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On Lip Sync Scandal

'Can I Live?'

1/27/2013 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_beyonce_webstagramBeyonce is finally breaking her silence on the crazy lip-syncing controversy that broke earlier this week ... kind of ... by posting a picture of herself online with the message "Can I live?"

Beyonce -- who has yet to address the allegations she faked her way through the National Anthem on Inauguration day -- posted the cryptic snapshot on Instagram Saturday night.

Bey is seen wearing a sweatshirt -- while practicing for her upcoming Super Bowl gig -- which poses the question "Can I Live?" ... the title of a song by her husband, Jay-Z.

It's clear from the pic ... either Beyonce is telling the world to back the heck off ... or she's just a totally supportive wife.

So we gotta ask ...


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You can live but not on a mic. Protools did the singing that day and every other day, including what is supposed to be live.

611 days ago


She's a legend in her own mind.

611 days ago


Sometimes she uses shirts, sometimes she uses notebook paper and her crayons. Remember "Take that, Mitches"? All this negative press is probably Karma.

611 days ago


I'm really starting to loathe this girl with her holyer than thou and my sh*t don't stink attitude.

She could have avoided all this had she addressed the situation.

611 days ago


She's dumb, if you're a musician you should be able sing live!!" Not lip syncing your way to the top. .

611 days ago



I would really like to leave her alone.

What gets to me however is how phony she is.

Case in point. She will go on Oprah and when asked about SINGING at the inauguration, she will go on and on about what an honour it was and blah blah blah and NEVER EVER mention it was lip-synched.

Oprah won't even be ALLOWED to bring up or mention anything as per Be-yawn-ce's requirements for an interview. That goes to all interviewers or no interview.

611 days ago


Sure you can, just don't be a deceiving lying b*tch and sing LIVE when you are supposed to.

611 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

Female sexual freedom has created an illusion of empowerment. The fact that people have always been fascinated with the “beautiful, beguiling, and the fantasy-filled world created by Hollywood and the entertainment industry” has provided a vehicle for our destruction. AIDS was devised as a strategy for population control throughout the world. Drugs have also provided a devastating chemical agent. Hollywood and the entertainment industry host and perpetuate an indigenous drug culture, including sexual promiscuity and an unrestrained life style. The conspirators recognize how they use these naively egotistical women to control nations of Black and Non-White people.

611 days ago


Beyonce is nothing but a fake bitch and people are starting to see the real her now. She used to live up to this image as totally down to earth, humble, and really shy and quiet but people are not buying it anymore. Ever since she faked her pregnancy a lot of her fanbase have turned against her and people are not putting her on a different level to artist out there like they used too. I used to like her but I realised that she is nothing but a fraud and also be careful listening to her music. Someone showed me a couple of videos on youtube behind what messages her songs where saying and the images she has in her music videos it scared the **** out of me. This bitch is a devil worshipper.

611 days ago


Beyonce stop with the god complex. A lot of us don't care.

611 days ago


This chick has gotten to the point where she is now totally predictable.

Her next vidoe will feature her yet again in a one piece swimsuit just to make sure she shows off her huge butt and thighs.

Shake her head and hair and use some of the same moves she always has or rip off some moves from another succesful formula-produced artist..

Then the use of photoshop to make her look white.

She's a hypocryte, really.

All in all, she makes me want to puke when I see her and I always switch to another channel.

611 days ago


She went down many notches in my book.

611 days ago


She has lied and lip synced all her life why stop now? Wendy Williams is right 'Beyonce Sounds Like She Has a Fifth Grade Education' Can I Live?

611 days ago


I guess the NFL is more important than the USA.

611 days ago


Just tell us if you are going to fake it so we can do something real with our time.

611 days ago
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