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Milli Vanilli 'Singer'

So WHAT If Beyonce


1/23/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

didn't do ANYTHING wrong by lip-syncing her way through the national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration -- so says one of the most famous lip-syncers of all time ... Fab Morvan from Milli Vanilli.

Fab tells us, "It's hard to believe, in this day of auto-tune, that people are still acting surprised [by Beyonce lip-syncing.]"

He adds, "Everyone knows Beyonce can sing. Everyone should just step back and relax. There are far more important things to worry about. But I can certainly relate to what she's going through."

You can say that again -- but we still gotta ask ...


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Well he would say that, wouldn't he!? This is a stupid, trumped up NON story. There is no "betrayal". Playback is used ALL THE TIME. Whitey's famous Olympic performance was LIP SYNCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

604 days ago


Beyonce is losing her once beautiful voice due to all the partying. She seems to be going down the same road as Lilo.

604 days ago

monie roche    

she cheapened the national event...if kelly clarkson and james taylor could both sing live, then she should have done the same...and james played the guitar too...stop acting like a diva...

604 days ago


If Manti Te'o were a hot dog would he eat himself.....?

604 days ago



604 days ago


For crying out loud, why is TMZ still running this story? Who really cares if the bitch sung it or not... Still sounds like Beyonce to me. TMZ does this... They have lack of stories so they keep reusing the someone just in different situation. TMZ has certainly declined in the quality area. I mean, I'm just sick of reading about it. Beyonce must generate a lot of hits when you guys mention her... I mean this story has no substance nor does it have any confirmed sources. TMZ is just running their mouth like a woman. Oh I forgot a homo runs the site... Now it makes sense. Harvey secretly wants to be Beyonce so he excessively bash her to compensate for his short comings. **** proof reading by the way...

604 days ago


i do not care one bit she sang it one time.. the fact she might have been freaked out.. anyone what i want to know is why did the Marie Corp say anything in the first place ? they should have kept there mouths shut on that information.. they are not like Millie V.. they pretended to be another persons voice.. that is not cool and that is why they got found out.. not the same is was Miss B voice.. move on there have got to be better stories to follow.. if not then find out who told on her in the first place i would want to have that person fired.. for leaking such information.. its only done harm where there none needed

604 days ago


The argument that "we all know Beyonce can sing" is absurd. When has anyone EVER heard her sing LIVE? And yes, lemmings, she was singing to her own voice that was recorded IN A STUDIO and therefore had the benefit of all of the audio tweaking that her weak, breathy, nondescript voice has always needed in order to sound remotely passable. Newsflash for all you 7th grade dropouts: Lip syncing to your own recording is STILL LIP SYNCING.

604 days ago


Then come out before the show and tell the crowd that your lip-syncing the song. If its no big deal

604 days ago


By the way, stop mentioning Whitney's performance in comparison to Beyonce. All do respect, Beyonce sounded fantastic but her her performance is unparalleled to Whitney's. oh yea... Whitney lip-sync too! So get over it already!

604 days ago


So who's the white chick next to Fab in the photo?

604 days ago


For you, Milli, of course it's no big deal. But for an artist there's a pride they take on their art and their craft. Making people give you credit by making them believe you gave this amazing, flawless rendition when you did not, it' s called fiasco. Specially for someone who has publicly declared her smazing talent!

604 days ago


It's just wrong. Fraudulent.

604 days ago


Auto Tune can be used on the fly. Meaning that Kelly Clarkson's singing could have been auto tuned, live. So thinking that Beyonce,(who we all know can sing (although she's no Kate Bush, Joni MItchell, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, place 100's of other great singers here) had an Auto Tune advantage is wrong. I'm not a real fan of either singer but my guess is, technically speaking, Kelly Clarkson is a better singer. More range, more octaves, etc.. Beyonce is an very attractive woman, so is Kelly (to other woman that are gay-nothing wrong with that). BEyonce has the hetero cool, married to JayZ going for her. I think Kelly should hook up with Jodie Foster to help bolster her image. Ok, maybe not. Beyonce is a power broker, likely part of the Illuminati, Kelly is not. This has nothing to do with talent. In fact, these days talent just doesn't matter.

604 days ago


Next time you see Beyonce, give her a loud BOO for being such a fraud. Although, fraud is what the American culture is all about. Maybe you could work on that.

604 days ago
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