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Beyonce's Nat'l Anthem

National Disgrace?

1/22/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Beyonce's lip-synched "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Inauguration has some people (*cough* Harvey) up in arms!!! Especially because Kelly Clarkson belted her song out, LIVE. Is B's fake anthem such a big deal?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan turns down big money from "Dancing With the Stars" -- think she'll regret that move the next time a bill collector comes knockin'?

And, Alabama QB AJ McCarron's super hot girlfriend Katherine Webb is finally going Hollywood ... with his permission, of course.  

(0:00) Beyonce lip syncs the National Anthem -- and ticks off the entire country in the process. So if Kelly Clarkson could sing live ... why couldn't Bey?
(10:00) Alabama QB A.J. McCarron's GF Katherine Webb has gone Hollywood -- after he finally gave her the okay to cash in on Brent Musburger's ogling.
(14:00) Prince Harry finally speaks out about his nude photos -- and says something a little delusional.
(18:00) Lindsay Lohan turns down a monster deal to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- and if you think that's the weirdest Lindsay story of the day, you're wrong.
(24:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger says he still wants to get back with Maria Shriver ... and Charles has an interesting theory why.
(28:00) Britney Spears is back to her old ways -- jetting around town and getting photographed. Should we be worried?
(32:00) How much did Sheryl Crow know about Lance Armstrong's doping? If she did know ... did she have a duty to step forward?
(35:00) "Real Housewives" star Adrienne Maloof is now dating a guy a whole lot younger than her ... and the guy happens to be Rod Stewart's kid.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

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No matter what the National Anthem deserve respect a lot of our soldiers gave their live for our freedom and Beyonce should off thought about given honor to those fallen soldier and friendship to the Obama. Beyonce probably was worry of screwing up the song and decided to edit or pre record so she doesn't make a fool of herself in front on millions of people. The National Anthem is not an easy song lots of singers screw up sometimes..

607 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

(__0__) <------- entradas, etie em ezih.

607 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    


607 days ago


I honestly don't know why ANYONE thinks lip-synching the National Anthem is WORSE than IGNORING and WALKING RIGHT PAST, the VICE-PRESIDENT & Dr. Biden!! What is more important? Not singing live or not showing respect for the VP of the USA??

607 days ago


She would have needed that ear monitor to lip sync but she took it out. Charles is right on that. Why do you care so much? I find it more disrespectful that she walked right by & IGNORED the Vice-President of the USA & Dr. Biden!! Get your priorities in order folks. Maybe Beyonce was sick & her voice wasn't optimal. Would you rather a crappy job at singing the song? You'd just have more to complain about then. Geez! I think she is over-exposed, but she doesn't deserve THIS.

607 days ago


WAIT WAIT....she jerked the earpeice out like she was giving all her heart....fake....the american public deserves better!

607 days ago


Four years ago we made history with the inauguration of the first African American President. Today is the start of new normal. A new normal where it will be common for an African American, Hispantic American or a Woman to be elected to lead the free world. Common for a Gay person openly represent the nation on a global scale. Today we were charged with the task of thinking, acting and being one nation equal under God.

607 days ago


I watched the performances, and when my husband came home from work, I was telling him how Kelly Clarkson OUTSANG Beyonce! Beyonce was supposed to be the headliner, if she couldn't perform, she should have let Kelly sing it for her!

607 days ago


Beyonce is a control freak and it was unprofessional for her to perform like she did , and not make the time to let the marine band know she wasn't going to do it live , it made them seem dishonest , she wanted it her way and still be the center of attention , without actually giving the listeners what they deserve, This is the results of Beyonce being a Control Freak !!

607 days ago


Please, it was an honor to be asked to sing.... It was UNAMERICAN for her to lip sync the song they could of got anyone to do that...... So sad :(

607 days ago

Miss M    

If the President does'nt care, neither do I!

607 days ago

Kevin Smith    

Harvey, you are 100% correct me and my entire Family felt ripped off when we found out Beyonce's song was lip sinced. Way to go Harvey. Kevin, Chicago, Il.

607 days ago


She should have sang live because of the occasion &...singing in front of the nation and our President.. In any other profession the real you is expected! This should apply to a professional trained singer as well!

607 days ago

joe benson    

The difference between Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor vs. Beyonce? Beyonce can't sing. Well, she can in the
studio with millions in equipment and an auto tune
the size of a truck. Jay Zee owns her. To go as far as
having the band fake it too? Pathetic. True talent can sing. We say two who could and one who never has been able too. sHE'S GOOD AT SHAKING HER ASS THOUGH.

607 days ago

joe benson    

I love the board feed of her singing IF I WERE A BOY. Pretty well sums up her talent. None. You guys should play a nice long clip of that.

607 days ago
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