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Dr. Conrad Murray's


I'm in Constant Pain

1/23/2013 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jail has broken Dr. Conrad Murray ... physically and mentally ... this according to The Doc himself, who's been calling everyone he knows HYSTERICALLY CRYING and complaining that he's in "constant pain."

TMZ has obtained one of the voicemails Murray recently left for a friend ... in which he sobs uncontrollably and begs for someone to save him.

During the message, Murray says, "I can't sleep now ... it's very hard ... I'm in constant pain ... can someone please help me please!?"

Ironic, since sleep trouble is why he's in jail in the first place -- only it was Michael Jackson who couldn't catch some zzzzs.

Murray says he's been crippled by a devastating shoulder injury -- "I can't use my hands anymore ... I have no more use of my arms."

The Doc says he's been calling everyone he knows for help -- but no one picked up. 

Murray pleads to his friend to call Sheriff Baca for help -- "Ask him to please see me, maybe he don't know what happens in here."

FYI -- Murray is scheduled to be released by the end of the year, but Sheriff Baca could release him into home confinement before then ... if he feels like it.


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That recording was beyond annoying. I thought he already tried the shoulder injury thing? Didn't they take him to the hospital for tests (which were normal, of course)?

If he were smart, he would pull a Paris Hilton and have fake anxiety attacks every night. He could pretend he actually felt bad for killing another human. That might get him a xanax or valium.

636 days ago


OMG he is the biggest WHINER I have ever seen!!!! What a wuss!!!

636 days ago


Dude, pay your dues and shut up. You're lucky this minimal amount of time you're serving is all you got. Should have been far worse.

636 days ago


Haha What a little B I T C H that is all.

636 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Yeah, nobody cares. You pretended to be a 'doctor', when in fact your oath is as a Physician. You prescribed gallons of anaesthetic for MJ because he wanted it? Because he liked it? You then gave him enough to kill him as you chatted with your little sex tinkles. You are a vile beast. As dost thou sow, so shalt thou reap.

636 days ago


I feel guilt when I squash a bug--but this voicemail message didn't make me feel sorry for him at all. He needs to man up, and stop thinking he's special. If he thinks life on the inside is bad, wait until he gets out. What a little baby.

636 days ago

mj fan forever    

Go to whine hell!!!! It's where the disgusting MURDERER belongs!!!!

636 days ago


Boo hoo. You did the crime now do the time. They'd better never release him or Calfornians should sue for tax dollars wasted on this loser. Why does he get so many calls anyway? He's a prisoner. He needs to be quiet and sit in his cell.

636 days ago


I feel for him. A very bad situation to be in. Unfortunately, he signed up for the risk of all that happened. I do think he should get home confinement though. This is ridiculous.

636 days ago


No one has checked or released any video that was in the house, asked who were the people who left the house before MJ was found murked, etc., etc. Conrad is a Mason and the job is help another in need. But in the same breath we know who the Masons are connected too. Bottom line is when MJ said he was going to expose those shady individuals and then in the "They don't really Care about Us" (find the video and stop it at 0:08 then look on the wall to the right) showed the all seeing eye, he signed his death warrant. (Also, note that these white folks in these secret societies stole the all seeing eye from the black Africans who ran Kemet which you know as Egypt.) Someone needs to take the blame for MJ's death. Even those MJ was contributor to his own death, the true arbiter to this event should be found and it's not this dude. Let him out. 33

636 days ago


So, he called everyone he knows and no one would pick up, but one 'friend' sold the recording to TMZ?

I guess he has no friends. His life is going to suck just as bad when he is released. He will be up s.H.i.t. creek without a paddle!

636 days ago


This made my day. This is what punishment should be. MJ doesn't have the luxury of suffering - being that he was killed by Dr. Murray.

636 days ago


Good lawd! How can people be so damn mean? Whatever you may think of Murray, if you like him or not and for whatever he was convicted, he is still a human being. If he is in pain, he should get helping treatment like any other person, imprisoned or not......murderer/thief/bank robber or whatever.

636 days ago


PS: Who the eff is voting Yes to release this guy? 27% - that's nuts.

636 days ago


That's what jail is, you moron! And his quote: "maybe he don't know what happens in here."
looks like this idiot doesn't even know how to speak proper English and he was prescribing medicine!?! Let him rot!!

636 days ago
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