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On Lip Sync Scandal

'Can I Live?'

1/27/2013 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_beyonce_webstagramBeyonce is finally breaking her silence on the crazy lip-syncing controversy that broke earlier this week ... kind of ... by posting a picture of herself online with the message "Can I live?"

Beyonce -- who has yet to address the allegations she faked her way through the National Anthem on Inauguration day -- posted the cryptic snapshot on Instagram Saturday night.

Bey is seen wearing a sweatshirt -- while practicing for her upcoming Super Bowl gig -- which poses the question "Can I Live?" ... the title of a song by her husband, Jay-Z.

It's clear from the pic ... either Beyonce is telling the world to back the heck off ... or she's just a totally supportive wife.

So we gotta ask ...


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I don't know why, but I've never been moved by Beyonce's singing. Yeah, she can sing technically. She has all the mechanisms of a singer, but her singing just doesn't move me. It's like she's singing the notes, and it's all on key but there's no type of emotional connection with the notes or melody. Just a woman singing as she is directed. Is it just me? I hope not lol.

636 days ago



You are right on.

She is the product of a formula.

Where you sing this, look like that. Say this and do that. Be reported on.

Broadcast here and there. Appear here and there also.

The result will be that you will have success and the rest will depend on how you milk it.

It all started with the boy bands and a manager whose name escapes me. But he was interviewed and he admitted it comp[letely. It's nothing but a formula. Applied to you or myself, we would be succesful as well.

Be-yawn-ce is no different.

636 days ago

Dr. Jim    

If she lipsyncs at the Super Bowl (you know, like Jennifer Hudson did), her career is over.

Learn how to sing the damn song LIVE, Mrs. Mime!

636 days ago


lip sync is status-quo for an even of that stature. I could care less that she did that at the communist inauguration, she is a professional and on that kind of stage, anything can happen.....just sayin.....

636 days ago


who the hell picks such shy tty acts for the superbowl? this isnt the ghetto bowl..we will be switching channels at halftime to watch justin timberlakes show..

636 days ago


Her and her husband annoy me. She will also lip sync at the Super Bowl.

636 days ago


She could have told the truth when this first came up, and it would be over by now.......
She and her baby daddy love the attention.......

636 days ago


If you can't sing live for the President of the United States of all people, you don't deserve to sing for him at all. Loser. And no, I couldn't have done better, but I'm not a rich and famous "singer"...

636 days ago


I jst don't get it ppl lip sing all the time. And ain't last year Madonna lip sing at the super bowl. And still do come on ppl let it go

636 days ago


Yes, they all lip-synch.

Problem is not one damn one of them admits it.

They think we are stupid. And they also don't give a crap what we think as long as they're getting the dollars.

P.S. She will definetly be lip-synching at the Super Bowl.

636 days ago


If she lip-synchs at the Super Bowl, I hope she gets booed right off the stage.

Teach her a lesson.

636 days ago


If she tried to prevent making a fool of herself she only succeded if making more of a fool of herself. Now there will be even more pressure on her to sing LIVE and sing well at the super bowel....

636 days ago


She should have announced that she would be "lip synching" the National Anthem at the Inauguration, up front. No one likes an imposter.

636 days ago


I don't see the big....she's not the first and she sure as hell won't be the last performer to lip-synch. MOVE ON TMZ!!!!!!!!

636 days ago


Beyonce is the Queen I would never expect her to respond to a bunch of haters/ nay sayers! If she lip syched then she did Oh well Most ppl aren't getting ready to perform at the SUPER BOWl, Working on 2 ALBUMS, RAISING a baby girl and, On top of that supporting the PRESIDENT at the inaguration. I love Bey for staying silent, Damn Can she live?!? #queenbey #beyhive #diva #superbowl2013

636 days ago
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