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Kim K. to Kris Humphries



1/25/2013 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has drawn a hard line in the sand ... not only is she refusing to pay Kris Humphries a dime ... she's demanding he cover ALL of her attorney's fees ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ.

TMZ first reported ... Kris demanded $7 MILLION to walk away from their marriage ... but Kim told him to pound sand. Contrary to recent reports, Kim has never offered Kris a penny to settle the divorce case.

We know ... Kim's position has always been that Kris actually MADE money by marrying her and therefore she doesn't owe him anything.

But now, our sources say, Kim feels Kris has needlessly dragged this on for so long and it cost her so much $$$ in legal fees and other expenses ... she wants the NBA star to cover those costs.

Sources tell us ... Kim's fees have ballooned to around $250,000 ... and Kris has spent somewhere in the same neighborhood. 

And our sources say ... Kim is more than happy to try the case before a judge, because she's convinced she'll win the divorce and he'll walk away owing her.


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No Avatar


So does Kris Kardashian/Jenner just email you the article, dictate it or give TMZ the main points?

598 days ago


Kim pay up. She used the Kris to get the press. TMZ now follows her every move. Please what has she really done in her career. Bang celebrities. She learned from the best, her mother. I wander what her real father would think if he was alive today. It is his name they are all riding on.

598 days ago

Menace to society     

She's such a skank

598 days ago


Are you getting this info from Kris Jenner, TMZ? Because all the other gossip outlets are reporting that Kim "Human Petri Dish" Kardashian offered Humphries $10 million to walk away and HE rejected it. I tend to believe the other sites, knowing TMZ's nose is far, far up Kartrashian arse.

598 days ago


Kim the judge won't be impressed with your outer beauty.will see right thru to the inner ugly.your ego is destroying you,the judge will make you hand over the ring/wedding gifts/sports car..oh yeh annnnnddd pay kris's lawyers fees..Kris try not to smile[publicly] when kanye has to also open his wallet to settle this debt.....LOVINGGGG KRIS HUMPHRIES>good will prevail over evil !!!

598 days ago


She is just greedy like that. She wouldn't even throw him a dime if she could because she is that greedy. I really hope she loses because she really did dupe him. Even in her shows you can clearly see that she was f*cking around with Kanye before they even got married and he even said it in a song and now she is knocked up by the guy. How can any judge believe her? But then again look how many times Lindsey's got off the hook, so maybe if this judge is just as stupid as the many others, than she will get off the hook. But she sure doesn't deserve too, she has been a absolute c*nt to Kris. If she really wanted to end it then she would just pay him off but of course she thinks she is above everyone else and no one has taught her a lesson yet.

598 days ago


If the Klan ends up in court, the world will know to the penny how much this skank ripped him off for.

And, yes it will hurt the brand. I'm hoping it'll wipe them out.

598 days ago


Sure Kim will win. All she has to do is **** the judge. Slut!!!

598 days ago


$7 million is only about 17% of what she is worth. I'd gladly pay 17% of my current worth to be done with the situation. She'll make it back quickly by pimping out her kid and Kanye is worth a ton of money. I hear she just went go-karting in $60...00 shoes ... if she would rather blow her money on ridiculous accessories than ending her marriage, then she should stop complaining how long it's taking. She could be done with it if she really wanted to be.

598 days ago


One site reported that she was even cheating on Reggie with Kayne,way back when. KIM needs to be held accountable for all her bad behaviors.

598 days ago


KK is a greedy bitch. Give the poor dude what he wants and move on. You will recoup you cost when you sell the baby photos of your illegitimate child.

598 days ago


This drawn-out divorce has made two people very, very happy. I'm referring, of course, to her lawyer and his lawyer, who are making lots of money off these two idiots.

598 days ago


Let it go to trial and PLEASE let the cameras roll, now THAT I will watch !!! Then Hump needs to write a tell-all book, and THAT I would buy. Yeppers

598 days ago

William j    

Who gives a ****!!

598 days ago


Is she even pregnant?? One site reported that they have a surrogate in France, as they are spending a lot of time over there.She does not look or behave like a mother to be.You have to check DailyMail.com to see what is current, because TMZ does not report current events on her or her family.
TMZ shields them from public scrutiny.

598 days ago
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