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Lindsay Lohan's New Lawyer

I Got a Foodie Socialite

To Sponsor Me!

1/22/2013 11:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer just got a sponsor which he needs to practice law in California -- but  we've learned the woman who's vouching for him hasn't practiced law for at least 17 years.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay fired Shawn Holley last week and hired New York attorney Mark Heller, to rep her in her lying-to-cops criminal case in L.A.. Heller can ONLY rep Lindsay if he gets a sponsor who is admitted to practice law in California, but worry not -- there are more than 200,000 to choose from.

Then again ... Heller may have had problems finding a sponsor, because the person he got hasn't practiced law in California since 1996. 

Her name is Lindsay Berger Sacks. She was admitted to practice law in 1994 and became an inactive member of the bar 2 years later -- meaning she couldn't practice anymore. 

Berger Sacks -- who we're told is a pretty big L.A. socialite and co-founder of the Doheny Dining Club -- reactivated her membership last Tuesday ... we've learned it's just 3 days before Heller filed legal docs to represent Lindsay. Heller listed Berger Sacks as his sponsor.

It looks like Holley is out of the picture because in his legal docs, Heller is asking that Lindsay's case file be forwarded to Berger Sacks so he can get cracking on the case.

Berger Sacks did not get back to us for comment.


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Hot Farts    

You didnt answer the simple questions...

smith answer these questions:

Her last sentence was for a misdemeanor right?

She received 245 days right?

Do you believe she will get less or more time for her latest caper?

I did not ask what time she will do - no one can know that ...the questions above you know the answers to so answer them

636 days ago

kanye east    

Some "sources" say that this phantom "lawyer" in a dollar store shower curtain will additionally serve Linds as stand-in lesbianist and fashion coordinator. Bonus! I may get to see the crotchless wedding gown at PerpWalk yet! Or at least the SaranWrap bikini. One glance tells you this skanky-looking frightmare loves cocaine, too.

636 days ago

LA Native    

OK, I know I am late getting here but did this lawyer chick already delete her twitter account? I am unable to find it, keep getting the "account doesn't exist" thing. I'm sure her twitter went on full blast mode after word got out about her earlier and I just have to laugh if this is true.
Yes folks, there are still ignorant people out there who dont "get" the power of the Lohan Grief Tornado until they step into the vortex.

636 days ago


Birds of a feather flock together. Looks like the two Lindsay's have a few things in common:

636 days ago


@dinalohan SHAWN!!! CALL ME!!!

636 days ago


Lindsay is SCREWED.....and the best part is- she did it to herself. Dumbass.

636 days ago


I wonder what random people who just occasionally drop by just to read comments would think of Red Cloud and Marvins posts. It might be funny to go into the laundry mat or somewhere and film random strangers and there reactions to there comments and put it on youtube.

636 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Don't you road wet lizards have a midnight movie to attend tonight??????? That's right, your phatt azzez can't fit out the door anymore!!!!

Go Lilo!!


636 days ago


The racoon I caught and evicted out of my trash can looked just like her. I wondered what happened to that damn racoon!!!!

636 days ago


Yes Retard Warrior you certainly need to be schooled. Maybe fourth time will be the charm to get you out of fifth grade.

636 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

She isn't the hottest chick around but I'd tap that!!!!!!!!!!!!


636 days ago


Maybe some Oxyclean could help this wench get rid of those stains on that sack she's wearing?

636 days ago


Vorlon, RW is TERRIFIED of you, he'll NEVER answer!

636 days ago


Why is this trick wearing Liberace's' shower curtain? I said this was gonna be an entertaining nite, this whole hot mess is waaaay shady, typical Volcano Lohan sh!t.

636 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

I will predict after LiLo gets some serious jail time she'll be begging SCH to rep her again and to get her out of jail. I hate LiLo but SCH is the best thing to happen to her during the time SCH has been her lawyer.

636 days ago
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