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Dr. Arnie Klein

MJ Doc Suspected of

Obtaining Illegal Botox

1/24/2013 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's now-bankrupt former dermatologist Dr. Arnie Klein -- who fueled the singer with mass quantities of dangerous drugs -- has now been named in another sprawling drug controversy ... this time involving potentially dangerous Botox imported from foreign countries.

The FDA has issued a notification to more than 350 medical practices across the U.S. -- claiming they may have received unapproved meds, including Botox, from a foreign supplier -- and one of the docs on the giant list is none other than Arnie.

The suppliers in question are owned and operated by a company called Canada Drugs, though it's unclear where the drugs are manufactured.

According to the FDA, "These medications may be counterfeit, contaminated, improperly stored and transported, ineffective, and/or unsafe."

The notice continues, "Medical practices that purchase and administer illegal and unapproved medications from foreign sources are placing patients at risk."

But then again, Danger is Arnie's middle name ...


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Cry Baby    

The only thing I don't get is why you rabids even like him, putting aside his pedophilia - worse crime in the world.

He looked worse than Bieber, he sang worse than Bieber, and nobody except crazy school girls likes Bieber, and you are a grown up woman, a self declared psychologist, your have a lot to explain about your psych.

637 days ago

Cry Baby    

The general consensus is, Murray the murderer, should have gotten murder one, he was very lucky he didn't.


What idiot. If he was charged for Murder 1, he would still be drinking champagne at home now!

637 days ago

Cry Baby    

Wow! Back up off the Kool-Aid, freaks! How naive are you people? Which of MJ's victims came forward and recanted? Names please? Oh, probably can't site or source them because that is false, not to mention absurd. MJ was a creep. The fact that he "was never convicted" is due to wide-eyed weirdos such as yourself that care more about a song than the well being of a little boy. You go ahead and tell yourself that the freak didn't molest children though. That makes you just as culpable as the child molester. Moron!


very well said, now beat that one Brigha!!!

637 days ago

Cry Baby    

Conrad s baby momma sells voice message to tabloid for thousand's according to radar online.


That's all in the doctor's plan. He put up an act of crying and had the baby mama recorded it and sold it to TMZ. It paid off - that would be in his best selling books coming out soon as well!

Who will have the last laugh!!!.

637 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Cry Baby
I have concrete evidence that MJ was a pedophile. The minute I heard that Jordie talked about the marking on MJ's penis (graphic sorry!), I know that was true that he molested Jordie. The minute I saw MJ held Gavin's hand (graphic again, sorry!), I know it was true that he touched him, inappropriately in private!!!
Firstly, Jordy did not give a credible description.
Find the drawing on the internet. It is not detailed apart from the fact that he stated specifically that MJ was cir***cised, which he was not.

Now, I do agree that Jordie probably DID see MJs privates. The boy, together with his sister and his mother travelled extensively with MJ and they spent a lot of time together. It's quite feasible that he may have seen MJs penis at some time, perhaps in a bathroom setting.

But this per se is NOT molestation. You need much more 'concrete' evidence to assume that.
Okay, I agree with you, nowadays we might judge MJs behaviour as slightly inappropriate perhaps, but it's definitely not criminal.

Remember, Michael had been reared in a large family, in a two bedroomed house. Eleven people sharing one toilet/bathroom. He would have had little, if any, embarrassment regarding peeing in front of other males.

Society changes over time. Privacy was not so normal when MJ was a kid. In many cultures with big families, nudity is accepted in a way that would horrify modern families. I don't know how things are in the states, but in the UK and Europe, it is common for unrelated males, regardless of age, to pee in front of each other. It is socially accepted and not regarded as sexual in any way.

Regarding the Arviso case. Do you realise that Gavin claimed that the molestation occurred some months AFTER the do***entary was shown. So, let me reiterate: Your 'concrete evidence' claim that MJ was abusing Gavin during the 'hand-holding' episode was refuted by Gavin himself and the rest of the Arvizo family.

The Arvisos claimed that after the do***entary, they were being hounded by the media and MJ allowed them to escape to Neverland for a short while. Whilst they were there Jackson himself was not in residence for much of that time.

So they had to fit their story to a very narrow time 'window'. That was their downfall. They couldn't get their timeline to hold up in court. They tried to get their stories synchronised but the timeline tripped them up every time.

Does that seem reasonable to you?
That MJ, having known Gavin for quite some time, suddenly decides to molest him, at a time when he is under such scrutiny from the world's media?

That is not the pattern of a paedophile.
Paedophiles are creatures of habit. Sexual preference is a drive, like eating or drinking. They have little control. If MJ was an abuser, he would almost certainly have abused Gavin BEFORE the do***entary. In fact, given that MJ had surrrounded himself with kids throughout his life, there would be hundreds of families lining up to claim abuse. Look at Saville. Saville had over 400+ complaints.

There would also be SOME hard evidence: some DNA, some internet history etc.
You may say that MJ was so careful, so manipulative that he avoided being caught for all those years. But, I ask you, if that is the case, why was he so stupid and gullible to hold hands with Gavin on TV?

I know I won't change your mind, but I do appreciate your trying to frame an argument, rather than just name-calling. Thanks.

636 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Cry Baby
The only thing I don't get is why you rabids even like him, putting aside his pedophilia - worse crime in the world.

Is paedophilia the worst crime?
Given the choice, I would rather my child was molested than murdered.

Having worked with paedophiles and studied their behaviour for years, I confess that I have no sympathy towards them. I find their crimes just as abhorrent as you do, maybe more so.
But, I have also met several people (particularly within the academic field) who have been frivolously accused without supporting evidence. I have seen lives ruined due to emotionally unstable children and their adamant parents.

