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Famed MJ Attorney


By Conrad Murray Voicemail

1/24/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Mesereau
-- the lawyer who successfully defended Michael Jackson in the singer's 2005 molestation trial -- literally could not stand to listen to Conrad Murray's desperate voicemail yesterday ... telling TMZ, "This man is despicable."

Tom was out in L.A. when we played the recording for him, and after just a minute, Tom turned it off with a disgusted look on his face ... saying, "I can't listen to any more of this."

Tom then tore into Conrad Murray over his desperate pleas for sympathy -- saying, "This man is despicable. This man has never taken responsibility for what he did to Michael Jackson. He's always been a blamer. He blames Michael Jackson for everything."

Tom added, "[Conrad] wants everyone to feel sorry for his situation. He caused the death of one of the greatest artists in world history ... a kind, decent, wonderful, nice person. He caused his death and he's never taken responsibility for it."

TMZ posted the voicemail recording yesterday morning, in which Murray pleads with a friend to save him from jail -- saying, "I can't sleep now ... it's very hard ... I'm in constant pain ... can someone please help me please!?"


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Doctors tend to get addicted to painkiller drugs just like their patients do. Conrad Murray is probably just "jonesing" because he's a painkiller addict just like Michael Jackson was ... for years and years.

He's "dope sick". Now he knows what the heroin addicts in back alleys living in dumpsters feel like all the time when they cannot get their "fix".

I say let Conrad Murray rot in jail for as long as they can possibly keep him in there. Who cares about his so called "pain". If he really is in pain that's what he's supposed to be feeling. It's called KARMA.

At least Dr. Murray can feel SOMETHING now. Michael Jackson can't because he's dead .... because of YOU Conrad Murray. He deserves all the pain he's getting. I'm sure the whole Jackson family and all the Jackson fans feel the same way.

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At the end of the day, it was MJ who sought out the drugs.. Without MJ begging for the meds -- this wouldn't have happened.. People want Murray to take responsibility --which is fine...however, MJ is NOT blameless.. He did this to himself..

600 days ago


This attorney said exactly how I feel about Conrad Murray. Conrad Murray seems to think we should all feel sorry for him. When your own attorney, all your baby mamas, and none of your friends will answer your phone calls, you might be better off staying in jail.

600 days ago

Hannah H.    

CoHoaxers are back one after one, leading The King of Pop Coming Back.
Can't wait longer to see you again, MJ!
Thank you Harvey Levine (The Wine) and MJ, you're the best scriptwritters ever! ... 9nL-kYil1E

600 days ago


FU Conrad!

600 days ago


He clearly summed up EXACTLY what I feel and was going to say....

600 days ago


I downloaded the Murray crybaby video. He never ceases to amuse in a very bad acting sociopathic kind of way. You go Tom.

600 days ago


I don't think this guy understands what prison is for. Conmoron you are being punished for committing a crime. It's not suppose to be fun. Use this time to figure out where the hell you are going when released to be able to steer clear of MJ fans. They are fanatical and they are everywhere. If you think your life is miserable now, at least you are safe.

600 days ago


I agree Conrad is horrible but MJ wasn't a saint either. Doctor wouldn't have been there if MJ hadn't brought him in so they were both guilty

600 days ago


You are right Tom Mesereau!!

600 days ago


Why do the people closest to MJ continue to put the blame solely on Murray? If MJ was as vulnerable, innocent and weak as his fans claim then why didn't everybody around him make a collective effort to help him? These people were closer to MJ than anybody yet where were they when he was using? Honestly, where were they? Now they all want to pretend to care. Give me a break. His family didn't do anything. His friends did nothing. His fans (who disappeared at his lowest and are now coming out of the woodwork) did nothing. So they all need to stop acting as though they are all above Murray's actions while they all stood by and watched MJ self destruct all for the mighty dollar. They make me sick.

600 days ago


IMO MJ knew exactly what he was doing when he asked that man for a higher dosage. That man got paid $$$ for his services. He was not vulnerable. He was not a child. His fans need to accept that and honestly deal with it and stop making excuses for him. He gambled with his life and he essentially paid for it, just like all drug users do. If it wasn't Murray, it was going to be someone else and Murray knew that and jumped on the opportunity to make $$$; the same thing that so many doctors in America do today. I cannot blame him. I don't blame any drug dealer for the addict's issues.

600 days ago


Good man Mesereau

600 days ago


600 days ago
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