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Smokey Robinson

Fired Up Over Beyonce

1/23/2013 11:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Beyonce haters run for cover ... 'cause Motown legend Smokey Robinson joined us today to defend her honor in the Inauguration lip-sync controversy -- and he's especially calling out Harvey for bashing B!

Plus, Snoop Lion allegedly duped the Rasta community -- according to a reggae superstar -- but director/actor Eli Roth claims Snoop's the real deal. You gotta hear what he says about working with Mr. Dogg ... uh, Lion. 

Also, openly gay Matt Bomer is up for the lead in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie -- can he pull it off? Would women buy him playing such an extremely hetero character?

(0:00) Conrad Murray turns on the tears -- leaving a sob-filled voicemail about how much jail sucks. You gotta hear this ... and then decide if he's faking it or not.
(7:30) Justin Bieber is being accused of yelling obscenities at a woman in a NC gym ... but his people are calling BS on the story.
(10:00) Smokey Robinson calls in to rip Harvey a new one -- after Harvey ripped Beyonce a new one for lip syncing during the inauguration.
(18:00) Famed director Eli Roth calls in to say Snoop Lion is a real Rastafarian ... after the rapper was accused of being a big faker by one of Bob Marley's Wailers.
(23:00) Dan Patrick calls in to talk football -- after Matt Damon says the only reason the Patriots lost was because of injuries.
(28:00) Lindsay Lohan's savior, attorney Shawn Holley, is finally calling it quits on her. Plus, Max from The Wanted is adamant ... he is NOT dating her.
(31:00) What if the sexy hetero male in "50 Shades of Grey" was played by a gay man -- in this case, Matt Bomer -- in the movie? The ladies sound off.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Serena Williams loses her temper again -- and this time the victim was her tennis racket.

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615 days ago


Lisa the Skyper...are you in your bathroom?

615 days ago


Jesus...what Snoop does is's all a show. Get the f*ck over it.

615 days ago


Rick live is live

615 days ago


Serena? Are you gettin' uppity? You know you just hit a stupid ball around, right, just like your sister? You know that, right?

615 days ago


Why did that black guy break his racquet

615 days ago


Leave Snoop alone.. That man gives soooo much of his own money for needy children and charities and to help disadvantage kids financially in sports that he deserves a medal just for his giving nature to the those who dont have the means to even play on a football team when they are 12 years old. that man has such a big heart and wallet he shares for kids that it floored me when i saw him in texas just show up with the entire usa kids football team he fully funds. those teenage kids would never have opputunities in life like that if people like him were not so generous..right after the events he got arrested for pot on bus in texas and i was furious after learning from the other parents how much he donates for these kids and rents out foot ball stadiums with his own money for theses kids. if hes making money or trying to make money i wish people would see where this man spends his money on his time off. he . geeez let him make more money at least he sharees it with those on streets who need it. just saying and if i would have not been at the same event for my son for three days who played his son i would have never cared either way. this man a hero for kids who need financial help .. sorry for the novel.

615 days ago


,Frist,you people need to realize Beyonce is a RECORDING STAR ,so she did what she dose best,now ALICA KEYS,PATTI LABELLE,ANITA BAKER,AREATH FRANKLIN those ladies are SINGERS there is a difference!

615 days ago


GOOD...Harvey needs to rest....BEYONCE can sing either lip sinc or who cares

615 days ago

Richard W    

Beyonce is beautiful and talented... maybe changing careers with the too dramatic pulling the earpiece out... It was too much... too fake... then she smiles.
I was hoping since it was MLK Day,( a truly honest great man)... that instead of hail to the chief for the procession... MJ's 'Smooth Criminal' would be played... not since Nixon have we been played so much.

615 days ago

Tina A., Lakewood, CA    

Smokey is only defending her because she is a collegue, behind closed doors he is speaking the same tune as we are, someone else should have had that honor, Beyonce ruined the whole meaning of the day, no one is speaking on how good the others were who sung LIVE, how Rosa Parks is about to make history again, how we celebrated the President on a honorable day, it's all about this woman who ruined the got dam day because ShE always have to be miss perfect. Sit yo ass down somewhere Beyonce and Thanks again for ruining the day.

614 days ago


Smokey is a has been idiot and B is a no talent fake

614 days ago


Why are people hating so much on Beyonce? Sure it wasn't the best place to choose o lip sync at but the woman can sing live. Check this performance out,definitely live people. And to think artists who can't sing and must rely on lip syncing don't get bashing like this.

614 days ago


Beyonce is over rated give me Kelly Clarkson any day!!

614 days ago


I'm still with Harvey: pre-recordings can be edited. And that pathetic act just shows how that faker Beyonce tried to pull the wool over fans eyes.

614 days ago
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