As I've said before, I'm not your typical MJ fan.
I own 'Thriller' (who doesn't) but nothing else. I think he was reasonably attractive but not my type.
But having studied him since the 1993 allegation, I am convinced that he was NOT a paedophile. Or, more importantly, that there was never enough credible evidence to label him as such. If such evidence existed, I would be the first person to condemn him.

Just consider my view for a second. The man went through such an ordeal. The world labelled him as a monster. To do that to a man, ANY man, you have to be 100% certain of his crimes. But MJ was acquitted, and rightly so. There was no such certainty, just some suspicion based on cir***stantial evidence.

Just suppose that in the future you were falsely accused of such a crime. Wouldn't you want people such as me in your corner? When everyone else is pointing the finger and saying 'no smoke without fire' and 'children never lie', wouldn't you want people like me to remind them that the evidence is weak?

When people are putting two and two together and making five, wouldn't you want me screaming 'Hell no, it's four!

636 days ago

Cry Baby    


I am a baby but I wasn't born yesterday. I am not buying your argument so I don't want you on my side. You are so adamant that MJ did not do it and harp on the victims without interview any of the people involved. If Jordie only saw MJ's penis while peeing, he would have known it was uncut. The trouble was he saw it erected, and being inexperienced, he would have mistaken it as cut.

Remember Jesus Juice, the children was made drunken therefore not much memories. Time line is the last reliable thing with a child who does not have much of concept of time. Besides the two, there was this guy who revealed MJ had phone sex with him in England. The night on the train in Canada. The maid's son. It was not FBI found nothing. FBI found a lot of things but because of court proceedings and technicality, the links were broken, and could not use their findings as evidence.

Most molesters killed the child victims, when they have no money to hush them up!

636 days ago


OH I am sure their is more to come with ole Klein. I think MJ's death just opened a door for all of the b.s to start tumbling out. I have always thought this guy was "shady".

636 days ago


Just proves to me, you are an innate pedo trying to get your point across, but you FAIL constantly.

636 days ago

What I Think    

I'm curious. All of you MJ fans claim the second accusation was "just another extortion attempt." Your words...not mine. The funny thing is I have not as yet heard ANY dollar amount mentioned as to an attempted shakedown of MJ by Gavin's family.
When was this extortion on MJ attempted??? Where??? How much was demanded???

635 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Sarah Jane, you said:
I resolutely do not agree with what you say.
Paedophilia is a WORST crime than murder….who in their right mind would have any sympathy for a pedo???. ….I think you should regret the first sentence in your post, I am a parent, and this disgusts me.
….why would you as a psych, converse with trolls/haters, they won’t change their agenda, no matter what you say….


Oh boy, where to start….

Firstly, no way will I recant my statement. I’m amazed that you, as a parent, can be disgusted by anything I said. Are you really saying that you would prefer that your child was murdered than molested?

I think that would cause massive offence to anyone who has ever been abused as a child. You are effectively saying that, once abused, their lives are ruined. They may as well be dead.
That is rubbish. People, even children, DO recover from abuse and go on to lead happy lives.

Furthermore, if you equate the crime of paedophilia with murder, do you realise where this would lead? If paedophiles knew they would receive the same sentence as a murderer then why on earth would they ever allow their victims to survive?

Paedophilia, like murder, covers a wide range of offences: from statutory rape or very minor inappropriate touching to the most horrendous abuse resulting in the death of the victim. There HAS to be a scale of sentencing to reflect the individual cir***stances of each case. So, are you implying that ANY crime with which includes an element of paedophilia should automatically receive a life sentence? What about an 18 year old male who has sex with a 15 year old female? What if the female told the chap she was 18? What if the the male was a virgin and the female was sexually experienced? There are far too many variables to fit one 'umbrella' sentence.

You further state: “who in their right mind would have any sympathy for a pedo???”.

I think you’ve either totally misunderstood me or taken my comments out of context. I specifically stated that I have NO sympathy towards paedophiles. However, I do think that understanding their behaviour can provide society with a means to treat, predict and ultimately control their impulses.

As for talking to the ‘haters’….
I will converse with anyone I wish. If ANYONE writes a post which interests me (which Cry Baby did) then I alone will decide whether to reply to them or not. Any attempt to bully or silence me will be met with resistance.
I do not buy this “MJ loyalty club” nonsense. In my opinion, rabid fans are more damaging to MJs legacy than the haters. I have little in common with either.

Like it or not, sometimes the haters do make valid points. You may choose to trade insults back and forth with them, or even to delete their posts if you wish. I prefer to argue rationally. That is my prerogative.

635 days ago


Curious to know BRIGHA, as to what your definition is of a "rabid fan"?

As far as SaraJane's post, I agree with much of what she said. I would not EVEN say that I would prefer murder over abuse or visa versa. They are both terrible crimes and should not be categorized as one being more preferable towards a child than the other.

Geez, who does that?????

Oh I guess psychologists do.......

635 days ago

What I Think    

I'd bet doughnuts to dollars that BRIGHA FROM UK is in fact a patient confined to a mental hospital.

635 days ago



LoL, I suppose I sometimes respond to the haterz for the same reason you ask Jason Pfeiffer questions. Just curious as to what their next ignoramous statement will be. Gets boring after awhile though. Same crap all the time.

Now regarding your reply concerning "bigger questions", those questions can be related to others, not just Michael. And as far as "coming here for information", there are plenty of Michael Jackson forums that contain information regarding MJ that is credible, although at times some fans here do post great info.

BTW, no one here has asked you to apologise, so not sure why you keep repeating that.

635 days ago

Truth Be Told    

Gotta Say: This Oh Well, Duilama, Hibiscus, SunFlower, What I Think and several others - are in serious need of a Mental Institution!! They are ALL Psycho's!!

635 days ago
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