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Lindsay Lohan

Rejects Massive Offer From

'Dancing with the Stars'

1/22/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's ego might be her downfall -- because TMZ has learned, she just shut down a lucrative offer to do "Dancing with the Stars" ... because she doesn't want to do reality TV.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress was made several offers to join the DWTS cast this upcoming season -- offers that maxed out at $550,000.

But Lindsay -- who still owes hundreds of thousands in back taxes -- shut them down, telling friends she'd never consider doing reality TV ... she wants to stick to films.

But there's one problem -- after "The Canyons" fiasco, she's basically made herself unhireable. And as the saying goes, beggars can't be choosers.

A rep for DWTS tells us, "We don't comment on casting."


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She said no because she knows she gonna get locked up.....see people see is a wise young bright woman... BAHAHAHAHA

601 days ago


Well it's been a hoot as always , time to hit the land of nod. Night all.

601 days ago


And another thing....she says she domt do reality tv but wasnt she just on million dollar decorators...dont get more real than that. . . In her own home. Again bright girl. Bahahaha

601 days ago


BTW, since Lindsay will either be in jail or on trial, how was he going to guarantee her availability or be insured?


601 days ago


i bet, in the last few years she got a lot of offers to do small parts on all types of TV shows (I won't if she'll appear on Anger Management??), but her pride said no. She is still hoping for one huge movie role. She should just work work, get on mainstream TV.. make a positive impression, make some cash..get the royalties and rebuilt her career...

601 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

@'re not being stalked anymore? Ginger has gone away?

601 days ago


Suddenly Blowjangles and Psycho Jill666 find "anonymous sources" acceptable. Go figure.


DWTS wanted Lindsay on their show for a long time.

She has every to turn down whatever she wants. It's her life.

601 days ago


Gerry Anderson Productions called- their "Brains" puppet wants his glasses back.

601 days ago


'Staggering with the Has-Beens'

601 days ago

There's a problem here    

Dina would do it in a heartbeat. I wonder how it feels coming in as an afterthought to people like Chaz Bono, Bristol Palin, and Nancy Grace?

601 days ago


She would never last. She's lousy at commitment: as in sobriety. She would have to be committed to very hard work, daily, for hours on end. Lindsy Lohan can't handle sobriety, or commitment. Can you imagine if the attempt was made though??? I so would pitty the professional dancer she would be teamed up with. It would be enough to make one quit.

601 days ago


she is way too wasted to keep her balance to dance. It would be great to watch, we could make a drinking game of it. Every time she stumbles or falls you do a shot. By the end of her "performance" everyone will be just as wasted as her!

601 days ago


That would be a bad move on DWTS' part.

She would show up at practice late and drunk and high. She would be totally useless.

She would probably fall on her face within the first 5 minutes, then she would claim to be injured and DWTS would have to pay her.

Just waiting for the second part. Any Lohan story has at least two parts. Waiting for the idiot mom to chime in and say she would gladly take her place.

Terrible idea for a show to have anythingto do with a lohan.

601 days ago


Okay wait just a hot second here. Million Dollar Makeover isn't considered "reality tv"? She couldn't even keep her commitment to film for that and there really wasn't any work involved with that on her part. Is she so pickled she forgot about that little incident? The truth is it's best she turn down DWTS because there is no way in hell she could honor that commitment; it is waaayyy too much work. OMG one of those poor male dance partners just got so incredibly lucky.

601 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Has anyone ever seen her dance? The simple fact is that unless she was allowed to have a stripper pole as her partner, she couldn't do shyte.
Honestly, what CAN she do? She can't dance, she can't sing anymore, and she has just shown us the fact she can't do "grown-up" acting.
Face it, the only thing she can do at this point in her "career" is suck peen and get smacked around for cash.
Dina, keep that pimp hand strong.

601 days ago
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