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Bethenny Frankel

Hubby Declares


1/24/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bethenny Frankel
's estranged husband has made it clear ... he's not going down without a fight in divorce court, because he's gunning for exactly the same spoils Bethenny wants from him.

TMZ has learned Jason Hoppy has filed his response to Bethenny's divorce petition, in which he's requesting PRIMARY CUSTODY of the couple's 2-year-old daughter. We broke the story, Bethenny also wants primary custody.

Jason also wants child support from Bethenny -- she wants the same from him.

Jason is asking for Bethenny to foot the bill for medical and dental insurance as well as related expenses for himself and daughter Bryn. In Bethenny's legal docs she asks that Jason pay for her medical and dental bills, as well as Bryn's.

Jason wants Bethenny to maintain life insurance on herself, making both Bryn and him beneficiaries. She wants him to maintain a life insurance policy for her benefit as well as Bryn's.

And last but not least ... Jason wants "exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence."  Surprise -- Bethenny wants that too.

Ah, one last thing. He wants her to pay for his lawyer, accountant, etc. 

This one's not gonna end nicely.



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Im not a fan of Bethany but he was always jealous of her success. It's rediculous for anyone in a divorce to ask for their health insurance bills to be payed.

600 days ago


The divorce lawyers are licking their chops right now. They will profit from this one. Bethany is a fool. She's the one with all the money. Of course she should be the one giving Jason child support, providing the residence, etc. Good for Jason. I think he will win this one.

600 days ago


I hope Jason takes her to the cleaners. Her TV show was a manual for how NOT to treat your husband. Bethenny may be a good marketing personality, but there simply isn't a worse wife. Selfish, needy, withholding, dictatorial, mercurial, and emasculating. THE WORST.

600 days ago


When are people going to stop with these 'wars' in divorce. When children are involved, it should be more peaceful! If you don't want to be together, fine. But think about those children you are hurting. Selfish.

600 days ago


Is that what equality is about?..these feminist b!tches wanted equality, so there you have it. TEAM JASON

600 days ago


she started it and I hope he wins.

600 days ago


what? were are all the hordes of viewers that would call him a gold digger and good for nothing like they did to Bethenny when she filed her petition? She asked for what the law allows her and Jason is doing just the same, this is not war, just standard procedure.

600 days ago

nella rogers    

I really wish they could have put family first, worked it out, and given Bryn better than Bethenny had. I dont doubt one second that jason will do everything possible to ensure that childs happiness and wellbeing at all costs. Both partys are wrong... Just one more than the other. Bethenny shld have tried much harder w the entore family unit while jadon shld have been reasonable during her adjustment period. We dont know all the facts. We do know another family is down the drain and the child will get hurt. Family first, marriage is work. If they 'worked' as hard on the relationship as she did business maybe things would have been different, at least ending with less bitterness. Unfortunately this will just make her even richer and much more unhappy. They think they are miserable now ... Just wait, its gonna get so much worse. This is a hurt that no sorry, or money can ever fix. Bryn will pay forever for their selfishness, sadly. Sad no matter what, no winners, no teams.

600 days ago


Just think if she would have just asked for joint custody, forego the insurance and split residences, this could've ende amicable.

600 days ago


What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If the woman makes more money than the husband, or if she is self supporting like this Frankel woman, he is entitled to the same level of financial support that a woman would ask for if she made less than a husband with money.

It is about time for women with financial resources to start taking responsibility for themselves and stand on their own two feet. And stop playing the victim card.

And, I am a woman.

600 days ago


Jason, you can do SO MUCH BETTER than this woman. You need and deserve a warm loving wife who cares for you. I think she just wanted a nice guy to father a child, then planned to dump you. The only person she really cares about is herself! Your lovely parents have bent over backwards to be kind and considerate to her. But, trying to love Bethenny is like trying to love an aligator ..... you never know when you might get your head chopped off. It was evident from the outset that this arriage wasn't going to work. You are FAR too nice for this nasty self-centered woman.

As a side note, Jill Zaron must be laughing her ass off!

600 days ago

Linda Moore    

I hope Jason gets everything he wants. He so deserves it! She treated him so badly from the very beginning. He gave up his career to help her with Skinny Girl and if it wasn't for great business sense that deal with Jim Beam would never have happened. You go, Jason and best of luck!! She's just such an ego maniac, don't know how he lived with her as long as he did!

600 days ago


JASON just shoved a stinking dose of 'BETHENNY FRANKEL medicine" down the the venomous BETHENNY FRANKEL'S throat!
So BETHENNY, are you starting to experience the same venom rotting in YOUR GUT that you so deliberately dose out to others?
BRYN, stay strong little one.

600 days ago

go home!    

Right on Jason!!!! Have a judge look at all the seasons of your show with Betthany to prove how unhealthy she is mentally and what a danger growing up like this can be to Brin. Locking herself in the bathroom & crying and throwing a fit when you present her with a beautiful present at a birthday party. Her being rude & not accepting of your beautiful parents. It goes on and on. Brin needs a stable, loving family & you and her grandparents can give that to her better than Bethanny with her issues. You don't want Brin to be like that too.

600 days ago


Jason is a middle aged guy who for the last couple of years has been Mr Frankel. He is going to need a little help supporting himself and daughter in the style Bethany introduced him to. Not necerrarily a multimillion $$$ condo though. Have some class for Brin's sake please

600 days ago
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