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Bristol Palin

Safe for a Year

from Ring-Popping Stalker

1/26/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0126-bristol-palin-tmzBristol Palin can rest a little easier now (at least for the next year) because a judge has ordered a deranged fan to stay away from the Palin brood for the next 365 days.

As TMZ first reported, Bristol filed for a temporary restraining order against a Texas man named Michael Cummings after he allegedly sent her a creepy note (along with an engagement ring) that read "I (heart) you." Bristol claimed he also showed up at her mom's house in an attempt to track her down.

A judge in Alaska has now granted the "Dancing With the Stars" all-star a one-year protective order against Cummings ... ordering him to stay away from both Bristol and her 4-year-old son, Tripp.

If Bristol feels she needs to extend the order after the year is up, she can apply for a new protective order two weeks before this one ends.


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That is obviously a Pre-chin and pre-cheek job picture. cant you give us a more recent picture with the recent gossip. i feel like im in a time warp.

633 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Restaining orders are not worth the paper they are printed on.

633 days ago


This is a stunt from the Palins to try to keep attention away from her mother getting fired from FOX news. TMZ is behind Malia Litman revealed it on her blog Thursday and was picked up by several news outlets yesterday. She had to do something for attention.

633 days ago


Who would stalk this brainless moron

632 days ago


Paper didn't help the girl who showed me her restraining order, the day before her husband killed her. It was in her purse, but the bullet was in her head.

632 days ago


C A R E S???????????????

632 days ago


She is BUTT ugly!

632 days ago


Sarah to FOX: You only offered me one hundred dollars a year!!! The I quit! Maybe you should hire my daughter, Bristol. She has her GED and she is an all star dancer and she was an actress in her own reality show. She needs about a million dollars a year salary because she is a single mom and her ex got her drunk on wine coolers and then raped her and she has a little boy to support and he likes expensive toys like his own snowmobile and a Cadillac Escalade.... The way he behaves is so cute. And Bristol made almost three hundred thousand from Candies--you can betcha that she is the role model for all young people and Candies gave her more money than all of their charities combined. They know her value, yessirree bob! That reminds me, she does a lot of interviews with Mark and Bob's radio show. She is that goooooooooooood! And her Daddy and guide are teaching her how to kill caribou so our family has meat to eat this summer. And she can bash a halibut in the head. For sure, she would give you political commentary--didja know she is still sitting by her phone waiting for Obama to call and apologize. Oh year, and Bristol is smitten with Joey Junker, who is a snowmolist just like her Daddy is. That Iron Dawg--the Iditirod is harder and better known but you should watch the First Dud in the Iron Dawg because he is a hunk. And he was on that military show with all the other D listers playing war. They even taught him how to shoot guns. Who do ya wanna hire--Piper makes really good cupcakes and then she blows her nose and the bugger gives them a special taste. Guess she is available too--so take your pick: Bristle the Pistol, Piper or Toad. None of them is working. And don't forgit Willow, she is going to Hair School now.

632 days ago


Unfortunately we've already seen how effective those orders are to a deranged person. imho - The only way
to stop an 'intrusion' of a mentally ill patient is to take him into Psy. custody, and let the shrinks try to help.

632 days ago


Even though this girl has no discernable talent at anything, I don't begrudge her having been been born to a moron like Sarah Palin. Having said that, now that her mother has been fired from Fox News, is there really any reason NOT to let both of them fade into oblivion where they belong?

632 days ago


I wonder why she paid this guy to stalk her. Who would want that nasty HO!

632 days ago


First of all, no one just 'shows up at her moms house.' OK? The Palins have installed a roadblock and an armed security guard outside their Wasilla compound. So, that's bogus. Jeez..Just ask Larry the Cable Guy...He tried to 'just show up' and was met with an armed security guard standing behind a fortified gate.
Maybe the Palin compound in Scottsdale, AZ., where the whole famdamily apparently really resides...But not Wasilla.

632 days ago

Bad Dog    

I am far from a fan of the palins but it is funny to watch the hate. If anyone says anything about obama's spawns they get called racist and mean.

632 days ago


He is sick if he is stalking her.....Ewwww

632 days ago


I seriously thought that was Rose Ann Barr.

632 days ago
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