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Lindsay Lohan

New Lawyer NEVER Met

His California Sponsor

1/23/2013 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's new lawyer has never met ... never even spoken to the lawyer who is sponsoring him to represent the actress in a California criminal court ... this according to the sponsor herself.

We broke the story ... New York attorney Mark Heller has filed legal docs for permission to appear in a California court -- where he is NOT licensed to practice law -- to handle Lindsay's lying-to-cops case.  To win that permission, he needs a California lawyer to sponsor him.

With more than 200,000 lawyers in CA, Mark chose one who has been an inactive member of the State Bar for 17 years.  Her name is Lindsay Berger Sacks, and she became an active member last week -- days before Heller filed paperwork to represent Lohan in court.

We spoke with Berger Sacks, and she told us she has never had a single contact with Heller.  Berger Sacks -- who seems like a very smart and charitable lady who says she has never practiced law a day in her life (and that's to her credit) -- told us she was actually contacted by an attorney who has worked closely with Heller in the past, Peter Toumbekis, a good friend of hers since Jr. High.  Berger Sacks told us she believed she was vouching for Toumbekis, not Heller.

But here's the deal ... Toumbekis didn't sign the paperwork to appear in the Lohan case -- Heller did, and what's more Berger Sacks signed the same paperwork with Heller's name on it.

So if Berger Sacks didn't know Heller yet only his name was on the paperwork, why did she sign it?  Berger Sacks husband -- who is also a lawyer -- tells us Heller's law firm is referenced in the paperwork and Toumbekis is working with the firm and will even appear at next week's hearing.  But the fact is ... it's Heller, not Toumbekis, who is asking for permission to rep Lohan.

This trial's gonna be interesting.



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I'm gone too folks!
It's been a very funny day and I would have sooooo "Like" well, almost all of ya if I could've... LMAO!
Every day have a great night, see ya tomorrow!

639 days ago


The state prisons are far worse than the jails. The state has to release 10,000 more prisoners by June ordered by the US Supreme Court..............CHINO, Calif. — The gymnasium in the state prison here is hardly glamorous, just some concrete walls and a couple of basketball hoops.

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Monica Almeida/The New York Times
With fewer prisoners, and less fear of tensions caused by overcrowding, inmates at Chino are getting more time in the yard.
But a year ago, those hoops were nothing more than ornaments. The gymnasium at the California Institution for Men was neither alive with the sound of thumping basketballs, nor used for workouts. Like any other space in the state prison system, it was used for housing. It teemed with far more inmates than it was meant to handle, and officials lined any open space they could with bunks crammed so close together that it was sometimes difficult to squeeze between them.

Those 100-plus bunk beds are now gone. Prisoners are no longer using an open bathroom, where the smell was barely tolerable. The conditions are certainly not luxurious, but for the first time in recent memory all inmates are sleeping in cells that were designed to house them.

Nearly two years after the United States Supreme Court ruled that California’s prison system was so bad that it amounted to cruel and unusual punishment, the changes are, in some ways, readily apparent. The state is still a long way from reducing the prison population by 30,000, as the court mandated.

Nonetheless, Gov. Jerry Brown declared this month that “the prison emergency is over in California,” arguing that the federal courts should relinquish control of the state prison system and that placing more demands on correctional facilities was simply “nit-picking.”

“At some point, the job’s done,” Mr. Brown said during a fiery news conference on Jan. 8 in Sacramento, the state capital, where he defended the prison system. California has spent billions of dollars to comply with federal demands, he said: “We can’t pour more and more dollars down the rathole of incarceration.”

But a court-appointed monitor said in papers filed last week that Mr. Brown’s demand to end oversight is “not only premature, but a needless distraction” that could affect care for mentally ill inmates. The monitor cited dozens of suicides and long periods of isolation instead of treatment.

The leaky toilets have been boarded up at the prison in this suburban city east of Los Angeles. Inmates waiting to see a doctor are placed in holding pens that once doubled as cells in the hallways. Prisoners are being let out into the yard more often, as officers are less concerned that their time out of cells will inevitably lead to tensions.

Critics, including the lawyers who sued the state on behalf of prisoners, say that many of the changes are nothing more than cosmetic and that the system still does not provide adequate care to physically or mentally ill inmates.

“We’re wasting a lot of money on nonsense,” Mr. Brown said. “Everybody wants to send people to prison. Nobody wants to pay for it.”

Many advocates, had hoped that the court rulings would prompt more changes in the state’s aggressive sentencing laws, and submitted papers showing that there would be no uptick in crime rates if more prisoners were released. Officials have argued that they have already released the lowest-level offenders and that further releases would threaten public safety, even if there were no increase in overall crime.

“The state refuses to engage with the fundamental problem, which is that we incarcerate far too many people for far too long,” said Allen Hopper, a policy director with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. “What has gotten us into this mess in the first place is the constant ratcheting up of sentencing laws.”

California is expected to spend $8.6 billion on prisons this year, the third-largest chunk of the state’s total budget, just behind public schools and health care.

It now has roughly 130,000 prisoners, with 119,000 housed in state prisons. That is a significant drop from 162,500 in 2006, the height of the crisis. But it is still nearly 10,000 more than what the courts said they would allow by a June 2013 deadline. Nearly 8,900 inmates are in out-of-state facilities. Most of the inmates shed by the state prisons were lower-level offenders who were sent to county jails. Century Regional Detention is clean computerized and modern. I didn't see any dust mites or disease. There are eight cells in a pod. There are no bars on the cell the door is solid with a small window. There is a store where you can buy snacks and toiletries.

638 days ago


It figures there's already legal shenna****ns going on with whorehan's formerly disbarred attorney. Seeing as how she probably picked him up at "lawyers 'r us", it's not surprising that he's already trying to skirt the law. I bet this ends up being a last nail in the coffin for her; he goes to court for her, the judge notices that his "sponsor" has filed paperwork challenging the sponsorship, the judge denies him as her attorney, she's basically lawyerless and she gets her stupid arrogant entitled ass thrown in jail for a year. Yup, that's where it's headed...

638 days ago


I will throw this out there. Anyone think she skates again? You never know with her.

638 days ago


Are you guys both high and blind? Harvey said Lawyer Lindsay was smart and a philanthropist. Google her she is smoking hot and smart. I can assume you are all jealous and ugly. Get a life. Lohan deserves whatever attorney she wants. I assume the majority of you haters will need one someday. Here's an idea, write something nice about anyone, go on you can do it.

638 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Bear's back, and extra super psyched...

638 days ago


I love that **** Nicole's name over on ROL

Free Remy - Proud #littlestar

638 days ago


Is it just me or does this other Lindsey look crazy too?..something about her "Eyes" she could turn Rabid' at any minute!...time for her to board the train to 'CrazYtown'

638 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Okay, we are down to 9 days?

638 days ago


Who is going to put their hand up and volunteer to remove those rank tights ahead of it's court appearance?

638 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Between now and when this story broke, I can't figure out for the life of me why LIE-LO is selecting these idiots to represent her....I don't get it.....Heller is not too swift, and she looks like a brainless hat.

638 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

I've never seen the live version of My Cousin Vinny before. Not sure LBS is right for Mona part though. Guess we'll see.

638 days ago


She could look really bad going to court on the 30th. Shawn eventually gave her advice on what to wear to court to look respectful. Now with Lohan making the choice on what to wear with no help, she's bound to show up trashier than ever.

638 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Holy Crap!.....up to -11 now.

638 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

What's funny about her court-appearance attire, is she thinks that she looks hot.....hehehehe

638 days ago
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