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On Lip Sync Scandal

'Can I Live?'

1/27/2013 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_beyonce_webstagramBeyonce is finally breaking her silence on the crazy lip-syncing controversy that broke earlier this week ... kind of ... by posting a picture of herself online with the message "Can I live?"

Beyonce -- who has yet to address the allegations she faked her way through the National Anthem on Inauguration day -- posted the cryptic snapshot on Instagram Saturday night.

Bey is seen wearing a sweatshirt -- while practicing for her upcoming Super Bowl gig -- which poses the question "Can I Live?" ... the title of a song by her husband, Jay-Z.

It's clear from the pic ... either Beyonce is telling the world to back the heck off ... or she's just a totally supportive wife.

So we gotta ask ...


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Leave Beyonce alone. She has given us more wonderful music and performances.I love her.

637 days ago


No real talent ,just a booty shaking ,crotch showing manufactured fake celeb as most are today.

637 days ago


That's what her FUR COATS be sayin...and all that other leather stuff she has too!

637 days ago


Leave this poor girl alone. She hit the mother load. Jay Z a beautiful little girl and all the money one could want. All with VERY little talent. God bless MTV for teaching everyone that if you're kind of cute have a great body and willing to get naked ( no singing voice required) you to can be a star.NO TALENT REQUIRED.

637 days ago


Kelly Clarkson isn't on Beyonce's level, she isn't even on Carrie Underwood's level. The NUMBERS speak for themselves!!! DUH

637 days ago


She's singing on Super Bowl :( There was a rumor that weird al yankovic was going to perform. I was looking forward to that. Who doesn't like him????? Yup Everyone does!!!! So eat it, eat it

637 days ago


What is NOT fake about her.. her name, her fake hair, her ever lightening skin color, her veneered teeth, her pregnancy .... why would anyone be surprised by her lip synching?? "Can I Live?" Don't know.. you can't even verbally address the issue you post some stupid picture of yourself .. yeah I guess that says it all, narcissistic b!tch.

637 days ago

Truth is    

Tell the truth and you will live.....BeYawnce, BeFraud, BeDesperate, BeDunce, DeBounce, BeLipsyncing etc lol

637 days ago


She's pimping her husband's new song. That's all this "couple" does is grub for money and attention. They can put the K's to shame.

637 days ago


No, Beyonce is just plugging a song. The same way Jay-z plugged her pregnant with a baby.

637 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

This story is so freaking ridiculous. So what, she lip synched? Big effing deal. She can sing, we all know she can sing. That was a rather large venue on a rather cold day. To make sure things worked out correctly I'm sure lip synching was a good idea. Get over it.

637 days ago


What I don't understand is, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor sang live so why couldn't she? It was a cop out on her part because she was afraid she'd mess up. Kudos to Kelly and James for singing live. Their egos are in check. I don't think Beyonce's is.

637 days ago



637 days ago


Why do people say she wasn't really pregnant? I don't get it!?

637 days ago


I don't blame her for speaking out. What exactly is the big deal with having a backtracking record? Everyone knows that Beyonce can sing. It's not as if some other person was behind the scenes belting the songs out for her, and it's not as if she was actually lip syncing. She was actually singing, not mouthing the words; many people can attest to that. Professionals who know the difference. People wait for an opportunity for someone to do bad and then jump on it like they have nothing else to do. Move on. And to the people saying she doesn't have the balls to speak out on the issue... She doesn't have to speak out on anything. She owes you zip. Zero. Nada. She will continue to let the people talk as should be done. I am usually the last person to defend Beyonce but this whole debacle is becoming extremely pathetic and ridiculous on the media and the public's end of things.

637 days ago
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