Knowles I feel you are a very strong women, society comes down on you so hard because of jealous and envy...... keep your head up, God Loves you and so do your family and when you have them two things that's all you need in this cruel vicious evil world.

608 days ago


Who cares what they do.

608 days ago
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