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Lindsay Lohan

New Lawyer NEVER Met

His California Sponsor

1/23/2013 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's new lawyer has never met ... never even spoken to the lawyer who is sponsoring him to represent the actress in a California criminal court ... this according to the sponsor herself.

We broke the story ... New York attorney Mark Heller has filed legal docs for permission to appear in a California court -- where he is NOT licensed to practice law -- to handle Lindsay's lying-to-cops case.  To win that permission, he needs a California lawyer to sponsor him.

With more than 200,000 lawyers in CA, Mark chose one who has been an inactive member of the State Bar for 17 years.  Her name is Lindsay Berger Sacks, and she became an active member last week -- days before Heller filed paperwork to represent Lohan in court.

We spoke with Berger Sacks, and she told us she has never had a single contact with Heller.  Berger Sacks -- who seems like a very smart and charitable lady who says she has never practiced law a day in her life (and that's to her credit) -- told us she was actually contacted by an attorney who has worked closely with Heller in the past, Peter Toumbekis, a good friend of hers since Jr. High.  Berger Sacks told us she believed she was vouching for Toumbekis, not Heller.

But here's the deal ... Toumbekis didn't sign the paperwork to appear in the Lohan case -- Heller did, and what's more Berger Sacks signed the same paperwork with Heller's name on it.

So if Berger Sacks didn't know Heller yet only his name was on the paperwork, why did she sign it?  Berger Sacks husband -- who is also a lawyer -- tells us Heller's law firm is referenced in the paperwork and Toumbekis is working with the firm and will even appear at next week's hearing.  But the fact is ... it's Heller, not Toumbekis, who is asking for permission to rep Lohan.

This trial's gonna be interesting.



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Just wondering......
Who is the post-op failure beside Heller at the 0:35 mark?

615 days ago


I'm not a cut and paste guy, but if some of you want to post some of his last comments I'll look at them for you. I do remember he said he was recovering from bruises from a bar brawl, not sure if he was joking.

615 days ago


I'd like to see the judge deny that sponsorship. I mean come on, the person that is going to sponsor you you have never met or even spoken to and to top it off hasn't even been a lawyer for almost 20 years.

615 days ago



615 days ago


Hey Z, GC, N, M, ILG, RP, K.....
Do you think this could be M or N or RW twitter account?
wink flash :)‏@winkyflash

@lindsaylohan Ahhh Liiiiiiiindsay, you're SOOOOOOOOOOOO loved by meeeeeeeeeee! YEEEEEEEAH! Wanna cuddle youuuuhuhuhuuuuuuuuuu! ;) ;) ;)

615 days ago

Chief Gall    

The necklace thing happened two years ago yesterday. It is obvious to objective observers that Lindsay did not take it with intent to deprive. And the fact that she soon later wore and displayed it in plain view means she did not wish to keep it and HIDE it and would have returned it. She is OBVIOUSLY absent minded on several levels. Consider all that has happened in two years. This(necklace) is still an INTERESTING issue. What REALLY happened??? Of course, haters have difficulty with reality. LOL!!!

615 days ago

Hot Farts    

I find it perfectly appropriate that one scam artist is being repped by two scam artists that are not admitted to the California State Bar and therefore cannot practice here without an old Jr. high buddy that never practiced law but paid her dues to become readmitted so the two out-of-state scam artists can rep the scam artist!


That crazy Flatch (aka flatchytaterho or flatchydingdong)

615 days ago


I smell burnt toast

Maybe just maybe, it's finally going to be over for Lindsy. She desperately needs to spend some major time behind bars. God know rehab is more like resort living for the stars, and they are out in days....

615 days ago


I went to Great Neck South with both Berger an Toumbekis. Class of '87. Berger was nice. Toumbekis is the greek word for Moron.

615 days ago


I still think it's weird that the 2 mainstream sites, ROL and TMZ, haven't said anything about tomorrow's hearing. A copy of the pro hac vice motion was buried in an eonline story. You know me, I had to take a gander at the motion.

Kinda odd...

615 days ago

help this young woman    

I think Lindsay hired two pitbulls from NY, and they will not hesitate to chew up the LA court system that is wasting taxpayers money over a car accident. Lying to the cops BooHoo!

615 days ago


Just send her somewhere prostitution is legal and say bye bye ho

615 days ago


I also think Gavin going all private on his twitter account is interesting and meaningful.

615 days ago


Retard Warrior once claimed (in the infamous chat) that they both worked for TMZ at one time but Marvin got fired for being a drunk. (Retard claims he quit because he was too smart for them. That's his euphemism for being canned.)
Looks like Marvin is at it again. If anyone worked for this website it would be him and maybe even Rougie. I cant picture someone like Red Cloud working at all.

615 days ago


Hey GC can you recommend some anti-paranoia meds for Marvin? He's right off the chain this week. Or maybe lining a football helmet with industrial strength tinfoil?

615 days ago
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