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Justin Bieber

Accused of Being a

Gym Rat-Bastard

1/23/2013 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber went off on a woman at a gym in North Carolina Tuesday ... mocking her workout, cussing at her ... and possibly even spitting in her water bottle ... so claims the woman -- but Justin's peeps say it's all BS.

The woman behind the accusations is Colette Harrington -- a NC radio host who claims she was minding her own business, working out at the gym at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

According to Colette, Bieber -- who had a concert in Charlotte on Tuesday -- strolled into the gym with two other people -- one appeared to be his trainer and the other appeared to be a backup dancer or singer.

Colette says she approached Bieber and asked for a picture, but JB said no.

She says she continued working out, but then heard Justin and his posse mocking her workout routine.

Colette explains, "I always count out loud my reps. Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say 'Shut the F'ck up.'" 

Colette says she ignored the group -- but claims they continued to mock her as she counted out her reps.

Then, according to Colette, someone ... and she thinks it was Bieber or someone in his group ... SPIT blue Gatorade into her water bottle while she wasn't looking ... and she actually DRANK the spit-orade.

"I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink."

Colette says she filed a complaint with the hotel after the alleged incident. We reached out to the hotel, but they wouldn't confirm or deny her story.

Now, Colette says she's going to sell the spit-filled water bottle on eBay and plans to use the money to upgrade the kitchen at her local Ronald McDonald house, where she volunteers.

Bieber's rep tells us .... the woman is dead wrong.  Justin and his trainer were in the gym, and they were making snide comments to EACH OTHER but absolutely NONE were directed at the woman.



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He's such a little pest. Can't wait til he fades away like the other teeny bopper has beens.

604 days ago


Byeber spit on epay. I can't wait.

604 days ago


She is a liar

604 days ago


how the f@c# she saw who spat in her bottle is she said she wasnt looking jus looking to get payed

604 days ago


sell on ebay wtf , she is jus looking for money she felt bad when he said no to the photo so she decides to get even, but in another note the beibs is acting like another hollywood stuck up ass

604 days ago


hollywood has finally gotten hold of bieber, i hope he save his money because when u are up u gotta come down right now he feels he is ontop of the world he is in the news to much and not in a positive way

604 days ago


EVERY facility has cctv/video security tape- should be easy to prove (or disprove) what happened.

604 days ago


The funniest part about this is the idea of girly-boy Bieber mocking anyone's workout. Would love to see what his "workout" is.

604 days ago


OK, maybe not EVERY facility, but certainly hotels for no other reason than security liability.

604 days ago


Yooouuu guys. Its not even true. Justin is an angel. It was was his look alike, Robin Verrecas, the same guy who was smoking weed at that party a few weeks ago. For serious you guys just google him. Justin would never do anything like this. (sarcasm)

604 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Ya know what Just a Beaver..Take your skinny little punk ass back to Canada ya hoser. Youve worn out your welcome here. Sell your pad up in Calabasses pack your sh-t up and beat it. Oh, the Canadians dont want you either? Figures. Some people hate on you because youve got minimal talent, buttloads of money, and act like a huge douche. I could give a fat sh-t about your wealth. That will dry up later on and when your singing days are over and no one cares about you, this thing called Karma will pay you a visit.I personally hate you cause every time I see a picture of your face, it makes me want to punch you hard in your head repeatedly. F ing ahole

604 days ago


Bieber is a brat. He is a complete sleazeball and there have been many people who have told the media about his disgusting behavior. This is just the latest one out of many. Hopefully he will be arrested eventually for the things he does. He will have a great time in jail with Bubba! LOL

604 days ago


This story is so weak and pathetic,like Justin.

604 days ago


this kid is a jerk. But he is young and we have to allow for youthful indescretions. but make mo mistake, he IS a ****ing ******* now. many reports of him being an *******. He needs to get around people who are savvy in the industry but are NOT douchebags. He's a kid and he simply does not have enough life experience to know better.

604 days ago


His 15 minutes are fading fast!

604 days ago
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