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Kim K. to Kris Humphries



1/25/2013 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has drawn a hard line in the sand ... not only is she refusing to pay Kris Humphries a dime ... she's demanding he cover ALL of her attorney's fees ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ.

TMZ first reported ... Kris demanded $7 MILLION to walk away from their marriage ... but Kim told him to pound sand. Contrary to recent reports, Kim has never offered Kris a penny to settle the divorce case.

We know ... Kim's position has always been that Kris actually MADE money by marrying her and therefore she doesn't owe him anything.

But now, our sources say, Kim feels Kris has needlessly dragged this on for so long and it cost her so much $$$ in legal fees and other expenses ... she wants the NBA star to cover those costs.

Sources tell us ... Kim's fees have ballooned to around $250,000 ... and Kris has spent somewhere in the same neighborhood. 

And our sources say ... Kim is more than happy to try the case before a judge, because she's convinced she'll win the divorce and he'll walk away owing her.


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I wish TMZ would stop reporting useless info about this crazy lady. Whats she famous for..oh ya..a tape of her ****ing....she's famous for ****ing...and thats that...Keep her off tmz..she makes me want to puke. She is a sleazy money grubber.

634 days ago


BECAUSE Kim Wh0redashian frauded Kris Humphries into a marriage that she/they spend MILLIONS of dollars on, that SHE had televised, that SHE wanted the "wedding of her dreams" since she was a child, that SHE profited from, from being on the front cover of magazines IN HER WEDDING DRESS WITHOUT HER HUSBAND (that ALONE says ALOT) - the wedding gifts they got, I'm not sure but I keep HEARING that she kept those gifts & did not return them, I THINK she also kept the RING, and after only 72 days SHE WALKS OUT & WANTS A DIVORCE, then she doesnt TELL HIM, the poor man found out thru "word of MOUTH" that he was getting divorced - imagine how HE felt. Then SHE winds up with another man IN NO TIME, tabloids, media, etc., blowing up with stories/pics about KIM & KANYE all over the d@mn place, IT IS SO OBVIOUS THAT **** B1TCH DID NOT LOVE THIS MAN IN THE 1ST PLACE & SHE DID ALL OF THIS WEDDING B.S. WITH KRIS HUMPHRIES BCZ SHE WAS ABLE TO SUCKER HIM TO THE POINT OF PULLING OFF A "WEDDING OF HER DREAMS" THAT SHE DREAMT OF "SINCE A LITTLE GIRL" (she kept SAYING THIS while she planned her wedding, IT WAS TELEVISED) - NOW she's speaking ILL of Kris H like HE did HER wrong & crying to Kanye about "look at what he's doing to me" - THE B1TCH IS A TOTAL FAKE & FRAUD & SHE'S SOOOOO FULLA **** ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. **** - since her & ol' dumb a$$ Kanye are so d@mn "bigtime" & "FLY", they both got loads of money, they can afford to travel to Paris & around the WORLD, dressing "chic" & having babies & what not, they're living a "high life" together, they're so d@mn "in love", so since she wants a divorce so bad & Kanye supposedly wants to marry her, WHY DOESNT KANYE's "FLY & RICH" A$$ PAY PAY KRIS & just move the hell on??? That's what they claim to want so bad. If a man wants to marry a woman THAT BAD, and he HAZ MONEY, I would think he'd THROW that money at the "other man" just to be rid of him & get him out of their lives to they can "live happily ever after" (LOL @ THAT "happily ever after" ****, bcz both kim AND kanye are full of ****) --- so really, kim needs to SHUT HER PHONY FRAUDULENT A$$ UP & FOCUS ON BREEDING KANYE'S BASTARD KID IN HER POLLUTED WOMB & KANYE NEEDS TO KEEP BEING THE STIFF A$$H0LE THAT HE IS & THEY BOTH CONTINUE TO CONTAMINATE THE GROUNDS OF OUR WORLD WITH THEIR SICKENING A$$ES. SINCE KIM IS SUCH A FRAUD & HAS BEEN SLURPING & SLIDING ON KANYE'S D1CK FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW, SINCE SHE'S SUCH A LIAR & CALCULATES EVERY MOVE SHE MAKES (EVEN HER PREGNANCY IS A CALCULATED MOVE) SINCE SHE DID CHEAT ON KRIS (SHE CHEATED ON REGGIE BUSH TOO) --- then KIM SHOULD PAY UP & BOTTOM LINE I HOPE KRIS HUMPHRIES SLAUGHTERS KIM IN COURT & MAKES A COMPLETE FOOL OUT OF HER & TOTALLY BREAKS HER DOWN (!!!) --- KIM IS A F***KING LIAR & CHEAT & SHE IS FULLA **** & THE BIGGEST WH0RE THAT EVER DID IT

633 days ago


wow what a greedy biatch, kayne and her deserve each other, I don't beleive either of them are nice people

633 days ago


All K.H. wanted was an anullment and K.K. wanted a divorce because she can make more money off of a divorce than off an anullment.

633 days ago


sorry kim u cant have your cake n eat it your tv rating are going down

630 days ago


poor bruce jenner what he got himself into lol

630 days ago


You know what people whether you like her or not, no woman while pregant should be bashed so harshly. She's with child for goodness sake. Isn't anything sacred for you jerks out there !?

629 days ago

Made it Past 27    

SO FUNNY how Kim always told her ex, Humphries, how to dress and how to act, like he wasn't good enough for her and her snobby standards!! BUT GUESS WHAT? LOL!!! Now Kanye is doing the SAME thing to her! He made her get rid of all the clothes HE didn't like, made her take out the eyelashes and hair extensions, and now telling her what to do, how to act, what to wear, how to look, and what to say.

629 days ago


Welcome to our Society,where's Sex Tape, having another mans Child while married to another and a Media Whore makes you Role Model

627 days ago


I hope the judge knows her past. Kris had a spotless one before meeting Kim.

624 days ago


She needs the money to help pay for their next house.

619 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

Wait until she gets old and ugly. I like to see her without make up.

612 days ago


seriously who cares? tooo many money hungry people that neither one will just settle it and walk away

608 days ago
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